Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm a good parent. I promise!

Here is a sampling of a few things my almost 3 yr old has done in the last 5 days. You be the judge. Is this normal?

1. Last Friday- he hit a whiffle ball (with a bat) into a pan on the stove while I was cooking.

2. Sunday- on the way out the door to a birthday party I touched his head and felt goop! I smelled it and determined it was baby shampoo. His brother said he was trying to wash his hair.
We went as is since we had no time to correct.

3. Monday- He went into the garage, dragged his brother's real golf clubs inside, and proceeded to start playing. I quickly dove for the clubs before divots appeared in my hardwoods.

4. Tuesday- I saw him eating something. When asked, he said it was cheese. What cheese? He can't reach where the cheese is kept. Upon investigation I discovered it was BUTTER that was on the counter from breakfast toast about 15 mins prior. Who eats chunks of butter and likes it?
Apparently mini#2.

5. Wednesday- while hurriedly running around after I threw on clothes for the bus stop, I found mini#2 quietly pouring out a small bottle of hand sanitizer onto his cute pirate toddler bag. I smelled his breath just in case he decided to sample any. All clear there. See. I'm a good parent.

6. Wednesday- late a.m. While I was gathering dry cleaning he walked into my bedroom, naked, and told me he needed new "big boy pants". The reason being he had pee-peed all over my foyer floor. The only good thing about this was he had found and changed into that NC State jersey and had pee-peed all over the front of it, too. Remember this is the jersey he wants to wear 24/7... the one I want to burn.

I swear these things happen at the weirdest times. It's not like I've locked myself in my room and given him free reign of the house. Thought about it, but haven't done it. This kid scares me sometimes. Where did he come from?


Lori said...

Sounds like a typical day in my house~ and I'm NOT kidding! :)

Tickled Pink Designs said...

yesh, it's amazing what can happen if you turn your back for a second! And who doesn't turn their back for a sec? I had to remove a car from a "used" toilet the other day moments after getting OUT of the shower! Oh the joys of boys!

The Mrs. said...

I love your blog. I swear that is the funniest post ever!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

The Mrs...I love your blog, too. I know so many useless Hollywood facts. It's scary. Love to see your star sitings and about life in L.A. Where are you from originally?

Preppy Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. As my grandmother always says to me, "You have some job"!!
I thought little man was a handful. Someone told me the other day that 2 is the new 3!! I can hardly wait!!