Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cupid draw back your bow...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought I'd use this post to list a few things I love.

1. Going to movies and eating buttered popcorn. Big SPLURGE. I don't even want to know the fat grams/calories. I wash it all down with a Diet Coke of course.

2. Going shopping by myself or with long as no kids are present.

3. Pulling for the PACK. NC State Wolfpack that is.

4. Going to church and singing good songs. Those that give you chill bumps and bring a tear to your eye.

5. Reality TV. I'm addicted. Favorites include: The Bachelor, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, What not to Wear, Intervention, etc. I'll stop there so as not to embarrass myself, if I haven't already.

6. New York City.

7. Paris and all things French.

8. Buying kids' clothes. Preppy kids' clothes.

9. Eating crab legs. A chance to get really messy and not care.

10. Buying wrapping paper, stationary, monogrammed napkins...paper products in general. I'm a sucker for a pretty pattern.

11. Reading. Love to read when I find the time or even if I don't have time.

12. Going to the beach and people watching. Airports are good for this, too.

13. Decorating for holidays. If you come to my house around a holiday you will see decorations in a lot of the rooms.

14. Baking and cooking. Love new recipes. If only you didn't have to clean up. Luckily hubby helps with that most of the time.

15. Having a rare day when we don't have to be somewhere and nothing has to be done.

16. Spring days when I can plant new flowers. That is when your state isn't in "drought" status and you can actually water them. What am I going to do this spring?

I'll stop there. These were mainly "me" things. That's why no mention of minis or the hubby. They know I love them most of all! Have a "love"ly day!

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Tickled Pink Designs said...

Just found your blog. I am "pink in a sea of blue" too! (love your blog title!) Just wanted to say hello!