Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Ok have to use some words. This was my blog-inspired Birthday cake! Mr. Pink and the minis thought of this. Wasn't it cute?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A monster of a question.

This kid is really killing me. Like I think he has split personalities. One for his teacher (good) and one for his mother (not so good as of late). But I love him to death so I'll keep him a while longer. Last night in the car on the way home from dinner (Mr. Pink was out of town), out of the blue he asked "Is God bigger than monster trucks?" It was so off the wall and thought provoking at the same time. I said "That's a good question!" while laughing. A minute later he saw that the sun was setting and pointed the beauty of it out to his brother and me. His little mind was really working. I agreed "It is beautiful and I think God is really as big and beautiful as that sun." He agreed, but, of course, had to ask how tall God really was and where does he sleep. Like I said this kid is killing me! But wow, it makes you feel young again to hear the things your children say doesn't it?

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Back to the soccer fields we went at 8:00 am Saturday morning for another season of "soccer". No, it's getting better. This is mini#2's 3rd season with this team. He scored one goal, but told me if BECKHAM'S SON (not his real name) wasn't on the other team, he'd score more. It was funny. Not to him, when I laughed at his statement.

After soccer, I put sopping wet sweaty mini#2 in the shower for a quick clean up in order to make a 10:00 am birthday party...blah, blah, blah....a lot of you did these same things over the weekend.

Saturday night my friend and I went to see Eat, Pray, Love in a FULL theater. I loved the book and was eagerly anticipating the movie. It was done well (visually stimulating), didn't stray too far from the book and had the added bonus of Javier Bardem to look at for the last third of the movie. I highly suggest you read the book if you haven't.

Sunday, I kept 2 year old whiny kids at church. No, they weren't all whiny, but I was by the time I got out of there. 12 2 yr olds one a month is definitely a challenge. Ahhh the joys of volunteering.

Mini#1 has been complaining of stomach pains all day. No fever, but I did give him some motrin for pain before bed and put a plastic trash can beside his bed. Here's hoping for an uneventful night tonight!

How was your weekend?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What do you think?

Not to get political, as I try to keep my comments to myself, but is it just me or do you think the Obamas have had a lot of vacations this year? I just read they're off to Martha's Vineyard for 8 days. Last week he was swimming in the Gulf with a daughter. The whole Spain trip (yes funded by Obamas), BUT do you know what it costs to clear a beach in Spain for their private enjoyment? I actually have a good idea. One of my brother's responsibilities is to arrange official motorcades/security at an US Embassy abroad. The trip to my state's Bilmore Estate, Hawaii at Christmas (ok I'll give him this one as a gift.) I just started thinking of all these vacations. Sure he needs a vacation like all of us, but does it seem like he's gone a lot to you?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The big 4-0!

Yes, it's here. I'm 40 today. OMG!!! I'm trying to embrace this number, but how did I get here? Doesn't seem possible! Anyway, I'm probably eating cake with my parents right now as I'm visiting them in Charlotte. On a side note my mother and usually my dad always call me at 10:42 a.m. the time of my birth. Isn't that sweet? These past few years they sung Happy Birthday together. Anyway, I am going to attempt to write a list of 40 things about me today. Here goes.

1- I'm left-handed and I do everything left-handed!
2- I have to eat popcorn at the movies.
3- I love foreign films.
4- I love anything that's of harlequin pattern.
5- I love the fleur-de-lis symbol.
6- Giving up Brie when pregnant was probably harder for me than alcohol.
7- I had only been 18 for about a week when I went off to college. BABY!
8- I met my husband that first weekend at college (frat party!), but we didn't date until a few months later.
9- I love crablegs.
10- I love sea scallops.
11- I am loving pilates these days.
12- Mini#2 loves practicing pilates with me.
13- I am the oldest child.
14- I love shopping.
15- I love reality TV.
16- I do not have an ipod.
17- I may be getting an iphone, but am scared at having to learn how to use one.
18- I have a fantastic memory for details of things in the past, but I am horrible at remembering names!
19- I am addicted to Trader Joe's Chocolate-flavored European yogurt.
20- I have been known to drink a glass of wine while watching Intervention (but that was mainly when it came on Friday nights!!).
21- I cried (a little) when I found out mini#2 was a boy. Now I cannot imagine life without my boys.
22- I own WAY too shoes. Not kidding. What girl doesn't?
23- I hate moths.
24- I feel asleep in the carpool line once. How embarrassing.
25- I will go to Wimbledon one day! To watch, not to play. I don't even play tennis anymore, but love to watch it, especially Wimbledon.
26- I love parking in an end know where another car only parks on one side.
27- I grew up a UNC (Carolina) fan but went to NC State University. That's a huge thing! I applied to these 2 schools only and was wait listed for UNC forever, but loved NC State right away.
28- I'm a Chi Omega sister.
29- I say "rabbit" the first word when I wake up on the first day of the month. My mom started that for luck years ago. It drives me crazy now having to remember it!
30- I loved dressing up professionally for work. Put me in heels and a dress and I feel great. I miss that!
31- That being said, I am not a sweats person. At all. Last time I wore sweat pants was when I was pregnant and borrowed a pair of Mr. Pink's.
32- That being said, I love buying nice workout clothes. Not expensive ones. I just don't like shorts and a t-shirt. Must get this from my mom. She has always been DRESSED and girly.
33- I vent on this blog about my boys, but mini#1 is connected to me in quite a rare level I believe. We can talk. We get each other. I love this kid.
34- Mini#2 keeps me sane because he makes me laugh constantly. We talk, but we don't quite get each other yet! I think it has something to do him thinking/talking/dreaming about sports 24/7 and he's sometimes just out of my league!
I love him and will be his biggest fan on the sidelines for years to come.
35- Am I done yet? People said I looked like Laura Ingalls when I was little. Have I posted that before?
36- My freckles are finally becoming useful. They're starting to camouflage age spots.
37- I buy cookbooks in every city we visit.
38- I love taking pictures. Just not Christmas photo pictures.
39- I will not do one of these lists again.
40- I am officially 40. OMG!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's finally here...

