Saturday, April 30, 2011

My observations...

Is anyone still reading this blog? Did you watch the wedding? I did and loved it. Loved the trees in Westminster Abbey, loved her dress (though she might should have rethought Pippa's sexy dress!), loved her calmness, loved her waves, the kiss/es on the balcony, loved their ride in the convertible, loved the boys' choir singing....on and on. But I observed that the Queen really resembled a PEEP....carrying that HORRIBLE, GHASTLY handbag. Sure the color was cheery, but why has she genuinely looked and DRESSED her 85 years for the last 3o+ years??? Drives me crazy! And like mother, like daughter they say. Princess Ann brought tears to my eyes. Her ensemble has that horrible! And we cannot forget William's cousins- Prince Andrew and Fergie's daughters. Which was worse? The one with the pretzel hat or the one in that taffeta/floral mess? I found myself really wondering what Princess Diana would have worn? She would have been stunning I am sure. She would have been so proud of her son, too! Anyway, it was a great occasion. And I am so glad the cameras let us see this:

David Beckham cleans up nicely...don't you agree????

Thursday, April 28, 2011

These are the days of his (4th grade) life...

So mini#1 brought this note home from school today. A girl (her name had to be crossed out for his absolute fear of being discovered!) gave him this in the library! Later at lunch she told him, "We've been friends a long time. I have a crush on another boy, but I like you more. He's 70% and you're like 95%." She continued by saying, "It (being boyfriend/girlfriend) won't be official until I'm 17" which is the age her parents, apparently, deemed fit to date. I guess she thought it didn't hurt to get the process started early!!! Later she even asked "does this mean we're boyfriend and girlfriend now?" He held her off by saying, "Shhhh. This is too risky you know. We'll talk about it at dismissal." Fortunately, nothing was decided at dismissal. He was laughing about it all when we talked about it at carpool and WE'VE decided he's going to gently tell her "We're too young for this. Let's keep it as friends." But, he did say..."you never know mom". What? He doesn't even like her like that. I'm actually pulling for the cute redhead he's had a crush on for ages and was heartbroken when she left school a few weeks ago to go to another. Anyway, I now know why this little stalker has been calling for "play dates" lately. I think I need to have a chat with her mother!! And maybe I shouldn't have bought so many girl scout cookies from her. I think it just gave her the extra encouragement she needed! Days like this I'm glad I have boys.

Going out to dinner with a friend tonight. Looking forward to it because I have sole parenting duties this weekend. Mr. Pink is off to golf with friends at the beach. I also plan to wake up and watch the Wedding tomorrow. Are you?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quick weekend recap

Thought I better post a few pictures from Easter. We had a really good time at my parents' house. It was nice seeing my brother and his new wife. This was our first time meeting her since they married a few weeks ago in Bosnia (where brother just finished a 3 yr assignment with the State Dept). Mini#2 LOVES her and it's mutual. She's a little homesick right now and used to be a nanny so a fun-loving newly turned 6 yr old is just what the doctor ordered for her! He even sat beside her while she SKYPED her mom back home. He said she rubbed his head. So funny. He was smitten with the new aunt! They're coming to visit us in a couple of weeks. Mini#2 is excited about that to say the least. Anyway, I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you! My kiddos woke up at 7:15 to look for eggs and at their baskets! Dang....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Five on Friday

Hoppy Friday!

1- Are you traveling this weekend?
2- Do you have new Easter clothes?
3- Do you take your kids to see the Easter bunny?
4- Does the Easter Bunny hide eggs at your house? Inside or outside?
5- What's your favorite thing to do on Easter?

My answers:
1- Yes, we're off to Charlotte today to visit my parents and to see my brother and his new wife.
2- Yes, but not my favorite outfit! I've had other outfits that I liked better. I may just have to look for something else!
3- NO- he's too big and creepy and "fake" looking. But they did get their picture taken with one at a neighborhood egg hunt a couple of years ago.
4- Yes, usually inside.
5- Go to church. I always cry on Easter. The ultimate sacrifice. I love singing the Easter hymns, too.

Have a great weekend whatever you do!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Hands!

Mini#1 is 10 today! Wow, that's a quick decade! I love this kid so much.... so much that I'm flying out the door and skimping on his post because I'll be late for carpool. A friend is coming home with us. We're going to a movie, then dinner and then home for a sleepover. No school tomorrow! More celebrating this weekend with my family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I just received flowers...

....from a boy. Ok, he's my 5 yr old neighbor. And they're really weed "flowers." But he said they were for me when he came to the door looking for my son to play. I thought it was sweet. He'll make a good husband one day.

