Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You'll get through it...

Insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

My parents live 3 hours away but had a quick stopover tonight (dad in town on business)and had dinner with us. Afterwards my mom got to witness, firsthand, the mayhem of my life as a mother. She hears anecdotes on the phone frequently, but that doesn't compare to a front row seat. She saw mini#2 attempting to play naked tennis. Hey, the kid actually looked like he knew how to serve...but I digress. She saw mini#1 trying to pull out his Spongebob Operation game after being told half a dozen times it's bedtime. Could have been a direct result of all the post dinner Valentine candy he ate from Mimi (my mom). It not only was clogging his arteries, but his ears. She saw mini#2 wearing his NC State jersey (I thought I hid the d@#* thing) instead of the jammies I asked him to bring to me. Once the teeth were brushed and prayers were FINALLY finished, mini#2 started asking for his "cold beebe". A beebe at the White house is a "blankie". When he was a baby I was wise and made sure he had several instead of just one to rely on when necessary. This was in case of loss. Well for some reason this came back to bite me because he now wants a COLD beebe. Still trying to figure this one out. I told him "this is your cold beebe" pointing to one. He said "no, this is the warm beebe". So I pointed to the next one and said "that's the cold beebe". Too many choices you see. He wailed and said "nooooo" which my mom witnessed as she walked into his room for kisses. I told her our crisis and we started laughing. She so poignantly said "You'll get through it. I know your pain. You might not be pretty once it's all said and done, but you'll get through it." I think I'll put on some extra beauty creme tonight. It's going to be a long, bumpy ride.

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