Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is something wrong here?

I had to run to the mall today with the minis in tow. Mini#1 wanted to go in the Abercrombie KIDS store- a completely separate store from the normal store in our mall. I bought him a t-shirt, his first and maybe last purchase in this store. I didn't notice the store bag until I was later in Macy's. I started chatting with the sales associate about how wrong the bag was for a kids' store! She agreed and then told me she just heard that they've come out with new young girls' bikinis with push-up padding...for like 7 yr olds!!! This store pushes some limits doesn't it? I was embarrassed carrying the bag because there's nothing "kid-like" about it! I think we need to stick to shopping at GAP and J. Crew a lot longer....

Monday, March 28, 2011

ABC's of Me

We're back. I'll post about our fun time in grand old Colonial Williamsburg, VA soon. We had soccer and baseball this weekend and now I'm doing loads of laundry (as in tons of laundry) so I can repack for a quick trip to Charlotte to see my parents for a few days. We leave Wednesday. And the minis return to school next Monday. Woo hoo!! Here's a cute post I'm "borrowing" from Happily Ever After. If you decide to do it, let me know!

A: Age: 40 and holding!

B: Bed size: Queen. Gets crowded when mini#2 makes a guest appearance!

C. Chore you hate: folding laundry. I'm teaching the minis to do it!

D. Dogs: none and getting a lot of pressure to get one!

E. Essential start to your day: brushing my teeth and putting contacts in.

F. Favorite color: green

G. Gold or silver: a little of both, but mainly silver.

H: Height: 5’6"

I: Instruments that you can play: flute.

J: Job title: Domestic engineer. :-)

K: Kids: 2 lively boys

L: Live: good 'ole south in North Carolina

M: Mom’s name: Sherry

N: Nicknames: Don't really have any. I was called "accessory lady" by my friends in college.

O: Overnight hospital stays: When I was 12 I spent 5 days in the hospital after a tennis ball was hit into my eye (after lessons one day). Knocked my sight out temporarily. My pupil did not dilate on its own for about a year, but sight was back to normal. Birth of 2 kids.

P: Pet peeve: slow people driving in "fast" lanes. Potty seats left up, writing a lot as "alot" or you're as "your." I'm sure I could think of more, but that's good for now.

Q: Quote from a movie: "Oh, my giant blue head" (Megamind) "Get that pamper off your head and put it back on your sister" (Raising Arizona) "That's gonna leave a mark." (Tommy Boy) "Stage 3 Clinger" (Wedding Crashers).

R: Righty or lefty: lefty

S: Sibling: 1 younger brother

T: Time you wake up: if kids are in school I'm up at 6:45am, if not, or on the weekends, I'm up by 8:00 a.m.

U: Underwear: You don't really need to know about this do you? I do wear it though!

V: Vegetables you dislike: beets.

W: What makes you run late: my kids.

X: X-rays: just normal ones at the dentist these days.

Y: Yummy food you make: One mini likes my beef stew (Paula Deen recipe), one mini likes my chicken and dumplings (friend's recipe) and Mr. Pink loves a cranberry walnut pie I make every Thanksgiving/Christmas.

Z: Zoo favorite animal: Monkeys and gorillas!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Travel Thursday

Hello. Anyone still out there? We're on our third week out of school so we've been keeping busy. Right now we're on a mini historical/educational vacation. I took the above picture yesterday afternoon. Love the silhouette of the boys by the river. Will post more pictures when we return!

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's your day!

My little cowboy is 6 years old today! He is carefree, full of energy, and my sports fanatic. He constantly makes me laugh at the things he says and the questions he asks. He is easy going; yet competitive at times, too. He loves his brother and his parents so much. His teacher has nothing but great things to say about him. He's my baby. What can I say? And he's 6!!! I cannot believe it. Seems like yesterday my chubby cheeked bundle of joy arrived on a rainy Monday morning in Atlanta, GA. Now he's a fun kid who has filled our lives with countless moments of joy. Happy Birthday Mini#2!! I'm so glad I'm your mommy!

*Pics are from a recent birthday party. He found the perfect tree to climb.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seriously? I'm jealous of my almost 6 yr old.

Week after week I try to do this move in pilates class and I am nowhere close to touching MY nose to the floor. Mini#2 can do it no problem! Oh, to be this flexible! Note the "silly socks" he wore to school that day for Dr. Suess week. He couldn't decide which pair to wear so he chose to wear one of each.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Some things I'm thankful for today:

1- An excellent report card today from mini#1- 4th grader. Woo Hoo! So proud!


Mini #2's birthday sports-themed party was a great success yesterday and is over!!! Soccer cake, make-your-own-ice cream sundaes and sports games. His actual birthday is on the 14th, but we tracked out of school today so we had it early before everyone started traveling. My fake smile above was due to Mr. Pink filming on video and then taking a photo so my smile had stopped being genuine minutes earlier!


I gained a sister-in-law over the weekend!! Unfortunately the wedding was in Bosnia so we couldn't go. He finishes his assignment there in April and then they're back home for two months until they move to Stockholm, Sweden for 3 years. Can't wait to see them both.

4- I don't have to make lunches or get up early for 4 weeks.... Yippee!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Already need to start this day over...

Wow! What a morning. It began at 3:00 when mini#2 came into my room saying he had a nightmare. I was so tired that I gave in and let him crawl in with us. I then had 4 hours worth of kicks, smacks and pushes all over my body from the little body I helped create. But I admit I loved it because he's growing up (6 in 12 days), he comes to me for comfort and hugging that sweet body makes my heart swell. I asked him this morning what the dream was about and he replied, "It starts with GO." Made me smile. Poor thing dreamed of a ghost.

However, once we were up and at it, chaos ensued. Finally, they were out the door with Mr. Pink and off to school. Exactly 13 minutes later, Mini#1 is calling me telling me he forgot his expandable folder containing homework, his agenda, etc.... I was so mad. He forgot his mouthpiece/expander yesterday. My hair was half-straightened and I was seeing red as I quickly finished it, threw on some clothes and was off to the school. Didn't matter though. They can't interrupt instruction once it starts....and they go over homework first thing. Oh well. The boy needs to suffer the consequences. He's in 4th grade! They track out for 4 weeks Friday so, in his mind, he's definitely already tracked out!

THEN, leaving the school I got the green light, proceeded out into the intersection and was almost t-boned by a minivan!! I laid on the horn and she waved her hands in apology. I cut her some slack because she was probably having a similar morning.

I'm ready to go back to bed, but can't. Too much going on today. The life of a mom.