This morning I went to muscle class. Then I found the Easter baskets in the closet, gathered up my Easter basket "stuff" to see if I had enough goodies (DEFINITELY HAVE ENOUGH*), have been wrapping birthday presents for mini#1 (10 on Thursday) and doing laundry so I can pack to go away this weekend. All while listening to parenting cd's that claim to transform my Birthday boy into an obedient, respectful child. He's not terrible, just having some difficulties and need to reel it in quickly. Does anyone else have a son that you have to give instructions at least 3 times before he might even begin considering that he heard your voice and that it may mean I want him to do something???

*Easter basket goodies:
smelly pencils and a pen (scented, that is)
crazy erasers. (all the rage)
Initial pencils
new swim goggles
bubblegum eggs
small stuffed animal that will be tossed aside.
chocolate bunny
baseball/baseball t-shirt for #2
cd for/ ds game for #1
peep chicks dipped in chocolate (so cute!)
helicopter game thing
candy for eggs....I may or may not have sampled the reese's cups.

Back to doing a few more things before the kiddos get home.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Alex or Sonja?

So Real Housewives fans, whose side are you on - Alex or Sonja? Alex and Simon get on my nerves, but I am definitely on Alex's side after last night's episode! Sonja is the one who FIRST tried to clear the air with Alex at her "come support my friend with benefits' art career party."

Sonja just didn't like Alex's responses so she attacked her manners! I mean, seriously, Sonja's speech at the event was horrendous (even worse than Alex's party dress). Why did Simon saying a few words really matter at the end of it all?? He seemed in his element didn't he? His jacket killed me! Sonja is full of herself. Not liking her. Or Jill Zarin either! She is so fake! Loving my Real Housewives of NY. They give me so much comic relief in every scene! Next week we get to see Ramona on the catwalk again. CANNOT WAIT. I'm already giggling to myself.

Note to Alex- we know you're excited about your "modeling" career, but please stop acting like the 18 yr old waif-y models and put on a bra. You're 37 and you've had kids. Enough said.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday entertainment

Since it's been cool and rainy most of the weekend I took the minis to see HOP today while Mr. Pink watched the Masters. Truth be told, he was also recovering from the cub scout campout mini#1 and he attended until after lunch today. Anyway, the theater was packed! We sat on the last row in the back. Everyone had the same idea. It was cute. Russell Brand was his normal funny, quirkly British self as the Easter Bunny's son. I enjoyed it and even #1 did though he wanted to see another movie. We had baseball in the cold yesterday. Mini#2 played first base. It made me nervous but he did well. He looks so cute in that uniform. We then went for coffee/hot chocolate and home for some chores. Later we went on a date to eat Mexican food for dinner although he didn't like me calling it a date! We wondered what Mr. Pink and mini#1 were eating in the cold and in the rain. Now I'm off to purchase various items for teacher appreciation WEEK! Good grief. I can't believe it's that time again and, yes, STILL can't believe it lasts a week and not a day. Of course I appreciate them, but come on I don't even get Mother's WEEK! I only get a day and I think I'm a tad more important to these darling children. Hope you have had nice weekends. 88 here tomorrow! Wow!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good stuff...

Last week when I was in Charlotte for my mom's birthday, we went shopping one afternoon. Well, I went shopping while she bravely sat in the car with the minis. At ages 6 and almost 10, they have developed an extreme dislike for Marshall's, Homegoods, TJ Maxx and Stein Mart. Can you believe that???? Anyway, while standing in the checkout line at a combo Marshall's/Homegoods, I saw the above canned drinks and they screamed, "BUY ME!" So I did and they are so yummy. I have to find more! They're a pink grapefruit white tea drink. Skinny cans like Red Bull and only 60 calories. So refreshing. Has anyone ever seen these in a grocery store? I only have one left!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Dance

Ok, so this is wrong, but I did do the happy dance this morning when I sent 2 little boys back to school today after FOUR WEEKS off. I didn't like getting up earlier or making those lunches again, but this entertainment director is tired!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A good time was had by all...

We decided to visit Colonial Williamsburg, VA during this trackout because mini#1 has been learning about the first colonists is social studies in 4th grade this year. The first day and first pics below are from the Jamestown Settlement where John Smith settled. It was so peaceful there. The other pics are various shots taken in Williamsburg. It really is a working "city." They make the shoes worn, clothes worn, baskets, food, etc...and projects are even commissioned for the Smithsonian Museums we learned in a wood shop where a cart was being made. The boys really enjoyed the re-enactments and walking in the church where George and Martha Washington once worshipped. Today there are 5 services held every Sunday. Another highlight was driving through the college of William and Mary, America's 2nd oldest university (Harvard being 1st). Fun, quick vacation. Mini#1 bought a scrapbook and busily took notes, sketched and attached pictures to remember the trip. Of course the indoor pool at the hotel was also a highlight for them!