Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If you need me.....

...I'll be here all morning.

Can't wait. I've waited too long!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mayer Monday!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and didn't get sunburned! Mini#2 went camping with Mr. Pink and the cub scouts. I gave him the longest bath of his life Sunday. Yes, he's 8 now and yes he bathes himself, but not Sunday. His feet were black and unrecognizable when he arrived home happy, yet weary. I scrubbed him down good! And Mr. Pink wonders why I don't want to go camping with them? Mini#2 and I had friends sleep over as they came into town for a neighbor's birthday party. We partied, cooked out, kids ran through sprinkler pirate boat thingy and we put them to bed at 8:45 exhausted. Then 7 more girlfriends came over for some mommy time and to see our visiting friend that moved away a year ago. It was a fun time. Today is full of errands while the minis are in school.

I'll leave you with two favorites- John Mayer singing with Chris Botti in Boston. Both musicians are at their best in this performance. Let me know what you think. So here's to another Mayer Monday...enjoy your day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Green!

Happy Earth Day! I did my part. I've just been volunteering with mini#1's school's Earth Day festivities. Thank goodness mini#2's preschool drop-off time made me miss most of the compost making activity complete with worms, ants, etc...mixed in with soil, coffee grounds, peelings, etc. Mrs. Pink just doesn't do bugs if she doesn't have to...or even if she does. Ha! I was much more comfortable leading his class in the decorating of recycled material grocery bags. They drew on construction paper all that they had learned about recycling, going green, etc. and glued their masterpieces onto these brown bags that will be turned back into our neighborhood's Harris Teeter for distribution to customers. They were very cute. Ok, off to pick up mini#2 at preschool. Enjoy this beautiful Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's your day!

Happy Birthday mini#1!!! You're 8 today. Everyone says how fast the years go by and it's so true. I vividly remember this day when I first laid eyes on you- all 5 pounds and 11 ounces of you! There's nothing like being given your firstborn to hold and to connect with moments after birth. I immediately loved you and felt like I was born to protect you. Now you are so full of life, spunk, spirit, tenderness and have a huge heart. I am amazed at all you think about and what we talk about. I hope that always continues. I'm your #1 fan. I wish you much happiness today and always my sweet baby boy!

Friday, April 17, 2009

On her way...

So unless you've been under a rock this week, you know about this British singing sensation, Susan Boyle. She's been all over the web this week after making an appearance on the UK's version of American Idol. I first saw her singing clip on Perez Hilton's site, which I just discovered this week. Gives you Hollywood gossip, like I need any more, but I digress. Yesterday I caught Diane Sawyer interviewing this 47-year old in a painfully uncomfortable interview. Susan said "no comment" when Diane asked her "is it true you've never been kissed?" Ouch! I feel sorry for this socially awkward, unmarried woman who even has a cat to complete the stereotypical mold of a spinster. Diane also asked her if she thought they would make her over as the competition progresses as they do on American Idol. Susan didn't really comment. She just giggled nervously. Diane said something like, "you may be blonde and in black leather very soon." It got me thinking. And this is what I concluded. This woman needs some good old American help. After all. That's what we like to do isn't it? I suggest the following:
Patti Stranger of Bravo's, The Millionaire Matchmaker, needs to take Ms. Boyle under her wing and give her some confidence, set her up with a life coach and then set her up ON A DATE!

Next, or really before Patti, I just know Clinton and Stacy of TLC's What Not To Wear could work their magic on Ms. Boyle. And what's the hair guy's name on this show? He could take the grey away and give her a sassy new hairstyle. I don't mean to be harsh, but this woman is 47??!! She looks quite a bit older doesn't she? You know Clinton (my favorite) and Stacy would have her dressing so much younger. When they're done with her she may already be on her way to having that much needed confidence to succeed in her desired singing career. What do you think? She'd be the "total package"! Good luck Susan. Come on over to America. We'll show you some love!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's been a busy week around here. School volunteering, school conference, church, cub scouts, play group, dental appointment, blah, blah, blah...Here are some updates.

1- Mini#2 had a cavity and we had to go get it filled today. I was in shock when they told me last week. Neither child has had a cavity! Anyway, I guess it was a very early one so they didn't even have to numb his mouth this morning. He sat there like a model patient in green star-shaped Hollywood sunglasses and it was fixed in less than 10 mins. No tears. And gooey slime ball egg from the treasure chest.

2- After the dentist, mini#2 and I went to the mall so I could attempt to find my favorite Clinique eyeliner. Well it's discontinued now. WTH?? I got their new "similar" eyeliner. I'm bummed. We'll see if I like it.

3- Mini#2 had dad's day (or doughnuts with dad) at preschool yesterday. Mr. Pink said he was very quiet. MY CHILD? Hard to believe. Mr. Pink came home wearing his decorated construction paper tie mini#2 made for him. Very cute. Mini#2 was proud to tell me that this week they're reading "Zack and the Beanstalk".

4- Webkinz are driving me crazy. Mini#2 got another one (his 2nd) from the Easter bunny and now he wants one wherever we go. STOP asking already!! Geez. Today at the mall he thought he was going to get one and I said they don't have them at the mall. Well his-little-smartness recognized the Webkinz logo on a sign in a music store window and SCREAMED "They have them!" No, he didn't get another one. Mini#1 got all of his taken away yesterday for back talk. At least I found a punishment that works and causes temporary suffering!

