Friday, December 31, 2010

Five on Friday- New Year's style

1- Staying home or going out?
2- Resolutions or no resolutions?
3- Looking forward to 2011 or will you miss 2010?
4- Bubbly at midnight or already snoring?
5- Traditional New Year's meal or eating whatever you can find?

My answers:
1- A little of both. Out to dinner with kids and then may stop at a party across the street (but am content to stay home, too! Not feeling it this year!)
2- None so far, but the day is not over. I need to think about this. Maybe cut back on my reality TV!
3- Looking forward to it. 2010 wasn't the best as I look back on it.
4- Bubbly. I have to, at least, toast at midnight. I've never missed one yet in my adult years!
5- Traditional New Year's, health, etc. Pork, greens and black-eyed peas.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have fun whatever you do tonight....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Home again.

A great Christmas was had by all. After we saw what Santa brought the minis and opened our presents, we loaded up the car and headed to Charlotte to visit my parents. We ate a fantastic meal, opened more presents and watched the snow fall that evening. Our first white Christmas! It was awesome. Sunday we got out and played in the snow (about 3 1/2 inches) by way of snowball fights and building a sorry looking snowman. Then my mom and I were even able to sneak out for some after Christmas shopping. Today, along with the rest of the state of NC, we traveled home to about 6 inches of snow! So unusual for this time of year.

Tomorrow we'll break in the new wii games before pulling for our beloved NC State Wolfpack in the Champs Bowl in Orlando against WVA.

Wednesday, I'm meeting a friend for dinner and then we're seeing "The Black Swan." Should be good. Oscar buzz. I just heard Natalie Portman is engaged and expecting with the choreographer for the movie and NYC (French-born) ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied.

Hope you're enjoying your lazy last week of 2010...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The final countdown

I hope we make it to Christmas around here. Santa is seeing some things that he may not be happy about...The kids are bored, cranky, agitated and on permanent sugar highs. Yesterday was a fun day. We dropped $680 in unexpected car repairs on the SUV. We ventured out Wednesday night for a fun drive around the neighborhood to see Christmas lights when all of a sudden the car had other plans so we quickly returned home to switch cars. Oh my.

Mini#1 got his new bionator for his mouth on Tuesday so we're saying "What?" every time he speaks because he's getting used to it in his mouth and we can't understand a thing the poor kid is saying. Then on Wednesday he lost a tooth (one of those on the top side of mouth that is loose one minute and out the next), his first in a while. It was a little dramatic getting it out but, finally, he let me carefully remove it with a tissue. However, a few hours later he was even more dramatic when I was accused of throwing the tooth away. He left it on a napkin in the kitchen and, yes, I cleaned up behind him. He panicked big time! Luckily the trashcan wasn't too full and I found it wadded up in the napkin fairly quickly. The tooth fairy came last night and all is good.

What else? The minis want to open a present (well youngest mini mostly) every minute and asks me every other minute if he can! Good grief! This morning I had to wake them up so we could get to the gym for a class I wanted to take. Well, not really, but I wanted to! It was a lovely time of screaming, pleading and almost crying to get them out the door. Luckily, we all survived though I may not be able to get out of bed Christmas morning after that class. We settled down and watched "Home Alone" when we got home and now we're getting ready to whip up some sugar cookies for Santa.

Yes, I may sound a little Scrooge-y as you read this post, but I'm not (entirely!). I am thankful for my health, my family, my SUV, my warm home and that all those presents are even under our tree. And for THE GIFT given to us so many years ago and the reason I truly celebrate Christmas. I really am thankful. But, I think I may ask Santa to grant all of us moms Dec. 26 as a mental health recovery day. I think we should be allowed to do whatever we want to after the big day. Don't you?? I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and find many things to be thankful for in the midst of a little chaos.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

This week...

Minis playing on Ipads at the mall.

Great display window at Apple.

Playing with Leggos at the Lego store.

In line for Santa. My sweeties hated "dressing up," but they looked so cute. I compromised and let them wear jeans. It was a great day. Mr. Pink let them shop for me and I acted like I didn't know they were doing it. This was last Wednesday, by the way. I've been so busy that I'm just now posting. Did more shopping today while Mr. Pink took the minis to an NC State basketball game. My friend's husband got them on the "jumbo screen." They wore their monogrammed Pottery Barn Santa hats (best use of a store credit I had) and were so excited to see themselves on the screen! Tomorrow we're off to visit Mr. Pink's grandmother for the day. It's his Birthday and, without his parents being alive, it's comforting to be around her I think. So back to wrapping presents I go...busy, busy, busy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tune Tuesday- Toy Jackpot

