Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book Review

I've had a couple people ask me about this book. I have enjoyed some of her previous books (The Pilot's Wife, Where or When, The Last Time They Met) so decided to read another, although isn't Anita Shreve known for "depressing" subject matters? I finished this book Tuesday. It was rainy all day so I did laundry and read and read because I wanted to see how it ended! It left me wanting a little more, but not wondering WTH happened like when I recently finished "Harvesting the Heart" by Jodi Picoult.

Basically, and I'm a horrible book reviewer as I've mentioned before, Sydney, the main character finds herself at 29, 2 years into unexpected widowhood, tutoring an 18 year old girl (Julie)for her SAT's while spending the summer at her family's beach house in NH. The girl is a little "slow". This is all that readers are told, but seems mildly autistic. Anyway, Julie has two brothers, Jeff and Ben who visit this beach house and thus begins the real story involving a love triangle while exploring all the dynamics of this family. The matriarch is a witch with a "b"! There are twists and turns, disappointments, new beginnings. All of that. It was a very good read. If you're going to the beach this summer, take this book along. You'll like it.

I may try The Weight of Water or Sea Glass next. Those were recommended to me by bloggers and friends. Twilight will have to wait a while longer.

Tonight is our "Girls' Night Out" night which replaces Bunco this year. Tonight it's yoga and wine. The girl hosting is having someone come teach us some yoga moves. I'm excited. I have always wanted to try it. And wine afterwards. Perfect!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

8 yrs, 1 month and 6 days

...that's how long it took for mini#1 to disagree with my clothing selection for him!
I knew it was too good to be true. Other friends, bloggers, neighbors started this clothing battle at age 4 or 5. I've been fortunate. I realize this.

However, imagine my surprise when mini#1 came downstairs this morning, not in the light blue Polo t-shirt and khaki Gap shorts I had laid out for him, but a white faded NC State t-shirt (red/black colors) and royal blue basketball shorts! Topped off with these brown slip-on vans. I felt a little faint. I felt a little smack in the face because, at 8 years old, I still lay out his clothes and he can't match colors! If this wasn't enough to take I then had to go to battle with him assuring him he WAS NOT wearing that outfit to school. We volleyed back and forth:

Mini#1: None of my friends wear these clothes!

Me: ____ does!

Mini#1: He told ____ that his mom makes him wear those. (uh, oh. they're discussing this at school.)

Me: And what's the problem with that?

Mini#1: They look like church clothes.

Me: It's a T-SHIRT! (not even a usual collared Polo today)

Mini#1: I want to pick out my own clothes. (The 8 words I never wanted to hear!)

Me: We will start picking your clothes out together, but they need to match and look respectable, not like you're going to roll around in mud puddles. Now, today, go put those other clothes on!!!

Mini#1: I don't want to wear that shirt!

Me: (losing ground quickly)- then just put on one of your "Life is Good" shirts with the khaki shorts and get down here to eat!

He agreed and I went back to making this school year's #204 peanut butter and jelly sandwich! A bit flustered and a bit perplexed!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend plans

We kicked off the long weekend (sorry mini#1, you have school Monday!) yesterday by going to see Night at the Museum, Part 2 Back to the Smithsonian. The kids have been dying for this movie to arrive in theaters! Mini#1 was excited to see the Smithsonian museums we visited in March on the big screen. Good movie. Loved Hank Azaria. Very funny.

Today we're off to the pool, another anxiously awaited opening in our house. Mini#2 is afraid he will be sidelined once we get there because I've threatened it if he doesn't stop CRYING over any little agitation he has. I think he's 2 again!! WTH?
Anyway, I'll be using my new pool/beach bag I received this week after ordering from Ballards Design. Very roomy and I love the color and the Eiffel tower embroidered on it.

Tomorrow church and then a Memorial Day cookout at our neighbors' house. It was such a fun time last year. Looking forward to it. I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now what?

Yesterday I attended mini#2's last day of preschool party. One mom made the above cake. If you recall, they were in the duck class. I would get "notes from the duck pond" after each class and everything was just ducky all year. I signed up to bring bottled water (for once I had something easy to bring!), but felt a little inadequate when I saw that cake. Alas, I learned that this woman decorates cakes as a side job so I happily drank my water as I enjoyed her cake! The second photo is of a memory book (snapfish) that his teacher made for each student! We're calling it his "yearbook". It is so sweet. Each page has the month written at the top and a collage of pictures of my child from that month. Then the last page is a class picture and a separate picture of just him with his teachers. It's great. How thoughtful. Mini#2 is attached to this book let me tell you! We're both going to miss this duck class. Now what do I do with mini#2??? I do have a slightly formed plan that includes the library, the pool, playgroup and various parks. Then I plan to sign him up for a beginner basketball skills class in our area for 4 year olds that will meet once a week beginning in July when mini#1 returns to school (year round). He's pumped for that! Then the check is in the mail for his first organized team sport,soccer, to start in the fall. Whew! Let the games begin!

Let's not forget about mini#1. He's taken a few group golf lessons and really likes this sport (could care less about most other sports). So we decided to sign him up for some private lessons. He's had two already. He can move that little ball! I'm impressed. Now his undiagnosed as of yet ADHD kicks in a bit when the golf pro turns his head or goes to move a flag, but mini#1 regains his focus once the pro begins the teaching again. It's fun to watch him out there.

