Monday, February 11, 2008

10 Things I loved about this weekend...

Since this is the week we celebrate love I thought I'd start it off by listing 10 things I loved about this weekend:
1. Friday Family Movie Night- getting to be a tradition (do 3 weeks in a row constitute a tradition?). This week the White House watched The Sandlot... dog. Cute.
Only 3 curse words. I was proud that only hubby and I seemed to cringe.
2. Eating lunch with family at a college burger drive in type place where hubby and I used to go years ago. We told the kids we never dreamed we'd be sitting here with our sons. It was pretty cool. One of those freeze in your mind moments with the kids.
3. Seeing the kids running around the NC Museum of Life Sciences having fun...or trying to flee from the caged snakes. Wait. That was me.
4. Buying sea scallops on steroids (HUGE! and on sale, too!) Saturday and making a yummy pan-seared recipe that night.
5. Mini #1 making me laugh by asking "Mommy who delivers the mailman's mail?"
6. Watching mini#1 (1st grade) do his Valentines for school all by himself for the first time. He
even did some for his brother to give to his neighbor friends. Sweetie.
7. Hubby and I watched Waitress Saturday night. It was surprisingly funny except I want to eat and make pie now.
8. Watching the kids play/laugh/smile at the playground. Hubby and I had a good laugh after I said "Look at all the parents. Their kids are smiling and they all look like they'd rather be anywhere else." We were in the same category as all the other parents ...
9. Crawling into mini#2's bed after his nap yesterday. I try to catch him when he's sweet which, for him, is after nap. He let me kiss him for a little while! Lately he's started objecting to all my kisses. He's almost 3. Too early!
10. Going to the grocery store late yesterday and buying pretty Gerber daisies for teacher appreciation day which was today. Made me think that spring is getting closer each day.
I hope everyone else had a great weekend, too!

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Lori said...

Now that's a great weekend! :)