Another commercial song. This time it's Target's Toy Jackpot by Blackalicious. Every time this commercial comes on I want to dance (and I have!). It actually makes me temporarily forget all I have to do in the next couple of weeks. Do you like it, too??? Enjoy!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sleigh Ride

Thought I'd quickly post this photo before going to my neighborhood cookie exchange. It's from our sleigh ride Friday night. It was fun as usual. Not too cold, not too long, just right. Then into the clubhouse for cupcakes and coffee and a visit with Santa. Hope you all have had a great weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Busy, busy in NC

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy! Trying to cheer up because I saw 2 news stories that really saddened me today. One was about a fatal wreck this morning and Mr. Pink actually saw the aftermath as he was stuck in the traffic. I won't share details because I don't want you crying like I did!! Sooo sad.

But, I came to the blog today to cheer up!! And I will because tonight I am going to the annual neighborhood ladies' Christmas party. It started out as playgroup moms, but a lot of us have graduated from playgroup and we've extended it to others. Will be fun. We all bring an appetizer, a festive drink and a gift to exchange that crazy way where you draw a number and fight over, I mean nicely exchange for another, if you desire. Looking forward to dressing less "mom uniform" and more sparkly and getting together with the girls. We always have a fun time!

Tomorrow night it's the neighborhood sleigh ride. Saturday it's a sorority sister's party and Sunday it's a cookie exchange! Whew! Let the season begin.... Are you going to any parties this weekend? Have fun!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Conversations with a 5 yr old-Christmas style

Mini#2- I'm gonna ask Santa for everything in the world.

Me- What? That's a little rude don't you think?

Mini#2- Mom! I'm gonna say "please."

Clearly, my job is not finished, but I see progress in his manners!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hoiday Song

I love the new Honda Holiday commercials because of this song. So catchy. Enjoy.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Five on Friday- Christmas Movies

Here are some of our favorites. We even kicked off the season by watching Jim Carey's Christmas Carol last Friday night for family movie night. I was always a fan of the George C. Scott version, but this production is awesome...I bought it the day it went on sale. What are your favorite holiday movies?






Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December in Paris-'cause I wish I was there.

So beautiful! I wish I were happily shopping in Paris today. Unfortunately, I am finishing up the decorating in my house among the 50 billion boxes of decorations I have accumulated. Fortunately, the end is near. I hope to have everything decorated and boxes packed away today. I can't stand living in this chaos...and I'm running all over the place trying to get some things done before the precious minis are out of school for a month starting Friday afternoon. Year round school. They're out 4 weeks! We have the school parties and programs this week. Throw in an orthodontist appointment, dentist appointments, cub scouts and church. I'm actually going to be glad to relax a bit starting next week. Anyway, my wordless Wednesdays will feature some Paris photos this month. I watched "Something's Gotta Give" last weekend and it made me want to go to Paris again. If you're into French music, buy the soundtrack for this movie. Has some great stuff on it. Jack Nicholson even sings a decent La Vie en Rose. Ok, back to my decorating.....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eat until your heart's content (and stomach!) and, hopefully, someone else does the dishes!! Hope you and your families have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

My little Indian (who actually looks like a miniature cafeteria worker).

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Parade?

Yes, we went to the Raleigh Christmas Parade on Saturday. We do it early around here! We had a prime viewing spot on the curb and some friends met us there. It was a fun time. Then all of us went to eat Mexican food near my college. We enjoyed watching a sweet football win against our rival, UNC (sorry Tarheels!) Mr. Pink and I did a little furniture shopping and then dinner alone. Sunday church and some Christmas shopping. Nice relaxed weekend. Here are a few parade photos. favorite. Little man waving to Santa Claus. So cute. Made me remember the excitement I always felt as child around Christmas.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm so happy...

I went shopping today and, of course, when I'm supposed to be shopping for others I find more for me! Don't tell anyone! And, I had to laugh. Santa Claus looked bored out of his mind when I passed him in the mall today. No kids in sight. Whatever happened to Santas arriving the day after Thanksgiving? You know, the Macy's parade used to be the first time you saw Santa! Not these days...

SO, the reason for my happiness? I heart Michael Kors so much and was really smitten with this sequined t-shirt I saw in my catalog. But $99.50...that buys a lot of Wii games. (And I could only find a photo this tiny, but you'll get the point.)

Happily, I found this pretty decent substitute today at (Ann Taylor) Loft for $36.50, but with my 30% coupon, it's mine for $27.53. And then I actually bought two Wii games! Do you like it?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What do you think?

Randomness today.

