Friday, October 30, 2009

Five On Friday

Happy Friday! Other than trick-or-treating this weekend with the minis, here are five things I'm looking for to these days:

1- Getting together tonight with my friend for dinner, drinks and the movie "Coco Before Chanel" which I'm very excited to see. Love Audrey Tautou (better known from Amelie').
This is the same friend we met for pizza/cupcakes a few weeks ago. It's definitely more relaxing to get together without all of our guys. She and I both need "girl" time to dress up, relax and get out of the house!
2- The Real Housewives of O.C. returns next Thursday. This isn't my favorite group (N.Y. is), but these girls are super entertaining in a stunned jaw dropping kind of way.

3- Making roasted pumpkin seeds, today or tomorrow, whenever we get our pumpkins carved. I love roasted pumpkin seeds and I can have as many as I like because no one else in this house seems to share my enthusiasm for them!

4- I cannot wait for this movie with Jim Carey. He did such a good job with the Grinch so I'm sure his Scrooge will be equally entertaining. This has ALWAYS been my favorite Christmas special/movie so we'll be seeing this one soon after it starts on November 6th.

5- An extra hour of sleep this weekend! I'm sure after tonight's activities and then tomorrow's trick-or-treating, I'll be ready for a few extra zzzzzz's. Just not ready for it to get dark at 5:00!

So, it's the little things I'm looking forward to these days. What about you? What are you looking forward to fellow bloggers?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Got to add a few words. These are four of my girlfriends dressed as KISS for our neighborhood Halloween party last Saturday! Great costumes huh? They got the idea when we saw a KISS cover band performing outdoors (by accident, not on purpose!) on our ladies' beach trip last summer. We really hate we had to miss this party. There were some good costumes, but these girls won the contest.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend recap

West Side Story- Friday night. So much fun. I had forgotten the story so it was "new" to me. My dad got some good center seats, too! I had fun watching him get excited about it all. There was one scene/dance number he was waiting for and I liked watching him laugh/smile through it. After his rough week last week, it felt good to be with my parents and enjoy this time together.

Soccer- Saturday 8:00 a.m. was mini#2's last game although it was a game against the parents. The kids loved this. I kicked the ball once and mini#2 got it away from me and got it to a teammate. As we were walking down the field he said "Good try mom." I thanked him while trying not to burst out laughing. Classic moment! My parents got to see him play, too. Then he got a trophy. I signed him up for the spring season today so he'll stay on the same team. GREAT coaches. SUPER with these kids.

Mr. Pink's Reunion Sat night (2 hours from our house). - I knew 3 people. My husband's best friend didn't even go. I had hoped he would. Mr. Pink had a great time and, surprisingly, I did, too! Several people said he used to be "quiet" which caused me to cough up a little southern bbq. He hasn't been quiet since the day I met him! And neither has his mini clones since they left my womb! Anyway, Mr. Pink was voted friendliest male in his '84 class and that was proven. He had so many people coming up to see him and to say they were sorry to hear about his mom.

Fun, busy weekend. The minis got to see both sets of grandparents whom they hadn't seen in a couple of months. We stayed with Mr. Pink's dad and stepmother Saturday night. They babysat for us while we were at the reunion. Now we're just counting down until trick-or-treat time this week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Am I overreacting?

Am I crazy to keep my son out of preschool this week? Today was a teacher workday so it's only Tues-Thurs. My reason? His H1N1 vaccine won't kick in for another week (had 1st shot last Monday). I was ok until my friend told me Friday there was a notice on her child's door saying that someone in their classroom has it (same preschool). Mini#2's asthma has kicked in and he's gotten a cold so we've been medicating for a week anyway. He's in the "high risk" category as it is. I sent an email to the teacher to confirm number of kids and it's actually been two- which really isn't bad for this size preschool. So am I crazy? I advised his teacher that he may not be there because I'm still debating on what to do, but tried not to sound too fanatical just more cautious in my wording. These are times when I think "when the heck did I get old enough to have to make these important decisions?" I even thought about taking him Thursday for their fall festival (costumes/party), but that may be worse! He would be exposed to all those kids- not just his class. As my mom said (who is adding fuel to my smoldering worry fire), "They'll be plenty more fall festivals for him!" As in, don't risk it by going Thursday. So what are your thoughts on this? Let me have it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween word play...

Had to take mini#2 for H1N1 shot Monday because he has seasonal asthma. Glad he could get it!

