Friday, February 26, 2010

Five on Friday

I'm so ready for spring... and here are 5 things I'm liking, but probably won't be getting this spring.

LOVE these shoes. Saw them in Harper's magazine while reading on the elliptical machine at gym yesterday. When I looked them up, found these Choos are a cool $950!
A girl can dream!

Love this color and I love all things Michael Kors. So springy.

I'm looking for a spring color MK bag. Could this be the one?

Love this pink MK watch, but $200 for polyurethane, maybe not. I'm sure I can find a similar one at Target!

These Boden's are so cute. Pink/white gingham laces and brown canvas. These are do-able!

Bring on spring! I'm more than ready.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Remember this:

Sugar and Spice
and everything nice
That's what little girls are made of.

My rendition for boys:

Burps and inappropriate Bathroom noises
and everything (extra) noisy
That's what my little boys are made of.

Calgon take me away!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend! It was in the 60's both days and sunny. Saturday the kids played in the backyard and Mrs. Pink even played a little soccer with mini#2. He said "Mommy, you're good!" It was funny. I suppose this is because I didn't let him get by me EVERY time. Saturday night we had the cub scout Blue and Gold ceremony and banquet. Yawn...but the food was yummy and the kids had a good time. I sat writing checks for rechartering, a camp out and a pledge to Boy Scouts of America!

Yesterday, it was time for me to get together with my friend to see Oscar-nominated movies as we like to do every year. We went to see 2 yesterday (Mr. Pink drove to his dad's house 2 hours away with the minis so they had good male bonding time!).

First we saw The Blind Side and I really enjoyed it though nothing was a surprise since I'd seen a few interviews with the actual family the movie is based upon. Sandra Bullock was good, but Oscar worthy, not-so-sure.

We had an hour and a half to kill before the second movie in Five Points, Raleigh area so we went to an Irish Pub and ordered, of course, wine. ?! We did some venting and catching up and then went to the second movie, Crazy Heart.

The Rialto in Raleigh serves beer and wine so we each grabbed another glass of mommy's little helper and settled into our next movie. Jeff Bridges should win the Oscar. Very convincing as a washed up, alcoholic country singer. It was a bit depressing and tiring to watch him struggle with his addiction. Maggie Gyllenhael was very good in this movie, as well.

After this movie we stopped in for some Chinese food and then we headed home rejuvenated to two husbands and three little boys who had each survived the day with their daddies!

Hope you all had great weekends, too. Today, it's MONDAY, RAINY and in the 40's again! Yuck!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Five on Friday

I feel like I've been down this week...just not myself and the neck issues haven't helped. So today I'm going to post 5 good things from this week.

1- My 8 yr old just finished an 870-page Harry Potter book! It's taken about 3 months off and on, but he loved it and I'm so happy he loves to read like me!

2- Mr. Pink was at a client dinner last night so the minis and I grabbed dinner. On the way home mini#1 said "look at the sunset!". We did. Then we remembered to look for the moon for his moon calendar assignment. Mini#2 said "Look the moon is following us." So innocent and made me think of my childhood and saying the same thing.

3- Listening to mini#2 talking to his friend in the car on the way to school today. We took her as a favor to my friend who had an early appt so it was a treat to listen to two 4 year olds babble. Even if it was about ballet class and soccer. They understand that both consist of a team working together. It was so cute!

4- Mini#1 telling me about the stars and constellations he's learning about and how his teacher had him laughing so hard yesterday. The happiness and joy of a child learning. It's great stuff.

5- Mini#2 asking for "one more kiss" two extra times as I tried to leave his room last night. The last time asking for a "soft" kiss and hug. And I did it willingly, bad neck and all. I realize these days are flying by and he won't always be asking for "one more kiss"...from me anyway!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Should I give to the (almost) homeless?

Ok, I love the fleur de lis. And I love cuff bracelets. The above combines my love of both. They're great! They are designed by Lynne, the only (current) brunette on The Real Housewives of Orange County. The one that, bless her heart, is blind to a lot going on in her life. Her finances, her daughters' behavior, her finances (again for emphasis). She may be homeless for all we know after last week's eviction notice was served to her daughter. Served a day after a catered "house warming" party. I sure didn't feel the warm fuzzies after watching that train wreck of a party. I digress. Just wondering if I should help a poor girl out when she's down and purchase one of these cuffs? Maybe we all should. We've got to keep her afloat so she can schedule her next plastic surgery. And don't forget to watch tonight...I will DVR it because those muscle relaxers I started last night make me sleepy. Neck still yucky, by the way, but not as yucky. Hoping for relief soon though.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Pain in the Neck

....and head! OMG (am I too old to say this because it REALLY applies??), my head and neck have been killing me off and on for almost two weeks. After the last two sleepless nights I called the doctor FIRST thing this morning to get an appointment. This week I was taking 3 ibuprofen in the a.m. and 2 in the afternoon and still in pain!! Like major "crick" in the neck pain and ache. Now I am armed with muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory prescription to nip this agony. And why am I in this pain? Because I take one pilates class and two muscle classes a week (strength conditioning) and I seem to be using my neck when I shouldn't be! I lowered my weights yesterday (3 ibuprofen had kicked in so I was good to go) and will continue to do so until I'm back to normal. I love taking my classes and won't give them up, but man some days I feel every bit of my 39 years! Wish me restful sleep tonight! And due to the horrible sleep of late, suggest an under eye circle cream while you're at it.

