Saturday, November 23, 2013

Raleigh Christmas Parade

Today kicked off our holiday season. We went to the annual Raleigh Christmas Parade as we've done just about every year since we moved back to the Raleigh area. We got there earlier than usual and still got 2nd row seats, but had a perfect view. My good friend and her son met us there so we got to chat and catch up while enjoying the parade. It was cloudy, but no rain thankfully. It seemed to get colder as we sat there, but luckily mini#2 came and sat in my lap for the last half of it and kept me warm!

After the parade we raced home in order to let the crated puppy out. No accidents while we were gone. Yay! Mini#2 had basketball practice. I stayed home with mini#1 and wrapped Christmas presents while watching ECU take control of my Wolfpack on TV. Can you believe I wrapped presents? I just wanted a jump start on things. Plus my kids are out of school Dec. 4th (until Jan. 2) so the less stuffed in my closet the better. I cannot start decorating until after Thanksgiving though. I used to make myself do it in December, but with kids, I bend the rule to after Thanksgiving, which is so late this year anyway. I see some neighbors already have Christmas lights up. That's just not my thing in holiday at a time I say.

Enjoy your weekend! It's going to be blistering cold here in the south tomorrow. Well, 38 degrees...but that's FREEZING to us southerners! Stay warm!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Been a little busy with...

...our new family member. Baby Pink. Because, after years of being the only female, I am no longer alone. We adopted our sweet baby girl, Harper, on Nov. 1st. This was no small decision. While my boys have been begging for a dog since they could speak, I was enjoying the freedom no pets allowed us. We had a cat, but his personality completely changed for the worst when mini#2 came along so a co-worker took him when we moved to NC from GA. For 7 years it's been a pet-free zone at our house.

Then a neighbor and friend of mini#1 introduced the kids to the mixed lab puppies they were fostering along with the puppies' mother. So the kids kept playing with them all week, picked out 2 they wanted, brought them to our house a couple of times, begged, pleaded, cried (that was me faced with such a big decision) get the picture. So Mr. Pink and I had long conversations and then we had long conversations with the kids. We officially decided that at age 8 and 12 they were ready and we were ready as well for ONE dog, not two- even though they tried for two. I was scared. I won't lie. I've never had a dog! Much less a PUPPY!

But that Friday after Halloween we picked Harper up in the pouring rain, gave her her first bath, woke up with her about four times that night, but we've never looked back. I told a close friend yesterday, had I decided against getting her, I never would have known the real joy we (I've!) experienced these last 2 1/2 weeks. She has brought us so much happiness already. She fits right in and we are loving her to pieces. She's brought us all closer together because she is a group effort. I can honestly say we made the right decision.  And mini#1 is an excellent pooper scooper, too. I think Mr. Pink gets up easier at night with the puppy then he did the kids (although that was mostly my job.). And she already has pink bows for her hair/fur and a couple of girlie sweaters. The girl I never got to dress! She just has 4 legs instead of two!

Monday, November 4, 2013


We had a great Indian summer kind of Halloween. It was low 70's! Perfect. This year I had a Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and a Washing Machine. The washing machine was a huge hit around here. Mini#1 found the idea online and did it all. It cost me about $3.50! I found a great stick-on battery operated light at the dollar store as well as the clothes basket and we used a plastic plant pot  liner for the door. I could not believe the amount of candy they both brought home. I've been helping myself, too.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We did. Stayed around here. Mini#1 and I went on a 4 mile run on our local Neuse River Trails. It was fun. He talks, I listen. He stops. I continue on. He catches up. We talk some more. It's something I did with my dad and am glad I am able to do this with him now.

Have a great week. It is very chilly here this morning. I am getting ready to make my favorite potato and corn chowder for lunch and catch up on laundry and my DVR'd shows before the minis get home from school.