Monday, August 31, 2009

A few outings

This weekend was a lot of fun. That sounds boring, but really it was full of fun outings. Friday night I got together with my friend for sushi while Mr. Pink and the minis had a "guy night" and ordered pizza and watched movies at home. I tried seaweed salad for the first time. Good. Bring along dental floss if you try it though. Then she and I finally got to see Julie and Julia. We were anticipating the release of this one. Very good. I kept wanting to say "Bon Appetit" and whip up a French dish afterwards. Meryl Strep proved, once again, what a brilliant actress she is.

Saturday, we were off to soccer bright and early for mini#2. I loved watching him get into the game. He is not scared to pursue that ball! Afterwards we followed some neighbors and their kids to our favorite local drive up hamburger place (think Sonic, but 1000 times better) near our college campus and then headed out to our football stadium for a quick tailgate before we went inside for "Meet the Pack" day, NC State University's day for fans to get autographs. Mr. Pink stood for an hour and a half in the sun to meet the quarterbacks. One mini would stay with him for a while and I would take the other mini to various lines (defense, offense, linebackers...) and then go retrieve the other mini from Mr. Pink. It worked out well. I talked mini#2 into standing with the "pretty girls" aka NC State's cheerleaders for a photo. It was so cute, but he was embarrassed at first. The grand finale was meeting the coach, Tom O'Brien, and mini#2 got to sit in his lap for a photo I took with the minis and Mr. Pink.

Sunday, I got suckered into nursery duty at church and had to watch the "bed babies". Yikes! There were 12 babies a year and under. I miss having babies, but this was just enough to satisfy my loss of infants. Play, play and then give back to parents. Afterwards, we took the boat out to the lake. Next door neighbors also went with their boat. It was a nice, slightly cooler day. The kids played for about 3 hours and back home again. Long, fun weekend.
Today it's raining and back to laundry! And it's only going to be 69 degrees today!!??

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wow I've got it made.

First, three and a half hours at the pool today. Our playgroup had an end-of-summer party with pizza/cupcakes. Caught up on my fading tan as I chatted with the mommies since mini#2 had so many friends to play with today!

Second, sat and read New Moon (Book 2 of Twilight series) while mini#2 took a rare nap. I'm hooked. These books really suck you in. I have book 3 waiting for me next door. Now, that girl is really hooked! Are you team Edward or Team Jacob (Jake) out there?

Three, I'm going to the gym tonight while Mr. Pink puts the kiddos to bed. He'll get more of a workout than I'll get at the gym! Then I hope to catch the latest Real Housewives of ATL.

What a lazy day of leisure doing what I want.....feels good to have a day like this every now and then!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No, that's not candy!

Mini#2 and I just returned from a little shopping adventure at the mall. It's always an adventure with him. I even dug the umbrella stroller out of the garage that hadn't been used in months. I anticipated whines such as "Carry me. I'm tired." He was very glad to ride in his almost forgotten stroller! What a difference a year makes. Last year he begged to get out of the stroller. Today I let him out for brief periods and when we left a store he happily buckled himself back into his chariot! Perfect.

What I didn't anticipate was his never satisfied tummy. I only packed half a sleeve of Ritz crackers and a juice box as we rushed out of the house. He finished that promptly and, while I was in a sea of denim in the Gap's dressing room, he decided he'd look for candy in my purse. I told him "There is no candy in there." He and his brother eat every mint or stick of gum before it even has a chance to get comfortable in my bag! So imagine my surprise when I'm pulling off jeans and he says, "Yes, there is!" while holding up a tampon! Good grief! I was shocked and amused at the same time as I quickly took it out of his hand and told him that is for mommies only and it's not candy. Luckily, he let it drop and didn't ask further questions. Gotta love boys!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bear with me... I share first day of soccer pictures. We started at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday. Practice and then a scrimmage with teammates. Towards the end he scored his first goal. He was so happy (and so was mommy), but he really seemed more interested in protecting his goal. A future goalie? It was interesting to watch because they don't even mention the word goalie at age 4.

Ready to start in his new uniform...

Stop touching the ball!

On the move...

catching a breather...

Nice and sweaty!

Soccer is hard work!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Five on Friday

1- Lockerbie bomber released from prison because he's sick and dying. WTH? Does this make you mad or just me? Nice that he's given special consideration of his life when he had NO consideration of 270 lives isn't it?