Anniversary was yesterday. 14 years! Went out to eat with minis since it's a busy week.

Later today, my parents arrive for a short visit.

Leaves are starting to change. So pretty!

Oh no! Still trying to decide what to wear to husband's 25th h.s. reunion Sat. night.

West Side Story. The play my parents are taking us to tomorrow night.

Evidently, I have to buy a few mini pumpkins for mini#1's class. It's always something.

Eggplant. I really like it. Made a yummy eggplant parm the other night.

Need to go mop my floors before my parents arrive.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We did. It has gotten chilly in the south! We braved the cold and wind to watch mini#2's soccer game Saturday morning. Then we did some cleaning out of old clothes, cleaning my closet, etc. until we met friends for dinner. We had the best cobb salad and pizza and then we took our kids for dessert here. It's in downtown Raleigh (or Glenwood South technically). Loved the red velvet flavor. Also loved the mocha one. Mr. Pink and I shared these two. Very cute shop. Glad it's not very accessible to me though. I'd pop in daily to try new flavors! Like the pumpkin with maple buttercream that I really wanted Saturday night.

Sunday church, more cleaning for me while Mr. Pink took the minis to see "Where the Wild Things Are". He didn't like it so much, but the kids did. Then dinner at home where, as usual, one mini didn't like it. Will I ever have a time when they both like what I make? It's killing me.

Today I've already dropped off loads at Goodwill, dropped off mini#2 for school, dropped off dry cleaning and bought milk/bread at the grocery store! Off to the gym for a quick workout before I retrieve mini#2 who is anxiously awaiting to go to Target to spend his gift card that had been lost until we joyously (him) found it again this weekend.

Have a great day! Nothing but sun here and a gradual return to the 70's this week.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What are they going to be?

Just wondering. What are your minis "going to be" for Halloween? This is the time of year I miss having a little girl. All the precious, frilly, girly, princessy costumes that I cannot buy. Instead, here are what my minis selected.

1- Do you even know who this is? Draco Malfoy- one of Harry Potter's enemies. Mini#1 was Harry Potter two years ago and he really looked like him because he has dark brown hair. Notice this kid below is blond. Therein lies our dilemma! He wanted a wig, but you just can't find one. So we're settling with spray hair color. I have a feeling it's going to look awful, but at least the tie and cape will be authentic!

2-OF course mini#2 selected a Star Wars clone trooper. Nothing cutesy, sweet for my 4 year old. He's all about Star Wars. Next year he wants to be Darth Vadar and then the following year he wants to be Captain Rex. He's already made sure that I know this in numerous conversations!

And what has been YOUR most fun costume? I've had some good ones, but I'll always remember what fun I had senior year of college creating and wearing Dallas Cowboy cheerleader costumes with three of my friends! We even found boots at Goodwill and had to spray paint them white. We got quite a bit of attention that year! I'm bummed that we'll miss our neighborhood party this year. Mr. Pink has his class reunion that night. I love Halloween! Don't you?

Monday, October 12, 2009


Just thinking of my dad right now. At this very minute he's in surgery to reduce his prostate. Very strange surgery involving laser, but will alleviate some issues he's had and will enable him to stop taking two medications. Unfortunately, this isn't an everyday surgery so I've already prayed for the doctor as well as for my dad. He had to go off of blood thinner medication to do this so I pray for no clotting, no infection, etc. etc. He gets to go home tomorrow, but I'm nervous and a worried daughter today! It's not easy or pleasant being an adult child worrying about your parents...

**Update: He did really well with the surgery. Should go home tomorrow. Hopefully, daily life will be better for him now. Although he is a man that NEVER complains. Guess I didn't get that personality trait from him!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Five on Friday- TV version

Here are my favorite shows to watch (or DVR) these days until The Real Housewives of Orange County returns. Ha!

1- The Biggest Loser. LOVE this show. So inspiring. I love seeing these people change their "insides" as much as their "outsides" throughout the season. These trainers are tough!
2- The Amazing Race. I'm back into this show. I love it so much better than Survivor because they compete as teams instead of individuals and the editing makes it so exciting. Somehow with editing you never quite know who is going to make it to the finish line last. There's a reason it's won 7 emmys in a row even beating American Idol year after year! Plus this show is my chance to see parts of the world I most likely never will.