5- It's cold here today. AGAIN. Please warm up soon. I need warm weather. At least we have sun. I'll take that.

6- I got home from the mall at 11:00 today. Didn't particularly like mini#2 saying "I HATE SHOPPING!" every other sentence. It's a good thing I came home when I did. I checked my voice mail and mini#1 had called reminding me that today was an early release day and did I forget because I packed his lunch? Holy #@$% . Um, yes I forgot. I could also sense the nervousness in his voice as he was asking if I forgot! But I was home before he got there. The big yellow bus brought him home at 11:20. Whew! Sometimes I barely get this parent thing!

7- Now I'm going to watch John Mayer performing with Chris Botti on the Tonight Show. I dvr'd it last night. I will be ironing as I watch and not eating bon-bons as you may suspect. Wait. There is still some of that Easter candy I hid...

Are you bored yet with this post?!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Coupon Code

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We did. We went to a surprise birthday dinner Friday night for one of my friends. Saturday, an egg hunt at our church. Sunday, church and out to brunch with our neighbor's family.

For those interested, Provence Gifts is offering my readers the following discount.

Code#: 20609100

Enter it in the "coupon code" box during checkout to receive a 15% discount on your entire order, no minimum order required. The code is good until June 30, 2009. Happy shopping!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Today I can finally stop and rest and reflect on what this day means to me. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pink is....

You know on facebook how you update your status? Well if I was bold enough here is how my current status would read: thinking of putting two minis on Ebay. Best offer. Will sell cheap.

It's just been one of those days.........Seriously, I wonder if two girls would have been better...or quieter...or better behaved on errands.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Preppy purchases

I recently got another itch to buy something monogrammed. I ordered the following from here .
They always have quality products and I am amazed at how quickly I receive items I order. Prices are very reasonable, too. Take a look. Tell them I sent you.

Luggage tag. Instead of the crown at the top, I added my 3-letter monogram. $8!

I see these check covers all over town/websites, but they're all about $15 for a PLASTIC covered checkbook cover. I didn't mind spending $8 on this cute one and it's good quality. Now I can easily find my checkbook in my purse!

That's all today. I'm hosting playgroup Thursday so cleaning, doing laundry and other highly fun stuff today!
*UPDATE: Pam at Provence Gifts is going to provide a discount code for my readers. She's on vacation. When she sends the code, I'll post it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's that time again...

The weather is warming up and it's time to bare those arms and legs. I feel so pale I decided to resort, once again, to some help in the form of tinted moisturizer. Easter is next Sunday and I have a sleeveless dress to wear. This year I'm trying Jergens Natural Glow because a friend suggested it at playgroup last week. I started using it on my legs/arms on Friday and I already have that sun-kissed look and I don't have as much of that self-tanning lotion smell as I thought I would. I don't care which brand you use, you always smell like it a little bit don't you? Or maybe there is that one magic lotion that doesn't smell. Do tell blogger friends if you have found that ONE. Anyway, using a lotion is better than a tanning bed or direct sun. I'm glad I finally realized that in my 30's. I wish I'd been better to my skin in my 20's. Don't you?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mini#2 was up all night! Coughing his head off. Everyone around here cut their grass yesterday and stirred up the pollen in a major way! He said his throat hurt, but I know it's from all of the coughing. His temperature was normal. We also did a breathing treatment at 3:30 a.m.! Ugh! He had started wheezing a bit. I guess this is my payback. Two weeks ago, when I was in DC with mini#1, Mr. Pink had a throwing up mini#2 to take care of. This weekend Mr. Pink and mini#1 took an overnight trip to his hometown to deal with some things at MIL's house so it was just mini-wheezer and me! I felt so sorry for the little guy. All he wanted to do was sleep (and me, too!). I even crawled into bed with him at some point during the night. Even with all of his frustration he managed to say, "Mommy, I lub you!" That made me feel good when I didn't feel like I was doing a lot of good at the moment. So, no church this morning. Luckily our doctor has sick appointments on Sunday so we're off to see him at 11:00. Our doctor told us last week (at his check up) mini#2 may have to take Zyrtec or Claritin. I hate that he's suffering so young with the pollen allergies. I hope it doesn't turn into further allergies either. Springtime is my favorite time of the year, but this pollen can leave quickly! Bring on more rain!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What will they talk about?

Today's the day. The Obamas head over to Buckingham Palace for a sit-down with the Royal one. For tea and talk. I feel a little sorry for Obama this week. His first G20 summit is Thursday in London. He will be meeting, for the first time, the top dignitaries of the 19 other countries that make up 85% of the world's wealth to discuss this fine financial mess we've all gotten ourselves into. If that isn't stressful enough he and Michelle had to somehow squeeze in time to learn Royal protocol for meeting HRH Queen Elizabeth II. I think Obama might be more nervous about today's meeting. Can I ask this? Can I do that? Does she speak first or do I? Do I bow? Shake hands? How do I hold this freakin dainty teacup? Can I ask for coffee instead? If there's a lull in the conversation can I ask if she pulls for Beckham when he's playing for LA Galaxy? And just when I'm getting comfortable in my 300 year old chair I have to leave. Do I back out of the room? Will she tell me to get out? What if I trip over a corgi? Oh I think Obama might visibly sweat over this one. She may look like a sweet grandma, but this woman is tough as nails! At least we can rest assured, as Americans, that the meeting won't be an embarrassment to our nation. Michelle will be there! So good luck to them both! Can't wait to hear about the visit.