Monday, February 20, 2012

Strange Weather

Saturday my kids wore shorts outside as the temperature hit 65 degrees on a beautiful, sunny day. Late yesterday we had sleet and a TINY bit of snow. Before going to bed I heard that schools were delayed 2 hours today. And, of course, my always-hard-to-wake-up-children woke up on their own this morning at the exact same time I try to wake them daily. It didn't surprise me one bit.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chick Flick

Friday I decided to treat myself to a movie while the kids were in school. I went to see "The Vow" with Rachel McAddams and Channing Tatum. It was so good. I cried. Channing Tatum was such a sweetheart and oh so easy on the eyes at the same time! If you haven't heard about this movie, it's about a newlywed couple who are involved in a car accident, wife goes into coma, comes out of coma with no memory of their lives together or how they met. I could not imagine living like that. Can you even imagine that happening? Or watching a wedding video or reading wedding vows you wrote and having no recollection of the event or sentiments? Blows my mind. And not just from her point of view. The husband. What about him? What a strong person he had to be. When you think about it, this is very similar to someone suffering from Alzheimer's while family members have to slowly endure losing the person they love. It was a very touching movie and having popcorn for lunch wasn't too bad either!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's get this holiday started...

It's already been a big Valentine's Day for us! The minis made soaps for me while I was in New York. Monogrammed no less! No pictures. Sorry. Mr. Pink surprised me with a Stella & Dot necklace I liked, but wouldn't buy myself at a recent party. A friend put a bug in his ear and I was completely surprised. I made pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and the minis opened some gifts and candy from us. Then off to school with candy and Valentine's to hand out to classmates. I'm a little teary because this, most likely, is mini#1's last year to do this since he's in 5th grade. He even has a little gift for a girl in his class, but nerves may get the best of him and he may chicken out...So it's already been a fun Valentine's Day. Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your sweeties!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

My fun Friday and a star sighting.

Yes, I was in New York the last three days. We had great weather. Plenty of sunshine, no snow and tolerable cold. Friday my friend and I took a walk through Central Park, grabbed a yummy lunch and headed over to the MET for the afternoon. I love the MET and try to go each time I visit. Above I am on the steps at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I'll share the highlights from Friday's visit.

A chubby baby sculpture I loved!

Degas is one of my favorites...from first seeing his works in Paris with my dad while I was in high school. This was one of his many bronze sculptures.

Monet and me!

Beautiful Renoir.

More Degas. Delicate ballerinas.

Jackson Pollock. They had a few large pieces on display.

Huge piece that reminded me of the color wheel.

Preppy pink and green Matisse!

"Man with a Lollipop" Pablo Picasso. Looks somewhat like a Blowpop!

This reminded me of yoga/pilates. Had to practice.

Isn't he hot? Loved this one. Cannot believe this is considered ART.

After the museum we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Our friend met us at the hotel and then we headed to Candle 79, a vegan hot spot. Friday night did not disappoint. The food was amazing! I had the butternut squash risotto. But, back to the hot spot part. As we were eating guess who appeared at our table? WOODY HARRELSON...holding a friend's baby... and we had small talk before he stepped outside and returned with a motorcycle helmet. As he passed our table again I asked if he was taking the baby for a ride later? He paused...and said "probably." We had hoped to take a picture, but didn't see him again. We were trying to play it cool you know! Ha. More to come...

Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm off...

As you read this I'm on an airplane with a friend and we're off to visit another friend....can you guess where??? Ahhhhh. No sporting events to attend this weekend. I get some ME time. Enjoy your weekend! I know I will.