Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello again...

It's me Pink and I'm:
.....tired with a capital T.
.....a little sunburned (shoulders- pool party Monday).
.....a little stressed. (parents arrive Thurs for a visit- been cleaning, shopping, etc)
.....ready for the school year to END!
.....aggravated at how many things I have to purchase before school ends! (all those activities/parties).
.....sore. Squats and reverse lunges from this morning's class already kicking in.
.....a little sad baseball ends Saturday. My little guy is fun to watch.
.....a little happy to have the summer "off" from cub scouts and sports!
.....loving The Real Housewives of NY. Ramona kills me!!
.....tired. I said that already didn't I?
.....signing off now. I feel an early bedtime coming on tonight!

How are you?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

They said what???

SO, which is funnier to you:

1- My 10 year old informed me that his 4th grade teacher was going over the math assignment (fractions) yesterday where you "cross out the littler duck that doesn't belong to the mother duck." After she explained this he said he raised his hand, was acknowledged by the teacher, and proceeded to tell her that "littler" wasn't a word....... OMG - I am proud he listened to me when I explained that it's "smaller," but to CORRECT his teacher in front of the entire class....eeeekkkk.

2- I'm drying my 6 year old's hair last night and he pokes me in the stomach. I said, "Why did you do that? (fully knowing why!)" He said, "It's fat!" OMG- can't a girl be bloated during that time of the month and not be criticized by her own peeps????


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still here. Post visit post.

My brother and his wife came to visit us last Thurs-Sunday. We had a lot of fun. Friday I took them to the minis' school and we surprised mini#2 and ate lunch with him. Those kindergartners asked a thousand questions. Then we went to NC State University to show her around (she's from Bosnia). My brother enjoyed seeing his dorm room again and we posed for photos at the Bell Tower. We then ate lunch at Mitch's Tavern- a university landmark (and appeared in a scene in the movie Bull Durham for people as old as me that remember this film). Back to the school to pick up the minis in carpool line. My brother REALLY enjoyed that. "You do this EVERY day??" he asked me pitifully.

That night we all went to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then to get frozen yogurt. Mr. Pink took the minis home afterwards and I went with my brother and sis-in-law.....shopping....at Marshalls. Do you know they have Lacoste beach towels? So cute.

Saturday was just crazy. Mr. Pink and mini#1 were involved in cub scout activities all day. So bro and wife got to accompany me to mini#2's baseball game at 9:00 a.m. Starbucks afterwards, more shopping, a neighborhood festival at lunchtime (cookout/bounce houses) and then mini#2's final soccer game. It was a scrimmage against the parents, but Uncle filled in since he played soccer for years. Sis-in-law and I died laughing because my brother said he was not taking it easy on those kids! He almost kicked a ball in a girl's face so, after I yelled at him, he toned it down. He got his one perfect goal and mini#2 scored 2 so all were happy. If we hadn't done enough Saturday, we decided to go bowling!! Sis-in-law had never done this. We had fun, but were all exhausted afterwards. I whipped up spaghetti for dinner (turkey meat!) and after the kids were in bed, we watched a movie. Next day, brunch at the golf club and then they were back on their way to my parents' house in Charlotte. They leave for DC on Saturday for a few weeks so we may try to fit in a visit there because they leave for Sweden on June 17 for 3 years! So, if you're still here, here are a few pics from the weekend.

mini#2 and my brother with matching footwork!

Hope your week is going well!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's been about 30 years...

...since I played softball. I didn't like it. I had performance anxiety when I had to bat.

...I played baseball last night, moms against the sons on his coach pitch team, and I felt that same performance anxiety.

...but some of it came about when the 6 yr old voice in the back seat started trash talking before we even got there.

...but I surprised myself. I hit the ball on the first pitch both times!

...and then my son laughed when HE helped get me out on second base!

...but I laughed back when I stopped a ball at shortstop and tagged his little cocky butt as he tried to run to third.

...and I realized that the moms were just as competitive as our offspring that were taunting us.

...but at the end of it, we still wanted them to win.

....and they did...

....and then we all ate pizza on the field. All was forgotten and forgiven!

...but I hope he files this memory away as one of the "good days" of his childhood because it was one day I won't soon forget. (And to think I wanted a daughter????)

*and on his fill in the blank Mother's Day card from school he wrote: My mom has pretty shoes. It brought a tear to my eyes. Of course he also wrote that I'm 70 lbs and 60 feet tall so maybe I shouldn't believe everything he says.