Lastly, my brother got to meet VP Joe Biden yesterday. He's been working crazy hours in preparation of the VP's visit to the embassy where little bro is currently stationed for two years. Here he is (after little sleep)in front of Air Force Two (is that the correct terminology?). Pretty cool. Happy early 35th little bro!! All I did yesterday was eat a duck cake with my little duckling!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are you Watching?

Did you watch "The Bachelorette" last night? Jillian is just so cute. I love her down-to-earth personality. She looked fabulous in that beautiful white dress. And wow! She has a fine selection of men to choose from this time doesn't she? I always thought Jason was just too wimpy. These guys (strangely a lot are from Texas)seem to be quality men. My front runners for her would be Juan, the family-run contractor, Eric (not sure, but one of the 5 that came in late), and Jake, the pilot. The guy, Tanner P, with the foot fetish was a little strange, but not off the top strange like some others that have appeared on this show over the years. Who did you like? I also liked Julien, the restaurateur. She has a tough decision to make in my opinion. The clips previewing the upcoming shows sucked me in as usual. Can't wait to see what happens!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mini#2 talk

It's been a while since I've posted some of the things that fall out of mini#2's mouth. He really has some good ones.

1- I always hear this, "MOMMY, stay your eyes on me" when he wants my undivided attention.

2- This morning, when he came into my bathroom where I was brushing teeth after I dressed, he said "Ohhh, me likey!" about my outfit and then my hair. Who knew a grape t-shirt and khaki shorts and two day hair held so much appeal. And that phrase?!

3- My neighbor Claudine is getting a fence put in her yard today so she can contain her two small children (13 months apart on purpose!!!). Anyway, as we rode by her house today, mini#2 said "Mommy, I think Paula Deen is getting a dog!" It was so funny! I passed this along to her as well. She loved it!

4- As I was throwing a baseball to him, after a few misses (the kid rarely misses I must say)he seriously proclaimed, "I've got to get a better attitude!" I assume he meant "focus", but "attitude" cracked me up!

One day I should send some of these into PARENT magazine... So what's something funny your kid has said lately?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Five on Friday

Ok, time for audience participation. Five questions. Five answers. Let's hear it.

1- Going out to dinner tonight or staying home?
2- Twitter or No Twitter?
3- Exercised this week or No exercise?
4- Real Housewives of NY or Real Housewives of NJ?
5- Kids bathe every night or skip a night or two?

My answers:

1- Eating at a school carnival tonight. I'm sure it will all be low-fat, low carb.
2- No twitter. Like I need another addiction!
3- Yes, but not as much as usual.
4- I like NY, but will keep watching NJ! Danielle is already too much for me though!
5- Used to bathe them every night until I started talking to other moms. Now we skip on Mondays (Get home late from cub scouts) and sometimes Fridays, but it still feels weird to skip! And I won't skip if they've played wildly outside for hours.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Queen for a day

Thank you Mrs. Pink Martini for this sweet award! I get to be a queen for a day. Mrs. Martini has two fine (older) sons. I hope I accomplish half as much as she has during their formative years! And if she can survive in her own "sea of blue" I'm sure I can, too!

Where's that tiara of mine? It hasn't been worn in a long time! So for this award, I am supposed to:

1.List three things (I seriously shortened from 7 to 3!)that make us awe-summm.
2.Pass the award on to three bloggers we love.
3.Tag those bloggers to let them know that they are now Queens of All Things Awe-Summm.
4.Don't forget to link to the Queen that tagged us.
5.If you would like, copy the pic and put it on your sidebar so everyone knows that you're a Queen.

So, walking down my hallway trying not to step on my train, I will tell all of you why I am awe-summm. Sounds so pretentious!

1- I have a fabulous memory and if I ever start to lose it I will be so sad! I remember dates, anniversaries, birthdays, clothing I wore years ago for particular events...weird random stuff, but I have a good memory!

2- I think I'm a decent cook. My favorite to make is soups, but I can honestly say I can take a recipe and make it mine which usually means I add a few things.

3- My kids love me for some reason. Some days I really question why, but I try to make their lives special whether it be holidays or day to day activities/interactions. Now if I can just get them to listen and do things the first time I tell them!

Now I will tag 3 more deserving queens:

Momx2 - who is very pregnant these days and deserves to be treated like a queen today.
The Queen Bee and her Boys- who is a queen to two royal bee boys like me juggling life the best she (we) all can!
one fabulous mom - who we'll forgive if she doesn't get a chance to post this award because she's being mommy to a newborn right now!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Random Monday

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! We did. Here's a photo from our field trip on Friday. Mini#2 had to sample the merchandise as we went along. We had such a fun time at this farm in the middle of nowhere. I even saw a sorority sister I hadn't seen in a while. She was there with her daughter. At the end they gave the kids strawberry ice cream and mini#2 said, "what flabor is this?" Duh?! Then he brought his over to me and said "You can have it. I don't like the sprinkles (seeds) in it."

And here are some new sandals I found this weekend. I love BCBG. Do you? They're black patent thongs with the big BCBG emblem on top in silver.

And that's all I have for you this Monday. Got to go cut two long-stemmed roses from my rose bushes so mini#1 can take them to his teacher for day#1 of teacher appreciation WEEK. For the love of... can't it just be ONE day? I get tired of this every year, but am thankful for these teachers. Don't get me wrong. However, I'd much rather bestow nice gifts on ONE day instead of FIVE!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Out of Office....

....cause I'm off to pick strawberries with mini#2's preschool class today! I'm excited. How is it I've gone thirty cough-cough years and haven't ever been to pick strawberries? Anyone have any good strawberry recipes? I may need them!