Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trivial Thursday


Reader's poll. Which group of co-hosts do you prefer??  The ladies of The Talk or The View? Based on the cohesiveness of the group....not so much the show itself. I have to say I am more relaxed and thoroughly enjoy the ladies of The Talk over The View. No one seems to be competing for the "best" comment or the spotlight. Sure Julie Chen's husband is CEO of the network and I hear she can be a diva, but on camera I don't really detect that. So, just wondering...who do you prefer?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I helped at mini#2's holiday party this afternoon. This is part of my "job" as a mom that I love.... I love being there, helping them, hearing their comments, seeing their smiles, cleaning up their messes! Because we are on a year round school calendar, (thus why a party on Nov. 28 because they are out for 4 weeks beginning Fri afternoon) he is on a track of 2 classes so I know all of these kids since I've been volunteering since kindergarten. I loved hearing them say, "This is the best day ever!" I remember being excited about my school parties, too. I, however, did not adore having to unwrap individually wrapped candy canes given to me from sticky icing hands. Ha!

These kids are getting so big. Second grade is a little bittersweet. They are teetering on the edge of childhood and all that Christmas is to them. I really plan to milk Santa for all it's worth this year. Mini#2 already said he is going to ask Santa if he will take him for a ride in his sleigh so I am safe, I believe, for a while longer. Heck, he's the only one in the house that will help me decorate for Christmas, too. I just want him to believe forever....

And I must say, it is a real toss up between which art project wins for messiest- this year's milk carton gingerbread icing house or last year's glitter/glue pine cone Christmas tree. Wow. Who thinks of these crafts that we love to hate???

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

Today I am thankful:

My house is clean in time for guests arriving at noon (no small feat).

The turkey is in the oven and I actually feel ahead of schedule.

I finally feel a little calm before the storm....after the last few hectic days.

That everyone that matters most to me will be here together in a few hours. (So many are without loved ones at holidays.)

And that I get to go shopping in a few hours. Ha! Yes, I at least will go to Target tonight.

Of course, I am thankful for so much more...but this is all I have time to write this morning.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Five on Friday- Women my age, 42 and Fabulous!

Granted many of these Hollywood ladies have personal nannies, personal trainers and personal plastic surgeons (and I don't), but I still think they do a very good job of making 42 look good! Happy Friday! I'm off to personally train myself in a group fitness toning class.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My dinner last night

Nothing says fall better to me than roasted veggies! I took this photo right before I popped them into the oven. We had carrots, broccoli, red onion, mushrooms, asparagus, sweet potato and rosemary tossed in olive oil with sea salt and cracked black pepper. We ate it over whole grain pasta with parmesan cheese grated on top. Yummy! I usually include zucchini squash or butternut squash, but didn't have any on hand. The kids even ate it, but one doesn't eat broccoli and the other doesn't eat mushrooms... they're kids and they're boys. Do you roast veggies? What my family doesn't know is I'm planning to roast brussel sprouts and shallots for Thanksgiving because I'm cooking and I want them. But I may be the only one eating them. Ha!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mini#2 still has a few good ones...

He has always said such funny things. I've tried to keep a record of his best zingers over the years. The last two days produced a couple of new laugh out loud moments so thought I'd share.

Yesterday, a school holiday, I kissed his neck while he was eating lunch and he exclaimed, "WOMAN. Give me some space!" (It's especially funny because this kid kisses and hugs me all the time.)

Today, I was rushing him into the car to go pick up mini#1 at middle school after a meeting. I said "Hurry up. He's going to be the only one standing there by the time we get there." He responded, "WOMAN. Pull yourself together!"

He's 7. I think I have a little time to teach him how not to address a WOMAN, but I sure hope he keeps his sense of humor!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bed and Breakfast?

So the election is over and I feel like a bad hangover is finally lifting after all of the negativity and everyone's "opinions." We all have them. Me included. Around the Pink house we have just about finished all of our Halloween candy. Yes, "we" because I cannot help but helping myself to those bite-sized temptations. I've switched out Halloween decorations for Thanksgiving decorations and am gearing up to host my parents for Thanksgiving.

This post is mainly to dump a few photos I took on a recent trip home to my parents' home in Charlotte. They bought this house 10 years ago so it's not the house I grew up in, but it sure feels homey to me so I wanted to share. My mom should run a bed and breakfast...well dad, too because he is an awesome cook! They host parties, luncheons and showers quite a bit with their friends. She also has the gift of setting tables for these said events, but that's another post in itself. I think her creative gene passed me right on by. Thank goodness for Pinterest! So without further adieu, here is a glimpse of their home.

 The bedroom Mr. Pink and I stay in when we visit. LOVE this dove blue/robin's egg-ish color!
The same room; different angle.

Cute artwork on the wall. Mix of antique and Homegoods.

This is the room the minis stay in. Again she has great touches all around.

The sun room is our favorite place for all to gather and talk or read. Love her pink and green.

Mini#1 loves this spot!
The daybed we all lounge on. Notice the cute candelabra with pink candles in the corner.

I should have taken pictures of her bedroom and other rooms. Maybe I'll do a Christmas version after we visit over the holidays. Have a great rest of the day!