Wordless Wednesday-Preppy Snacking

Monday, May 9, 2011

It was so good!

I saw Water for Elephants over the weekend. I absolutely loved the book and am happy to say the movie was very good, too. I was worried it may stray from the book too much. It didn't though you MUST read this book! It was beatifically written. Reese Witherspoon was believable, but Robert Pattinson was delightful- and I don't just mean on the eyes (which he sooooo was). He was just as I pictured Jacob would be. I think I enjoyed Reese's wardrobe as much as the story they were telling. Very glamorous! Go see it, but read the book!! And I am terrible with book/movie reviews, but did feel I had to give a few comments on this one since I waited so long for it to be released.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Mother's Day!

I hope all of you wonderful mothers have a fabulous day celebrating motherhood! This is a photo of my mom aged 12 with her mother. I love this photo for so many reasons. I love seeing my mom in her gloves and purse smiling with her mom before church. I love looking at my grandmother and searching for resemblances. I love her hat, her poise and sense of style. But, most of all, this is a piece of precious recorded history. My grandmother, whom I never met, died of a brain aneurysm 4 months after this photo was taken and my mom entered young adulthood without her mom. She missed out on so many mother/daughter events in life (but was fortunate to gain a wonderful stepmother a few years later). It makes me appreciate my mom even more. Our relationship isn't always the easiest, but I never take her for granted and am so grateful I have had her in my life so long. And she is the absolute BEST grandmother to my kids! I have to add Mr. Pink did the sweetest thing. He sent my mom flowers for mother's day just from The ____ Boys. It was surprising to me and to her! Happy Mother's Day! Spread the love today!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Five on Friday- Real Housewives of NY noteworthy moments

1- Alex and Simon giving Francois (their son) the piano complete with a musical demonstrator for his birthday and him saying: "Who is that guy?" Then he could have cared less about his parents' gift while they tried to talk him into becoming the future...insert famous pianist name here...I'm drawing a blank here.

2- Sonja, Sonja, Sonja....she confuses me. She is all high society with her staff, her "pecking order" speech, her Hampton snobbery, etc. etc. etc. YET she dons a skimpy baseball trampy girl outfit for her photo op at the ballpark with the NY firemen calendar guys. Then she makes THE COUNTESS sole and asparagus for lunch in her TOASTER OVEN! What? Does she remind anyone else of Babara Streisand??

3- Kelly- I like her and how smoothly she and Cindy get along. They're the two I could hang out with on a Friday night... if I was invited.... and my nanny could babysit... and my social calendar was free. But, back to Kelly. She flips her hair with BOTH hands entirely too much!

4- Luann- You want to like her, but you just can't. She's a bi-otch! I laughed when she corrected Ramona on the pronunciation of Venetto, the prime Pinot Grigio producing area in Italy. I also laughed when she called Ramona's jewelry showing event as a "Mary Kay party." I think she feels threatened by Ramona.

5- Ramona- Kind of a dull night for Ramona. She handled herself well on on her "let's make nice and be friends again" luncheons. Of course, the pinot grigio was flowing so she was able to smile sweetly and work it out. Well she walked out on Cindy, but I think that's because she never expected to have to deal with another "downtown" girl so she just agrees to disagree with the newest housewife.

I won't mention Jill. She totally annoys me. I liked her being in Australia! Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Misc. bits and pieces.

1- The most popular baby names of 2011 are announced: Jacob/Isabella and I know a TON of both. Second most popular: Ethan/Sophia and, what do ya know, I know a TON of these, too! I don't know about you and it is a matter of personal choice, but I tried to stay clear of the popular names. Well, mini#2's first name is John (after my dad), but we don't call him John. He goes by his middle name.

2- I am currently smelling my crock pot BBQ and cannot wait to eat it. So easy, so southern, so good!

3- We survived strep throat this week. Mini#2. And, so far mini#1 and I have not gotten it!

4- I anticipate not being able to roll out of bed tomorrow. Took an awesome muscle class this morning. This instructor is tiny, but full of power. She's scary. And meticulous. I always know she'll correct my form at least twice in a class. BUT, she is the best and I know I get my money's worth out of her classes.

5- Cannot wait for Real Housewives of NY tonight! My best guilty pleasure. Who's your favorite? LOVE Ramona for so many crazy reasons, but Alex, too. And does Simon count as a housewife??

6- My parents celebrate 43 years of marriage today. That's quite a big deal isn't it?

Signing off....almost dinner time!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011