3- Cougar Town- This new show is pretty funny. I love Courtney Cox anyway and since she's playing someone practically my age it makes it even better when they make light of serious issues we have! So funny this week when she was getting a mani at the same time as her waxing in preparation of being with her younger man. Cracked me up!

4- I can't give up my MTV shows altogether. I still love The City best. The Hills is getting on my nerves. Plus I love NYC so it's fun seeing all the clothes/restaurants/clubs in NYC on this show.

5- I still like Brothers and Sisters although HOW much DRAMA can one family have? Sally Field is my favorite on this show. She's a saint after dealing with all of her children's non-stop issues.

So what are your favorites? Any new shows worth watching? Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I hear this is good. Let's be the judge.

Last week while chatting with the mommies on mini#2's field trip to a nature park, we discussed recipes. One mom
gave us this easy (Weight Watcher's) recipe for pumpkin muffins/cupcakes. I'm a little premature to post because I'm actually making these later today. However, thought I'd go ahead and post. Let's try it together and see if they're as good as she says they other words, kids even eat them!!!
PUMPKIN MUFFINS (that won't have you looking like a pumpkin)
1Box Spice cake mix (Duncan Hines)
1 small can pumpkin (plain old pumpkin, not the pie filling)
2 tbsps water
1 egg white (she didn't tell me this, but saw on WW site that this makes them a little fluffier)
Follow pkg directions for cupcakes and then top off with a little cream cheese frosting if desired.
Use 1/3 less fat cream cheese, a little butter, vanilla and powdered sugar (sorry I don't have amounts). You can also make a glaze with powdered sugar and orange juice. Of course, then they won't be as low fat......
I'll update you soon to see if they are kid (and mommy) approved.
Much better day today although typing right now is painful. I took the "muscle" class this morning at the gym. Wouldn't you know I had the instructor that causes you limp for 3 days after her classes! My arms are already sore! No pain, no gain they say!
**Update- They are so good and easy! I skipped the water, but added the egg white. My kids and the neighbor loved them best with a tiny bit of cream cheese glaze instead of my o.j. glaze. Lisa commented that she makes them in mini muffin tins. Good idea, too!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Is this day over yet?

Just had a not-so-fun homework session with mini#1. Heaven help us. He's only in 3rd grade. Today we were estimating answers to math word problems to the nearest hundreth. He fought me on this so hard. He accused me of getting the right answer instead of estimating! How dare he! After a little yelling, some tears and then some calm, rational teaching he understands and we're through, but I now have him MEMORIZING his 8 additions. This may be mental math and not being taught, but I don't care. He needs to know 8+7 or 8+6 or 8+9 (you know JUST those answers that are "off of your 10 fingers") without a moment's hesitation so he can complete the complicated math he's started this year. In year's past they drew out 8 items and added 6 more drawn out items. Can't do that anymore. I've decided we're learning 8's today 7's, 6's, etc each day this week. And you all wonder why in the world I didn't home school. Man is it 5:00 yet? I need some cougie water! That makes me laugh. I read somewhere that cougie water is Pinot Grigio. I may have to make an exception to my rule and have a glass during the week (early week that is).
In mini#2 news his best friend his age, our next door neighbor, is moving to Texas tomorrow. This is breaking our hearts because the kids don't really understand that this is permanent and not like our temporary trip to Disney. Mini#2 keeps asking how many more days and it really is crushing me. He's going to miss this kid so much. Ahh life. Gotta love it sometimes.
Please tell me your Mondays are at least a little crappy like mine!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Five on Friday- It's a good one.

Ok, it's Friday. Time for fantasy fun. I was invited to dinner tonight with all of these men (in my dreams), but let's be honest, I can only handle four of the five hotties. Since I was taught to share, who will you graciously take off of my hands? There's someone for everyone. Which one do you choose?

1- Mr. Kevin Costner (how is it that older men get hotter with wrinkles?)
2- Robert Pattinson (AKA Edward Cullen)- swoon......

3- Sexy, Scottish man Gerard Butler who is my age, coincidentally.

4- Richard Gere- still makes me melt. And I saw an Italian tourist look-a-like of him (hair and all) at Hollywood Studios last week. Imagine that with an Italian accent. Wow! But with his four kids. Wow again!

5- Aaron Eckhart- also my age. Love his cleft chin. Saw "Love Happens" last weekend. It was alright, but reminded me how cute this guy is.

So enjoy dinner with a hottie star and the rest of your weekend!