Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday, Monday.

It's Monday...and school was out. Need I say more. The house is a wreck, I'm tired and Intervention is a repeat tonight.

However, yesterday was a "me" day that I enjoyed immensely. Husband kept boys all day. I shopped 'til I dropped, but restrained myself nicely. I am on a budget. I was so excited to see all the preppy plaid shorts out. Don't get me wrong. My kids aren't total preps. I love dressing them hip and sometimes even skater, but I'll always love classic clean prep look. Luckily right now they don't care what they wear and probably won't be as difficult as I hear girls are as they get older. Anyway I also saw 27 Dresses yesterday. It wasn't too bad. Katherine Heigl's sis really aggravated me and Ed Burns isn't the heartthrob he used to be. However, loved Katherine's wardrobe and makeup. She looked so fresh and pretty the entire movie. Definitely a chick flick.

Today I didn't even try to venture anywhere with the minis until late afternoon. It was rainy this morning and none of us even got out of pj's until about 11:00. Hadn't done that in a while. I organized my closet, chased mini#2 out of my room with some play doh he found (only in the kitchen!), played crazy 8's and Go Fish with mini#1 as mini#2 napped, prepped mini turkey meatloaves (bake in a muffin tin. very tasty recipe), went to karate (mini#1, not moi!), ate dinner and gave baths. Since today was so incredibly boring (is anyone still reading this?) I even let the minis take their baths in mommy and daddy's big tub. Then I remembered why I don't do this. It breaks my back and they splash all my cute decorations. Oh well. I hope everyone else had a more exciting day than the White house... I'm off to shower my day away.


Tickled Pink Designs said...

will you post your mini meat loaf recipe? We are always looking for more ideas. I just started making what I want to eat instead of what the kids would choose, and low and behold, they are actually eating grownup food! Yay!! Anyhoo, these sound like fun food we will ALL enjoy.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Sure. I'll post it. My oldest is very picky. Last night I only made the one meal and they both ate it all. I still slip and make them something and us something a few times a week. So WRONG I know.