2- Sell of MIL's house is complete today. A little bittersweet for us, but we are now going to reinvest in a beach condo while prices are low (rather than be heavily taxed).

3- I missed Octomom's reality show. My mom said it was slapping her, not listening, etc. Wow! Need to check it out. Can you imagine having 14 kids? Honestly. I don't even think I could come up with 2 more children's names that I like, let alone a classroom full of names.

4- Trying a new class at the gym tomorrow (birthday present that I actually wanted). Preparing myself not to be able to walk by Monday. But, I'm weird like that. It makes me feel good to workout.

5-We're going bowling with cub scouts Sunday. We've never taken the kids bowling! How did that happen? Should be fun or interesting.

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Midweek update

It's Wednesday already? Whew. Time goes by quickly.

My birthday was super fun. Four couples (us included) ate dinner here Saturday night. We got a little rowdy talking/laughing, but who cares, other than the older woman with two men at the next table. Then we migrated to a nearby hotel to a hospitality suite our friend has for 6 weeks while conducting training sessions. We kicked off our shoes and the girls sipped champagne and talked mommy talk while the men drank beer and watched ESPN for a little while. Very nice (new) hotel. All the "stars" stay here when performing in Raleigh. Fun time. We also had a small celebration at lunchtime with Mr. Pink and the minis. I had a pink cake, of course.

This week we've been cramming in some pool time, going to basketball class, running errands and going to the library. Today, mini#2 and I are meeting my friend J for lunch. J was unable to go to our girls' beach weekend because her friend of 30+ years was at the end of her battle with breast cancer. J, an RN, had medical Power of Attorney and was making medical decisions throughout this sad time. Her friend did pass away while we were gone. J is crushed. This woman had a 3 year old son, too so the husband is struggling with all of this change, too. Very sad. 41 is too young to die. Anyway, J makes me laugh so much. She was really missed at the beach. I hope I can make her laugh today. We've already cried together, that's for sure.

Soccer starts this weekend for mini#2. We have 2 more weeks of school for mini#1 and then he's out for 3 weeks. On the flip side, mini#1 starts preschool in 2 weeks! However, he will miss the last week in September. We're off to Disney World. SO- what MUST we see, do, or where should we eat while in Disney? Do share. This planning is scary. I do have reservations at a few restaurants, but need to know what 2 boys (8 and 4) should not miss. I welcome any of your advice.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

In 1970 (year of my birth):

- My dad did not hold me until I was 7 days old (in our driveway) when they brought me home. No daddies in the delivery room and apparently no holding allowed either.

- This week in 1970, the #1 song was "Close to You" by The Carpenters.

- Sesame Street premiered on PBS 2 months after I was born.

- Nobody had infant car seats! Can you imagine?

- Breastfeeding was "out"!

- No baby monitors, no boppys, no collapsible multi-use strollers.

- I slept on my stomach all night, every night and I'm here to write about it.

- I wore cloth diapers, before it was a "statement". It was the only choice!

- My poor pregnant mom drove a blue Volkswagon Bug throughout the hot summer with NO AIR CONDITIONING!

Some people I share a Birthday with:

- Julia Child

-Debra Messing


-Tom Colicchio (Top Chef)

-Ben Affleck

-Princess Ann of England (always thought that was cool growing up)

-Kerri Walsh (Olympic Volleyball player/medalist)

- Joe Jonas of the Jonas Bros. (turns a young 20 today!!)

Ok, I'm off to enjoy my day. A mani/pedi and then out to dinner later. Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I can't stop it.

No, I can't stop it. Tomorrow I turn (cough cough) 39. Yes, readers, it's my first annual 39th Birthday because, and I'm not lying, 40 is going to scare the pee pee out of me next year. I could easily say"Age is just a number." Or "I feel 29." Or "I can't wait to turn 40." while smiling brilliantly, but these would all be lies! So, I will enjoy my birthday with a small gathering of friends and their husbands at a local favorite restaurant tomorrow night and toast to my 39th. Then I will hold onto it for dear life over the next 12 months. I may not feel 29, but I don't feel 39 either. However, 1970 was a long time ago wasn't it? To be honest, I feel pretty good these days. I've actually asked for a gym membership so I can get into some classes and out of the stores this fall when both minis are in school. But, for your enjoyment, here is my "wish list" although #3, I mean #2 is a real possibility tomorrow afternoon.

