Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Something I love

For as long as I can remember I have loved my babies' hand "dimples". It shows their youth and is, in my opinion, one of the final reminders of their "babyness." With mini#2 I have been asking to see his dimples every time it crosses my mind for fear of them disappearing without me knowing. He'll proudly hold up his sweet hand for me to see and make sure they're still there. Then I go and kiss those sweet dimples. He likes this game we share. I took these two photos unbeknownst to him as we were riding home from somewhere recently. I looked back at his 6 year old body in his booster seat (that will also be a thing of the past before I know it) and almost teared up with mixed emotions when I spied those fading dimples. While it's so wonderful to see your children mature and leave things behind, sometimes it also stinks for moms...emotional moms that is! But, until those dimples disappear, I've love them and kiss them as often as I can!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Five on Friday

Who am I you ask? The person who previously used to write on this blog. Seriously, been a little preoccupied. But here's a little of my day today.

1- Minis had yearbook pictures today. Is it just me or do you hate deciding on which package to purchase? And is it too much to ask for a "cheap" package containing 2 5x7's?

2- I was a couple minutes late to cardio muscle class this a.m., but it's Friday and I went. And the dead lifts killed my aging back, but, surprisingly, I ENJOYED the sprints we did. Who knew!

3- I went to Walmart after the gym. Wow! I kinda forgot that we have a hurricane coming, but everyone else didn't. It was packed. AND GET THIS- a lady backed into my car as I was leaving the parking lot. I had just stopped because someone was pulling out of a handicapped spot and BAM a lady backed right into me. It sounded horrible, but, thankfully, she hit the plastic bumper and it didn't leave a lot of damage. She gave me her insurance info and a man came to give me his name and a number as a "witness." Still deciding if needs to be fixed or not. So glad no body damage!

4- I picked the minis up from school early and we took mini#1 to the doctor for an ingrown toe nail. After much discussion (and pleading on my son's part), we will be medicating it and keeping it wrapped for 2 weeks so it can heal, grow and be left alone by mini#1! Good news, however. I asked and they received their flu shots while there!! Yay me!

5- It's 7:15 and mini#1's friend just arrived for a sleepover. He's been here 15 mins and the noise is already bothering me. It's going to be a long night. And I haven't even filled them with warm brownies, vanilla ice cream and hot fudge yet. Please Irene. Do not touch down here tomorrow. I did not have 3 boys for a reason and do not want to have this extra one all day tomorrow since soccer is already canceled.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

You say it's your birthday....

Yes, it's my birthday. WOW! My...Ahem...40th year went by too quickly. But, yes, I'm thankful to celebrate another one today! Actually, the celebrations kicked off Friday night. My parents were visiting and babysat the kiddos so Mr. Pink and I could go out. We had a fun evening. Today my friend is taking me to lunch (we celebrated her birthday last Wed) and tonight I get to pick out where to eat with the family. Funny how celebrating a birthday resolves around FOOD and cake, too. Yum- cake! Enjoy your Monday. I know I will!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My heart is heavy...

Friday this earth lost one remarkable, sweet, loving, generous, simply incredible mom and wife. She left behind her devoted husband, her 10 yr old daughter and her 6 year old son. Her kids are exactly my kids ages and her son and my son were in preschool together for two years. She was a room mother more years than not. She threw fun birthday parties for her son. When you passed her in the elementary school hallway she offered an enthusiastic hello and a genuine smile and stopped to chat. She spoke to my son when she saw him at their new school. She was invested in her children's lives and radiated her faith from the inside out.

She did not expect to be diagnosed with a brain aneurysm in May. She had hoped an experimental procedure done in June could save her life. She was slow to complain during recovery though dizziness and fatigue took over this active mom's life. Even on Friday, her final day on earth, her journal entry was upbeat though she admitted it being a "dizzy day." And then she had a hemorrhage and passed from this life into her next in heaven.

She did not want this life to end at 42, she had things to do and kids to raise and I am heartbroken. My own mom's mom passed away from a brain aneurysm when my mom was 12; her mother 36. I know what my mom missed and what this woman's daughter and son will miss. I ache for them right now. I have hugged my children and shared (more than usual) my unconditional love for them. I commend this woman for "cramming" so much of herself into their lives in too short of a period and hope the memories and teachings she left behind never fade from their minds. I hope they find peace and comfort and somehow find a way to start each new morning the way she would want them to. She, unknowingly, has challenged me to strive to live life to the fullest each and every day and to be half the mom she was... Well done sweet, sweet lady.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Five on Friday- My week.

1- My week started out with another lost tooth for mini#1. Long story short. He did not tell me he lost the tooth. He wanted to surprise me (by seeing if the tooth fairy would come), but the tooth fairy was too smart for that. She thought anyway. Mini#1 = 1, Tooth fairy = 0. After a very long night of cat and mouse, I told him the next morning that, as long as he believes, she will continue to come.

2- I volunteered in both minis classes this week for the first time. This morning, in first grade, as I sat assembling homework packets for their Monday folders, a kid boldly asked me: "Does Ms. Teacher know you're doing that??" I assured him she knew, but he made me feel like a whore in church (cannot come up with another analogy right now, but it works!). It was funny!

3- Went to the orthodontist with mini#1 yesterday and the doctor looked in mini#2's mouth and informed me that "Yep, I'm thinking we need to start seeing him after Christmas." Yay me. Two in orthodontia. I foresee a job in my near future.

4- Jersey Shore/ITALY started last night. Yes, I watched. It did not disappoint! The Situation and Snooki? Really?

5- I bought 4 shirts and 5 pairs of jean's today at Old Navy...9 items for $63 for average of $7 each after sale prices, tax-free weekend and a $15 off coupon I had when you spent $50. Not bad! Then off to Dick's Sporting Goods for soccer gear. All items were 25% off (our soccer league discount this weekend) and all tax-free! Maybe this should somehow be my new job. I am a store coupon queen, just not in the grocery stores. That doesn't excite me as much!

How was your week?