Monday, December 24, 2012

And so Santa doesn't forget...

...we've reminded him that we are a 100% Wolfpack family. As if he'd forget though. Merry Christmas!

The final countdown

Merry Christmas to all of you. After a busy day yesterday of cooking, baking, shopping, going to church, going to a cycle class, wrapping presents, working on a scrapbook gift and doing has been a more relaxing Christmas Eve. Oh, and I must have been crazy to let the neighbor spend the night last night. Those boys woke up at 5:30 a.m. (but I only heard them at 6:30). This morning I made carmelitas, sausage balls and a potato casserole to take to my parents' house tomorrow after Santa time and presents. But this afternoon we've relaxed and watched The Nativity Story and had hot apple cider. I'm marinating steaks for an easy Christmas Eve dinner and still deciding if we are going to church tonight since the service yesterday kind of covered the same subject. You know?! I think we'll take a spin around the neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights instead. So that's my day. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and Christmas day tomorrow full of smiles, laughs and love. Be merry! (Finally I can smile and relax a little myself). Oh, and the best part of my day tomorrow???? Finally meeting my nephew who just turned 8 months old. I anticipate a lot of happy tears once I finally have that little guy in my arms!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our small Christmas town

 Love the awnings and light-rimmed windows.

Love this dog waiter with his reindeer ears on at the local tea room.

Peeking in the window of a great cafe and gift shop. This tree is so pretty.

Look we even have a Floyd the barber (Mayberry fans) shop!

 A not-so-clear view of the lit wreaths running straight through town.

How did this photo get here? Our pre Ugly Sweater Christmas Party photo.

By the way, we live in a suburb of Raleigh (where we spend a lot of time), but last week while running mini#1 back and forth to Nutcracker practices I snapped these photos. We ate dinner at the Mexican restaurant "downtown." I actually took a moment to enjoy the holiday season and appreciate the great community we live in as I walked this street to/from my car. Hope you are taking small moments to enjoy the season while trying to stay sane and get it all done!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My little Fritz

Where have I been you ask? Taking care of two children who have been out of school for two weeks already. But this week, in particular, I have been at practices, dress rehearsals and finally two performances of The Nutcracker. My oldest was in a music theater class earlier this year (Footloose) and we weren't sure if we'd return in August, but the owner really wanted mini#1 to return so we did. He was chosen to be Fritz in The Nutcracker so he was in the first 15-20 mins of the program. He did a great job. I'm bragging, I know, but he has no fear on stage, will try anything and his facial expressions were fantastic. Not sure where he got all this because I was stiff as a board on the stage growing up! Ha! Anyway, all of the cast and dancers were amazing. And the costumes, too. Spending 7 hours in one theater today was well worth it. Proud of this kid. Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake watch out! Ha!