Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mom's Taxi Service

That's what I am these days. The kids are at their Museum camp afternoons this week so between errands, orthodontist appts, etc in the mornings and camp I feel like the car is my second home!

Last night we went to a local RODEO with the cub scouts. Yes, you read correctly. A rodeo near Raleigh, NC. I felt like I was in another world, but was pleasantly surprised. I had fun! The bull riding, barrel racing, pony riding (mini#2) was a great way to spend a summer night with the family.

Stay cool! I'm off to do laundry while I have the chance.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Go Home...

So you know I love all things French.

Got to say though...not lovin FRANCE'S World Cup soccer team. Go home bad boys!! What happened to them? Today their coach refused to shake the South African coach's hand after their loss. They're traveling coach back to France versus the luxurious Airbus they arrived on 2 weeks ago. Go learn some manners and sportsmanship during your unexpected time off!

Got to add, as you may have heard, Jake the Bachelor and Vienna have split up? Seriously? Who didn't see or hope that was coming? Go home Vienna. You weren't good enough for Jake. Jake, let's hope you make better choices in the future.

Another, "just go home" goes to Danielle on Real Housewives of New Jersey. This woman really frightens me. Ex-con bodyguards, scary plastic surgery face. I'm mean, but when these women start with the plastic, they can't leave it alone and then you get her on that After Show last night and she was almost unrecognizable to me under that makeup, black hair and new nose? Higher cheeks? What was it? And does she have a girlfriend now??? I'm just confused by her and the drama. I'm ready for the next season of Housewives. What about you?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Five on Friday- Beach style

As you read this I am, most likely, already perched in my chair on Wrightsville Beach, NC. So readers (are there any left?), give me your answers to my Friday Five beach-related questions.

1- Do you prefer to people watch or read in your beach chair?
2- Do you wear a baseball hat, wide brimmed hat or no hat?
3- What's in your beach cooler?
4- What fun things do you do on the beach?
5- What beach-related movie is your favorite?

My answers:
1- Ok, if I'm confident the minis are under Mr. Pink's watch, I love to read, but who doesn't people watch?!
2- Always a hat. Either one of a few monogrammed baseball hats or wide brimmed hats. I think I have a thing for beach hats!
3- This trip I'm snacking on yellow and orange pepper strips with hummus, apples, almonds and salty Cape Cod chips. Trying to keep it a bit healthy because I snack a lot on the beach! Oh. And lots of water and tuna fish sandwiches (Lowes Foods! SO YUMMY).
4- Ok, this is fun for a while, but then it gets old. We dig holes in the sand and fill them with water for the kids to sit in. They love doing this. I also love early evening walks on the beach with the family. Someone always ends up wet in their clothes though and it's not Mr. Pink or moi!
5- I could say Beaches, but that's too sad and obvious. I love Something's Gotta Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. I LOVE THAT HOUSE! And, after watching this movie, I collected black shells on the beach and they're now in a pretty jar in my bathroom. And, of course, the movie also takes place in Paris. And I love the soundtrack with all of the French music. Wow. That's a lot of liking of a movie isn't it?

Ok, tell me your answers. Have a great weekend remembering the dads in your life.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


...for lack of posting. We've been "summering." That sounds better than it really is, but we're having fun. Pool, errands, pool, world cup soccer watching, last baseball game, pool, orthdontist appointments (mini#1 got an expander mounted into his mouth today!), pool and tomorrow we leave for a mini beach vacation. We'll swing by to visit my FIL for a while on the way home. I did meet a sorority sister I hadn't seen for a while for dinner last night at my favorite restaurant. That was fun! Love catching up and bringing up fun college memories. So what have you been doing lately?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come on!?! Really....again?

I just WASHED and DRIED mini#2's wad of Pokemon cards. When he was looking for them this morning I guess he forgot that he LEFT THEM IN HIS SHORTS POCKET! Ok, why am I so worked up you ask? Because we JUST went through this with a HUGE stack of mini#1's cards about 2 weeks ago. I hate it for them because they trade them, covet them, love them, but I'm ready to trade 2 minis right about now! The not-so-cheap cards are useless now. Really, do I have to search through every pocket before doing laundry??? Maybe I should let them!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Mini#1 finishes 3rd grade today and are you ready for this???? He had PERFECT ATTENDANCE this year! It must have been all those flu, swine flu vaccinations he had! Seriously, how did that happen? It was a great year for him. I'm very proud of his accomplishments this year, 'cause everyone warns you that 3rd grade is a tough one. Anyway, we have four and a half weeks of fun before he begins 4th grade and mini#2 is off to kindergarten. In these weeks I have scheduled a week of VBS, a week of half-day camp at Raleigh's Marbles Museum and a mini beach weekend. We will also be swimming at the pool, taking the boat to the lake and there's a cub scout campout on the Durham Bull's field(Bull Durham movie fame)for the boys to do one Friday night. A lot to do in 4 and a half weeks. Then the minis are out again for 3 weeks in September. So what are you doing this summer??

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fantasy Friday

Happy Five on Friday. I have a few fantasy wants. In no particular order, I want the following:

1- Kelly Cutrone's JOB -fashion publicist and founder of the public relations and marketing firm People's Revolution. Offices in NY, LA and London. Love her on The City and Kell on Earth.

2- Countess Luann's (RealH-NY)HOUSE in the Hamptons. 2 acres/6500 square feet. Ahh.

3- Christina Aguilera's CLOSET- shoes included, baby not!

4- Sienna Miller's LEGS.(shown here with real life "Devil Wears Prada" Anna Wintour)

5- Victoria Beckham's show me how to get abs like that. Wink. wink.

I need to cool off with some southern sweet iced tea after that last one...

So whose job, house, closet, legs, and husband (or boyfriend) do you want on Fantasy Friday? If all 5 are a challenge just share a few... Happy Friday!

PS: Today is National Doughnut Day!! Some Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts locations are giving away free doughnuts to customers. We did this a couple of years ago and may need to make a special trip today. Yum! Krispy Kreme- born right here in North Carolina!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little surprises me these days...

...when you're the mom of two boys and the only female in the house. Case in point. This morning. Mini#2 walks into my bathroom while I'm putting on my makeup in just my underwear. Just wanting to chat I suppose and I've just about given up on any privacy of my own so was simply thrilled he didn't catch me getting out of the shower. So he points at my panties and said, "Mom, where's your wiener?" I don't know if I was more surprised that he asked ME this or that he said "wiener" because this mentioned unmentionable has never been called a "wiener" in our house. I simply held in my laughter and, while pushing him out of my bathroom, answered, "Mommy doesn't have a "wiener" and, if I did, we don't show our private parts." So how's your day going???