Friday, February 12, 2010


It's been a long week...and no posting for me! Wow! I've been in Valentine mode all week. Mini#2 had his party yesterday which I contributed to in form of plates, napkins, cookies and treats. And on Wednsday I stood over mini#2 (4 1/2) as he wrote the names on 14 Valentines for classmates. Wow again! That took quite a bit of time, but I was so impressed with him for doing it all by himself this year.

Mini#1 (8 1/2)has barely made it through the week. I just received call number 2 from him at school a few minutes ago. "Mom, I got kicked in the face with a soccer ball. " ME: "and...." Mini#1: "And, they told me to call you." ME: "Are you bleeding?" Mini#1: "A little" Me: "Where?" Mini#1: "My mouth a little" Me:Well, clean yourself up and get back to class." Mini#1" "ok." WTH? Is there not someone at school that could have told him to get a wet paper towel and clean up?? Call number one was at 9:30 informing me he forgot to take his bag of Valentines to school. I inwardly sighed, grabbed mini#2 and headed to the school. Some days having a 3rd grader should feel like you actually have a 3rd grader? N'est ce pas? Jeez!

And don't get me started on boys' bathrooms. I just cleaned the darling minis bathroom and just am appalled every time I do this (which is FREQUENTLY)! Do they even TRY to aim for the water in the toilet? I'm just saying.

But, tonight I have something to look forward to. Mr. Pink and I are celebrating Valentine's Day at a restaurant my college roomie/friend suggested. It's in downtown Raleigh and this friend is also babysitting for us! How nice. We've decided to do some babysitting swapping for each other because by the time you go to dinner, a movie, have a few drinks and pay a babysitter, you've dipped into college funds!!

I hope you all have a nice Valentine's Day!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Five on Friday

Sunday is the big game. Where millions gather together and overeat as much as they do at Thanksgiving!! :) So tell me:
1- Colts or Saints?
2- Mostly watch the game or mostly watch the commercials?
3- Going to a party or staying home?
4- Chili or wings?
5- If given a chance to go to the Super Bowl, would your spouse take you or a friend?

My answers:
1- The Saints- first appearance and all.
2- the commercials when it's two teams I don't really care about.
3- Staying home this year!
4- I always make chili.
5- Probably me, but wishing he took a friend who shares the love of the game!

Your turn! Have an awesome weekend! Poor mini#1 has a snow makeup day on Saturday. Luckily, it's from 7:45 to 11:15 only. Not too bad.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mrs. Pink is determined... raise fine, young (southern)gentlemen. And that is no small task these days! Thankfully, my mom also realizes the importance of this and gave mini#1 this fine piece of literature for Christmas. It is perfect to read with and teach an 8 year old. We've had fun reading a chapter or two a night. The chapters are short and informative in a humorous way so said 8 year old doesn't roll his eyes, or even worse, fall asleep! Here is a sampling of chapter titles in no particular order:

* Accepting a gift you don't like. (excluding this book of course!)
* Shaking hands.
* Saying ma'am and sir (this is a big dang southern deal!)
* Tying a necktie.
* Putting the toilet seat down.
* Writing a thank you note. (we didn't need the book for this one!!!)
* Opening the door for others.
* How to correctly use a knife and fork. (hands are not part of this lesson!)
* Meeting people with physical challenges.
* Losing well.
* Winning well.
* How to take pride in your appearance.
* The unzipped zipper and other embarrassing situations.

There are 50 little gems in this book. It's a great tool that opens needed discussion with your mini princes on such important lifelong lessons. I highly recommend it! Mom approved!

Note to self: Re-read the "losing well" chapter to BOTH minis ASAP or either yank the freakin' Wii out of the wall and throw it away mid-argument/tantrum!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Stir Crazy

Well we finally got some snow. It started late Friday night and continued most of Saturday in the form of sleet or snow. 6 inches to play in. But today is Monday, day three of the stuff, no school (which we have to make up on a Saturday!) and we're going stir crazy! Right now the minis are in their "fort" they've inhabited for two days under my dining room table watching movies and arguing over something every five minutes! Thankfully, it's sunny today, although 19 degrees right now. Supposed to be in the 40's so I'm chanting "melt, melt, melt" right now.

I don't think I could ever get used to a winter filled with continuous snow. I'm worn out from all the wet boots, socks, hats, (clothes in general) and non-stop hot chocolate making. But, it has been fun sledding on some great hills we have and chatting with neighbors because we're all snowed in and have actual time to catch up with one another. Mini#1 was playing with friends last night until after 8:00! The neighbors lit one of those chimeneas for s'mores. So, overall, the GREAT NC SNOW of 2010 has been a great success!

*And isn't it funny that a few inches snows us southerners in? And we all raid the grocery stores the day before predicted snow as if we may not escape for weeks!