1- A trip to France. Hopefully, next year for the 2nd annual 39th b-day!

2- A pedicure.

3- Now how did Gerard Butler get on my list?!?!

4- BOTOX ( I just can't do bangs Three for Tippy!)

5- Love this ring, but too expensive. I've already found much cheaper variations.

6- Love these Tory Burch flats, but have only seen in kid's sizes. Oh well, guess I don't really need $225 shoes just to go to Wal-mart and playgroups do I???

7- This Burberry watch is really cute isn't it? Should've showed this to Mr. Pink.

8- Endless, beautiful cupcakes to eat all day without getting sick or gaining an ounce!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This heat is knocking us out. We're tired!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I have been a shopping crazy lady lately. Well, not too crazy, but definitely a smart shopper these days. This weekend I took advantage of our tax-free weekend in NC and, coupons in hand, stocked up on jeans for everyone, long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, cargo pants and one cheap watch from GAP that broke within hours of returning home. Mini#1 suckered me into it. I don't particularly enjoy shopping for winter clothes when it's 101 degrees out, but feel good about the deals I got with no tax added and using my coupons. You see it makes me feel a whole lot better about buying myself two new pairs of shoes today after tax-free weekend. One is the cutest pair of Michael Kors flats and at least I had a $5 coupon off for that store as well. And I am having mini#1 wrap this pair up to give me on my birthday this weekend. Won't Mr. Pink be so surprised? I'm so clever.
And speaking of shoes, I bought mini#2 his first pair of soccer cleats today (real objective of today's shopping). He is so proud of them and looks very cute in them. I can't wait to see him take the field and hog the ball and cry when others don't share and ask for snacks constantly. Mark my words. This. will. happen. Ahh, good times. Really though. I'm looking forward to it as much as he is. I've held him off 4 1/2 years. Let his games begin!
Stay cool. I need a popsicle.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guess where I'm going tonight?

I'm going to see Coldplay tonight. Cannot wait. Going on a double date with Mr. Pink, College roomie and her husband. I pray it doesn't rain and for a 15 degree drop in temperature while I'm at it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This guacamole is my new best friend. It is so yummy and it comes in 100-calorie snack packs, too so you don't have to worry about it getting brown or eating too much.
For lunch I'm making a vegetarian wrap in a whole wheat tortilla with black beans, salsa, cilantro, cheese and this guac. Is it lunch time yet??

Busy week. Mini#2 is in VBS (Vacation Bible School) all week from 9-12 so I've been doing errands the first 2 days and now I've got to clean house and get as much done before the kids get home because I promised we would go to the pool today. It's early release day for mini#1. He gets out of school at 1:25 today instead of 2:25. Every Wednesday. So strange.

Other news, the beach was a blast. We drew names to see where we'd sleep. 3 to a room. I lucked out and got the master with it's own bathroom and 2 girls as roomies that I really get along with the best. We talked and read on the beach by day and became dancing fools at night. Saturday night we ate great sushi at a swank establishment that seemed to really enjoy our party of 9 girls. We all enjoyed our surferesque waiter. Think tanned, toned, blonde (just above shoulder) curly hair. Serious eye candy. Although, we are all convinced he snuck out and smoked something funny before he gave us our checks. Man he was so confused and temporarily lost a girl's credit card. We also went to our favorite post-night out lunch spot where they serve the absolute best greasy burgers you could ever want with homemade fries you dip in their homemade ranch dressing. I spilt a mushroom swiss one with one friend. NOW you know why I'm back to counting calories and eating healthy. This is a detox week for me! So much fun, but hope I can hang with the others next year. I was the oldest one there this year (by a month). NO FAIR! We range from 33-38 (for a few days longer anyway).

Ok, wasn't I supposed to start cleaning?

Monday, August 3, 2009

A quiz

After returning from my ladies' beach trip, would you guess that I am:

a) sore from dancing 2 nights in a row.
b) sleep deprived
c) injured after a friend accidentally stepped on top of my foot with her wedge shoes while out.
d) in need of a vacation from my vacation.
e) glad this trip only happens once a year.
f) all of the above