Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday- Holiday style (and with words)

Jingle was checking out baby Jesus with the Wise Men today.

Mini#2 took this photo of me today with 3 month old, 21 lb., Harper.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A not-so-scandalous midday date


Someone needs to show me how to make a collage of photos. Until then, you get a burst of photos all at once. You are at the correct post. These photos were taken a couple weeks ago when Mr. Pink and I had a post-anniversary date while the kids were in school. He has vacation to burn and I heard that the Porsche By Design exhibit was coming to the NC Museum of Art so I surprised Mr. Pink with tickets. We drove all the way there before I told him what we were doing. He loves and wants a Porsche and had heard about the exhibit and said he had thought about bringing mini#2 to see it.

The exhibit was really fun. The very top roadster was Steve McQueen's. He was a huge face of driving and racing Porsches. The crazy canvas of art all over the orange car was the idea of Janis Joplin. It was hers. Let me tell you I stood there a while just staring and taking in all that car had to offer. The little placard said that fans would recognize her car and leave her notes under the wipers.
There were many more race cars, a car with Porsche emblem tires and the original model. So, despite this being a potential yawn outing for me, this ended up being more entertaining than anticipated. Mr. Pink had a good time.

After the exhibit he headed over to the restaurant, Cowfish, I've previously mentioned for a lunch without kids. Here's a picture of the bento box I got. Sweet/spicy Thai cucumbers, fried pickles (so good!), sweet potato fries, salmon roll sushi and a mini turkey burger.

 The date would have been a huge success if I hadn't dragged Mr. Pink into Kohl's with me before going home. He hates to shop, but I had to look for something. It was a good day and I'm just now posting about it! Better late than never I suppose.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm winning...

Because I took the plunge and bought this "egg" nog today instead of my usual, albeit light, egg nog. Let me tell you I wasn't excited to make the change, but this stuff is tasty! Not as thick, but it handles my craving for this sweet holiday drink. Did you know that 8 oz of light egg nog is 130 calories and Silk is 90 calories. But even more appealing is that you leave behind the eggs, dairy, the saturated fat and the cholesterol. Try it! I think you'll like it, too. I LOVE finding healthier options for things I splurge on that aren't so healthy. Makes you feel like you're winning! So 2012 (or '11) of me to say.

In other news, party season starts tomorrow for me. Yay! Tomorrow night it's a bunch of us girls in the neighborhood who get together for appetizers/desserts/drinks and a dirty Santa gift exchange. One of my favorite parties. I never seem to see these girls like we used to when we had play groups or book club. And I get to dress all girly...well it's just a neighborhood party, but I WON'T be wearing workout/running gear as it seems I do so often.

But first tomorrow begins with a trip to the NC Governor's Mansion to tour the Christmas decorations. It's open to the public through the weekend. And then mini#2 has an orthodontist appointment. Yes, in January mini#1 starts phase 2 (braces) of his treatment and mini#2 starts phase 1 (expanding after 4 teeth are pulled). Mrs. Pink needs a J-O-B.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

How was yours?

Thanksgiving that is. Yes, I know. It was a week ago. But my kids' last day of school was yesterday (for 4 weeks) so it's been a little crazy.

This was the first year it was just the four of us for Thanksgiving and I LOVED it because it was so laid back. We started our (FREEZING) morning off by heading to our tiny downtown (we are in a suburb of Raleigh) and ran in a well-attended, about 2500, 5k race. Well mini#1 and I ran in 23 degree weather while Mr. Pink and mini#2 froze, but cheered us on nonetheless. I actually caught up to mini#1 this time right before the 3 mile mark, but he sprinted off away from me and finished 17 seconds ahead of me. I am so proud of him for running with me like I used to with my dad. He finished 11th out of 120 in his age group without even training a lot. I got a little 3rd place medal myself in my age group...which surprised me. Since starting to run again in Feb, after a 25 yr hiatus, it has been an uphill battle (pun intended) with getting back into this running thing and shaving some time off my 5k time. I don't think I'll ever run a marathon, but who knows. It just feels good to work towards a goal and to do some of this with my son. And with my really good friend! We ran an 8k together in October. And she finished her first half marathon in Nov! So awesome. She has never been a runner until a little less than a year ago and worked hard to train for that half.

Back to Thanksgiving. After the race we came home and had Thanksgiving dinner around 1:00. I did a lot of prep work the day before. I did miss my dad's pecan pie, but he'll just have to bring one when they come for Christmas. I made a chocolate chess pie which is my family's new favorite and a pumpkin pie. I made my Southern Living dressing I have made for years. LOVE it! I could have pie and dressing and be fine.

I did not go to one store on Thurs or Fri. This is amazing if you know me!! My mom and I went to Michael's and Target last Thanksgiving and it was so crazy. I have been cyber shopping lately, but a lot of gifts are bought and wrapped already. Year round school does that to you. You're forced to be efficient when kids get out on Dec. 4th.

I did shop a little over the weekend and got the tree and decorations all put out in the house. We met a couple for dinner at Vivace in Raleigh. It was crazy loud in the bar area because we were there at the end of  Alabama/Auburn game with the even crazier finish with the 1 second touchdown. People in the dining room were looking around saying "what happened" when people in the bar started screaming or cheering. It was funny.

Yesterday a friend and I met at Cowfish Grill in Raleigh. I love that place. Everything I've ever gotten there is so yummy. It's a sushi/burger bar restaurant. I usually go for a Bento box, but got their grilled salmon salad that was the best I think I've ever had. And we had a celebrity sighting while there. Former Senator/Presidential Hopeful/you can complete a lot more blanks here/ John Edwards. He was with an older man. We had a perfect view of his table. It was fun watching people walk by his table and suddenly recognize who he was. He lives in Chapel Hill now.

I made some sugar cookies today. We're going to our town's lighting of the Christmas tree tomorrow night with friends and their kids. Then we'll head back here for hot chocolate/cookies/adult beverages and games. Saturday it's mini#2's first basketball game and then going to a live nativity scene (really it's a walk through Bethlehem and takes about 20 mins) at mini#2's preschool church. I'm looking forward to seeing King Herod. He's in my Saturday morning spin class and has been growing out a beard for a few weeks! Ha!

So that's my last week in a huge, long, wordy post! Sorry about that!

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!