Saturday, July 31, 2010

Short post

Yes, I turned into a 14-yr old again at John Mayer concert a couple of weeks didn't care too much for me trying to hold this sign up in the aisle and John never got to see my fine piece of work on a pillowcase. Oh, well. Great concert! Great seats!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Low-key around here, but have a family picnic tonight with Mr. Pink's fraternity alumni group. He's also playing 2 full days of golf with them so the kiddos and I will be at the pool staying cool.

Read an update on Facebook from one of my friends that I just had to pass along...
"Killed two birds with one stone...rode my bike to the wine store today." CLASSIC.

Stay cool!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


...that, as I left the gym this morning, I felt raindrops on my head. Such a relief and the temperature is 78 degrees, albeit a little humid here in the south. Somehow we made it through these last unbearable 100 degree plus days. I am thankful for air-conditioning!

I'm going to dig out my scrapbooking stuff and spend a little time on this much neglected "project" today before the minis get home. I am enjoying my child-free days, but, truth be told, I miss them while they're at school. But, wow, what a lot of paperwork to go through in Monday folders now that I have two to look through! Mini#2 is a well-adjusted kindergartner of 2 weeks complete with a new crush. Her name is Emma C. (because there's also an Emma O.) and we talk about Emma C. frequently in the Pink house. Yesterday mini#2 told me that he slept beside her at nap time and he smiled at her and she smiled at him. Oh my!! He said "does that mean she likes me?" How precious. Actually, that's progress because she hurt his feelings when he said hello last week and she "ignored" him. Other than Emma C., I hear about recess and lunch and he got a handwriting award for the best uppercase B's. Mini#1 continues to be my sweetheart and each day brings new "adult" things to talk about. It's hard to believe he's 9 already. He is a great kid and I pray he stays this way. Each year gets harder I hear. I'm just enjoying these particular ages right now.

Hope all is well out in blogland. I must catch up on blogs, too!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

These things are ruining my life...

Being a little dramatic, but they are adding additional stress to my life. What about you? What's your opinion? I swear I am asked at least twice a day "Can we go buy silly bands today?" or "Can I go trade silly bands?" or "Where are my silly bands?" There's only one redeeming quality about this crazy fad. They are a great thing to take away for a few days if the minis misbehave. Although then I get the question, "When can I have my silly bands back?" You just can't win!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Half of My Heart

...might belong to John Mayer. It's no secret and Mr. Pink is just thankful he doesn't have to go see him in concert with me again. My friend is flying in from Atlanta to go with me when he hits the Raleigh stage tomorrow night. I cannot wait! 12th row seats! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th photos

A few photos from our 4th of July celebration at my parents' home in Charlotte, NC. Great weekend of food, fun and fireworks!

Red, White and Blue parfaits my mom made. And let me add she made a fruit dip that was out of this world yum-o. Take a block of softened cream cheese and mix with 3/4 cup of brown sugar and 1 1/2 tsps of vanilla and add a little milk to desired consistency. You'll want to eat the entire bowl!

My mom's festive table. This picture doesn't do it justice though! She is the party queen. Makes her own invitations, place name settings, etc.

Patriotic (RED velevt) cupcakes in blue Margarita glasses. Clever!

Taking some photos for the parents' Christmas cards...this was #72 I believe so Mr. Pink is not smiling. Amazed the kids still were. We took so many different ones.

Me with my younger brother (back in the country for a week only since he works for the State Department overseas).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Final countdown

Today we went to meet #1's teacher. He starts 4th grade Friday (WTH??). Not the starting school, the starting on Friday. Whose idea was that? Mini#2 starts kindergarten Tuesday (that slow entry deal most schools do for the wee new kids).

Me, the one who has always bragged that I was ok when #1 started kindergarten, is not so ok this time around. I kept telling myself I was fine, but if today is any indication, I may be headed for serious retail therapy after I drop mini#2 off on Tuesday. We went to Target for school supplies after Meet the Teacher..along with everyone else apparently. I juggled two lists, a cart, and two crazy boys. We got it all done except for an orange binder (Hello odd color choice!) and the beloved purchases were the new Bacugan backpack and Clone Wars lunchbox for mini#2. He has been wanting to pick out these 2 items for weeks!!! The red and navy blue monogrammed lobster lunchbox that he used for preschool occasionally and that I adore is just not going to fly in kindergarten! I have a feeling that the clothes choices are going to be cause for stressful mornings as well. Mini#1, if you may recall, only started protesting a few items last year! Anyway, I digress. After we made those purchases, we all gathered bags out of the cart to carry to the car and mini#2 decided to put on that Bacugan backpack...and, as I watched him proudly walk out of that store, my breath caught and I felt tears rise to my eyes JUST LIKE THAT. Stupid backpack. My world cup watching 5 year old is ready to take on the world and I'm wondering why 5 years had to fly by so fast.

Stay tuned. I'm sure another mushy post may be here in the very near future. Like Tuesday.

And, if I misspelled Bacugan, as I'm sure I did, it's because I'm a girl and I have no sick adoration for these round pain items that little boys love. Have you ever stepped on one??

Friday, July 2, 2010

Five on Friday

Five things I'll be doing this weekend.

1- Traveling to see my parents in Charlotte, NC. My brother will be home from Bosnia (where he works) for a week so we'll get to see him. And we've been instructed to bring red, white and blue clothing for my parents' Christmas card photos!

2- Trying to keep the kids quiet so my parents don't kick us out early! No, seriously, I do have to make sure their volume switches are keep at a minimum! My dad forgets what it's like to have kids (BOYS!) in the house.

3- Attending a fireworks display somewhere.

4- Eating a hot dog or hamburger I am certain.

5- Watching World Cup soccer. It is like a religion with my brother.

So what will you be doing? Have a safe holiday! Enjoy whatever your plans include!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quiet celebration.

Today this beautiful Princess would be 49. Gone too soon, but still remembered. Happy Birthday Princess Diana!