I just about spit out my hot tea as I read a People Magazine email headline just now: ANOTHER DUGGAR BABY ON THE WAY.....catch your breath. Fortunately, it's the oldest son Josh and his wife Anna expecting #2 in June 2011. #1 was 1 in Oct. 20 months apart. I see a pattern in this family....

Did you catch Gwynneth Paltrow's performance on the CMA'a last night? Not bad. Not bad at all. I liked it. It helped that Vince Gill was right beside her singing along. And what was up with Carrie Underwood's (and a few others) full ball gowns? She wore a few in her many outfit changes while hosting.

And, last on my mind, can you even begin to IMAGINE how awful it would be to be on that broken down cruise ship right now? With kids? And only SPAM and canned crab meat to eat? Couldn't the military have thrown down some boxed wine because I'm sure they've run out of all alcohol by now! What a living nightmare. Can't wait to see the interviews!

Off to spend the day with the out-of-school kiddos and meet Mr. Pink for lunch.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

If I had a magic wand today here's what I'd like:

1- That I could magically come up with a unique Christmas card idea, shake the wand to produce said cards, shake it again to address and stamp said cards and then my mind would be clear of this not-so-tiny stress item.

2- I'd wave the magical wand on the backs of both of my arms to relieve the pain of worked out muscles. So much more fun than popping ibuprofen.

3- I'd point it at the computer and it would magically buy all of my Christmas gifts, wrapped of course.

4- I'd walk around to each of my closets and it would magically extract all the clutter and clothes that need to be donated by the end of the year.

5- I would point this little miracle worker at my face and erase those not-so-magical lines that have appeared.

6- When the kids get home from school and inevitably start bickering, I would ever so gently shake it at their mouths and silence them all while separating them and floating them up to their rooms.

7- I would walk into the kitchen, open the refrigerator and wave it around so the wand magically prepares a gourmet meal in half the time with no mess and dishes washed after cooking is complete.

A girl can dream can't she? I'm passing my magic wand along. What would you do with it for a day?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello again my friends.

I went to Atlanta over the weekend to visit my good friend. Beautiful weekend. Cool temperatures, blue skies, wine was a-flowing, good food, good times. Perfect mini-vacation to my former city of 10 years.

Dinner Friday night at Ecco in midtown. Hip fun place with good food. Loved these mixed olives. Hate I forgot to take a pic of the fried goat's cheese (so very lightly fried served in honey with cracked pepper)we had.

This flatbread pizza was amazing, though looks a little not so much. Ha!

I was so excited to see this local celebrity at Ecco! Anyone know who he is? My friend didn't even know who it was and has lived in ATL longer than me. I asked to take a photo and told him I missed him. Ok, he's on a popular morning radio show.

A (poor) mobile shot of downtown Atlanta...I miss you!

Lunch at the Buckhead Bread Company with my friend. Yum-O.

Shopping and then a very fun birthday party at the Livingston Bar across from the fabulous Fox Theater which was showing the musical White Christmas last weekend. The wine and dancing never ended! Oh my! Beautiful bar though...

Back to reality this week though. I am hoping to return to Atlanta possibly in December to do Christmas activities with the minis. They are out of school beginning Dec. 3 so it's on the tentative agenda. Ok, back to loads of laundry.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekend pictures

The costume party was a blast! I had always wanted to be Marilyn Monroe so this year I went for it. Mr. Pink was Joe Dimaggio, one of her husbands. I loved the dress. There were great costumes: Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Charlie's Angels, Gilligan and Mary Ann, Shrek and Fiona, A teabag and teacup, etc...Fun time. Then we carved those last minute pumpkins on Sunday, had our traditional chili dinner and the minis became a boxer and Hercules and hit the streets with all the other minis. Much candy was obtained, consumed and then donated to troops (not very charitably!).
Here are a few pictures.

I'm sorry Marilyn...I don't do you justice, but it was fun trying.

my bling bling

Yes, we pulled out a fan pre-party to try to get a blowing dress shot! I'm crazy.

Me and the mister.

My boxer (he had to have a black eye!).

My strong Hercules.

My boxer, post bath, hiding under the dining room table eating candy so no one coming to the door would see him. It was so funny and cute as could be!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finally got some pumpkins.

Busy week. I'm sure those of you with preschool and elementary school aged children agree! I had a fun time yesterday helping out in mini#2's kindergarten class during their Halloween party. I helped them with their bat craft. So cute (should have snapped a few pics!) because the wings were their hands that they traced and cut out. When we got home I finally took the minis to the nearby pumpkin lot/"patch" to get pumpkins. We've never been this last minute. Currently they are scooped and seedless, but in need of carving. It will have to wait until tomorrow though.

