Saturday, February 2, 2008

Scrapping, Screaming, Baking, on my!

I'm so ordering this cookie cutter I found online. Being the patriotic French major and all.... Now the minis can enjoy cute somewhat French snacks. They'll care less as long as sugar is a part of the snack.
Speaking of sugar, I took advantage of the rare rainy day yesterday to drag out my scrap-booking materials. I hadn't updated since the beach trip so I snipped, arranged, decorated, chronicled all events Aug- Nov. I just didn't have the strength to tackle Christmas. While I was finishing up Thanksgiving, mini#2 walked in coated in chocolate. The "hot mess" had eaten every last chocolate heart candy I had naively placed in a cute heart-shaped box on my foyer table. He wanted some milk to wash it all down. Scrapping was officially over. I had to go survey for further damage.

Before mini#2 interrupted my fun, I was enjoying TLC's riveting series...Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby. Before kids I treated this as childbirth prep. Post kids I find it smugly entertaining. Yesterday I was dumbfounded watching a woman scream as she did. She even commented that climbing Mt. Everest would be easier than birth. The thing is this was #3 and she had an epidural! She pushed TWICE and it was out. Come on drama mama. While I'm on this subject, what makes these people decide that they want to go through all of this on TV? Was the primal screaming for viewing audiences?And is it too much to ask that you hide your dirty laundry, put away cereal boxes and wash your dishes piled in the sink if you decide to invite America into your house? Especially in Bringing Home Baby. You had a couple days where a neighbor, friend, tv crew member could have done a quick cleanup.... Is it just me or does this bother others?
Well I need to go check out hubby and mini#1's progress in the kitchen where cake decorating 101 is taking place. Blue and Gold cub scout banquet is tonight and there's a cake auction/contest. I baked last night and they're attempting to duplicate, in icing, a Chinese New Year's mask. Hubby received it as a gift at work from a visiting Chinese exec. We're doing Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade version by adding food coloring to canned icing. Why is it that red food coloring NEVER makes RED icing? We've got a really dark pink going on, but that's as good as it gets. I'll have to post a picture later.

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clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Yeah! Glad you decided to blog, it's a great outlet.

:) The Fleur de Lis was my high school symbol and I love it!