Sorry for lack of posts. I'm enjoying my last week of my thirties. Yikes!!! I'm embracing the fact that I will be forty on Sunday. And celebrating. It started last weekend with a little of this...

My very good friend and college roommate for 3 years turned 40 on Tuesday (our birthdays are 5 days apart) so we had a joint celebration last Saturday night. We dressed up, toasted to our birthdays and then headed to downtown Raleigh to a hip restaurant in Glenwood South area. Her husband had arranged for her parents and brother to be there as a surprise so we all had a great time. Then we went upstairs to dance for a while where I, surprisingly, bumped into mini#1's 4th grade teacher (and brand new mother out for a rare night with her husband)celebrating her much younger birthday. How bizarre! This is about 30 minutes away from home. Mini#1 was embarrassed to hear that! Good grief. I'm not 80!

Then today I thought I was going for a birthday lunch with my next door neighbor friend and it ended up being a SURPRISE party with 8 of my SAHM friends! It was a good time. No kids, mimosas, and yummy food at a super cute new local restaurant. Of course, I am the oldest of the group with one friend turning 40 next month so they had to take advantage of the situation. I am now the owner of a custom t-shirt that reads "Cougar 40", a 40 survival kit complete with prunes, several bottles of wine to help me through it all, a very cool clutch and a giftcard to DSW shoes and some very hilarious cards. It was a fun day.

Tomorrow after school we're going to Charlotte to see my parents for the weekend. When I return home I'll be 40 and, hopefully, ready to get on with life OVER THE HILL. That just made me a little nauseous to write that! No, 40 is the new 30. Isn't that what they say these days???? I actually feel better than I did at 30!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Conversation with a 9 yr old.

So I was busily making 2 lunches this morning, Mr. Pink was making coffee and the minis were eating breakfast at the breakfast "bar". Then my nine year old commenced with a strange conversation that made me realize that we are getting close to having to have THE talk.

Mini#1: Innappropriate kid (not his real name) got written up yesterday in class for saying something inappropriate.

Me: He did?

Mini#1: Yea, it was what you and all women have.

Me: (Wondering what exactly he was referring to) Really? (not wanting to know!)

Mini#1 at this point walked over to me with his notebook and showed me where he had written very small "bejina".

Me: (laughed nervously as he showed Mr. Pink) Ok, mini#1, it was inappropriate for him for say that in school, but you are old enough to know the correct terms for body parts. Like boys. You know the real name for your "pee pee."???

Mini#1: Yes. A fenus (I am writing it like it sounded when he said it!).

Me: (trying not to laugh this time because I am a little surprised he just called it a fenus!) No, a penis. And women have a vagina. Those are the correct terms. You are old enough to know this, BUT these terms are private and not something Inappropriate Kid should have been blurting out in class.

Mini#1: Yea. He had to go to the office.

And to think, had he never shared this story with us Sooooo early in the morning, he may still think his pee pee is a fenus! Oh my. If I had to go through this today, just thought I'd make you go through it with me! Yes, THE talk will be upon us very soon. Thankfully, mini#2 was clueless and silent during this health lesson!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How refreshing!

So who says watching reality TV doesn't pay off? I bought this Bethenny Frankel (RHNY)book for several reasons, but one being her recipes. More specifically, the skinny girl margarita recipe everyone seems to be talking about.

I finally tried it last weekend and it's very refreshing. Not as sugary/sour as a true margarita, but I really liked it. Here's the recipe for your sipping pleasure.

2 oz premium tequila
Juice from 4 lime wedges
Splash orange liquor (Triple Sec)
splash club soda (if desired- I used it)

Mix and pour over ice. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


My brother gets to meet movie stars while he works overseas for our State Department. His sister, while working, gets to sweat for 40 mins in an SUV with failing air conditioning in the elementary school carpool line at just about the very same time said brother is meeting "Red"!!!