Tonight we are off to our adult Halloween party in the neighborhood. We missed last year so I'm really looking forward to it this year. I'll post pictures. Ok, off to start the transformation process and wrestle some false eyelashes! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's raining cats and dogs this morning and I had a horrible dream (nightmare!) about mini#2 and my friend cancelled our coffee date this morning. BUT, I'm still off to pilates and muscle class in an hour. I'll feel much better by lunchtime!!

Anyone know of an easy Halloween-y dessert I can make (finger dessert even) for the adult Halloween party I'm going to on Saturday? I have one idea, but it's a little messy to make. You dip Nutter Butter cookies in white chocolate bark and then add black eyes so they look like ghosts. May still do this...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

All I wanted was a glass of wine...

but instead I got this when I opened my refrigerator door and an entire side drawer crashed to the floor...

...and here's a closer look at the lovely combo of Trader Joe's Sesame Ginger marinade and Kikkoman's Lite Soy Sauce accented with broken glass from their bottles

Let's just say I had 2 glasses of wine after cleaning up this big mess last night!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things that are bothering me...

1-Seeing my mall decorated for Christmas yesterday! WTH? Totally decorated except the Santa area where I saw workers busily working to assemble trees and lights. I felt sorry for them and wanted to ask them how they felt doing that job on Oct. 18.

2- The View. Too much drama. All.The.Time.

3- Switching from the air conditioning to the heat over and over. It's 82 here today! Tomorrow we're back to 70's.

4- That honeycrisp apples are $2.50/lb. I finally tried these gems after hearing various people rave about them. They are really good, but $2.50/lb!?

5- Getting my kids up in the morning. It's a struggle each day. Bribes don't work either. They're still not having this waking up at the crack of dawn each morning. They generally sleep from 8-7 (mini#2) and 8:30-7 (mini#1) so they're getting enough sleep. They just don't want to get out of bed. Ugh!!!

What's bothering you? Vent away.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tasty Thursday

Have you tried these yet? I have a sweet tooth, but I love a sweet and salty combo and these deliver. Plus only 150 calories a bag and 5g fat. Not too bad! They're yummy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dare I admit...

This book goes on sale TODAY and I may just have to get it. I still love Dr. Noah Drake and he was the first artist I ever saw in concert. 6th grade. 12 years. How is it that Rick still looks the same?????

Monday, October 11, 2010


I hope you all enjoyed your weekends! We certainly enjoyed another Wolfpack win. We went to see NC State play against Boston College. Above is a pre-game photo. It was hot. It's hot today! Expected 88 degrees today. Oct. 11? WOW!

This morning mini#2 showed me his first homework book for kindergarten. He forgot to pull it out of his backpack over the weekend. They keep it a week, practice reading and return to school to read it to their teacher. Well, his book is "When Itchy Witchy Sneezes." We read a little this morning. It's repetitive so repeats the title on each page. Well by page 3 he said "When BITCHY Witchy Sneezes." Another WOW! I was trying so hard not to make a big deal of it because, thankfully, he hasn't heard that word from me or know it's a bad word. I corrected him nonchalantly and then on the next page he stopped himself and said: "Is it BITCHY or Itchy?" Oh my. I said itchy like a mosquito bite.

I went on to cardio muscle class after the minis were in school, but when I got out I had a message that mini#2's teacher called. He had a nosebleed (first ever!?) and needed a change of clothes since the only thing extra he had at school was sweatpants and, remember, it's going to be 88 today. I raced home and to the school and into the lunchroom at 10:55 to give him his clothes. I walked him to class to help him change in their bathroom and then had fun (quietly)sharing his Bitchy Itchy story with the teacher. I told her we're working that out, but be prepared if he gets confused when he reads to her. We had a good laugh.

Well, off to the carpool line now. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello out there!

The minis went back to school this week and I finally got back to some things I needed to accomplish so sorry for lack of posts! I wanted to share a few photos of our last track out day last Friday. Mr. Pink took the afternoon off and we all went to Marbles Museum in downtown Raleigh. It's a great interactive kids' museum with plenty to do, see and play. Afterwards, we walked the short distance to the Raleigh Convention Center to spend some time at The Raleigh International Festival. Fun, fun. I knew mini#1 would really love this. He told me Monday that he told his friends at school that he went around the world without even leaving Raleigh! We tried fantastic food, saw dancing, heard a wonderful French singer and bought unique souvenirs. It was a great family day full of memories. We got home at 9:45! So here are a few photos.

Have a great weekend. We're off to the NC State vs Boston College football game tomorrow. GO PACK!