Friday, January 29, 2010

Five on Friday!

It's Friday! We're expecting our first snow later tonight! The pantry is stocked, the kids are ready and I couldn't find snow pants anywhere for mini#1!!! Oh, well. So were are a few Friday questions:

1- Worse mother- Lynne on RHOC or Kate Gosselin? (Pretty easy answer!)
2- Team Leno or Team O'Brien?
3- Will you be watching the winter Olympics or skip it?
4- Have you ever been told you look like somebody famous? Who?
5- Are you the oldest, middle, youngest or only child?

My answers:
1- Lynne!!!! Hello, those girls are screaming to be disciplined! She has got to get over being their friend and be a mom first.
2- After watching Oprah interview him, I'm for Leno.
3- I will watch it. Love the skiing best.
4- Yes, when I was (a lot) younger I was told I looked like Laura Ingalls (Melissa Gilbert). Still makes me laugh.
5- I'm the oldest.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

That's what day it is at preschool today. We mixed and matched mini#2 into a "What Not to Wear" frenzy this morning. They all looked so cute in their crazy attire!

Today it's been one year since my mother-in-law passed away from pancreatic cancer. I would post a picture, but am having to use our laptop instead of the pc which appears to have a virus. Ugh! Mr. Pink took off early this morning to go be with his grandmother today. A tough day for them and for us. Her battle with cancer seemed so long and sad and this year seems to have flown by without her. I hate all of the things she has missed in our lives, but am grateful that she is pain and cancer free today!!

In my quest to find new things to do for myself this year I have finally tried two things I have always wanted, but was hesitant. Yoga and Pilates. I want to work on flexibility. Now I've only taken a class of each, but have to say that I enjoyed Pilates more. And I even stayed for my regular muscle (strength) class afterwards yesterday and am typing comfortably right now. My "core" (the word trainers love to use) is sore though. Both are fun, but yoga was a little boring to me. Maybe I need to try a different class. Anyway, who out there tries either of these and what's your favorite?

Third grade is kicking my butt, too. Now mini#1 is bringing home EOG (end of grade) homework packets to work on in addition to the other homework requirements. As if getting my highly distractable child to do existing homework wasn't challenging enough!! But, he's doing well in school (behavior included I can safely say!! Woo hoo!) so I'm happy.

Ok, and the Bachelor. Tenley or Ally I think are my favorites. Who is yours? He's weeding through these women quickly isn't he? So much drama as usual.

Ok, got to go pick up mini#2! Au revoir!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Five on Fridays- My favorites

Happy Friday! Here are a few of my favorites:

Cities to Visit:
1- New York, NY
2- Paris, FR
3- Savannah, GA
4- San Francisco, CA
5- Washington, DC

1- Meryl Streep
2- Kate Blanchett
3- Kate Winslet
4- Sandra Bullock
5- Diane Keaton

1- Olives
2- Scallops
3- Popcorn
4- Mexican
5- This European chocolate yogurt I buy at Trader Joe's!

Places to shop for my minis:
1- J Crew - crewcuts
2- TJ Maxx- (great deals on Polo)
3- Mini Boden!!
4- Kelly's Kids (almost too old for this!)
5- Gap Kids/Old Navy

TV shows:
1- The Biggest Loser
2- The Real Housewives of (wherever)
3- Dr. Oz (Love this show!!)
4- Good Morning America (miss Diane Sawyer!)
5- Intervention/Hoarders (double header on Monday nights on A&E)

That's five. That's enough. Meeting a friend for lunch today, but going to a class at the gym first. This weekend? Not a whole lot going on for once. Just a birthday party. Still plan to continue on my "to do" list. Cold January days are the perfect time for lists. Don't you agree?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trying to conquer a list

It's January. I've given myself a big "to do" list around this house. I am trying to declutter. It did not help that we acquired a lot of extra "stuff" when my MIL passed away last January. Our garage is a disaster, but THAT is not on my list.
Anyway, that's why I'm a little sporadic on the blog. That, and the warm weather we're experiencing. The kids have been playing outside a lot. Yesterday, I was out there with them showing all my stellar pogo stick skills. Thank goodness I didn't break anything!

I found these minis when I was at Target with my minis yesterday. They are tasty! Small, dark chocolate squares with cherry filling. They kind of remind you of some of that candy in the Whitman Sampler boxes. If you don't like cherry, skip, but I do.
Yum. Gives me a sugar burst. Luckily mini#1 likes them, too so I won't eat the whole bag.

Speaking of sugar burst, I just read on yahoo that a 20-oz can of Sunkist has 23 g of sugar and 325 calories! And we wonder why so many teenagers are overweight. Move over Mountain Dew, there's a new kid in town! Luckily my kids are milk drinkers most of the time and if we're out it's milk, water or lemonade, BUT mini#1 likes Sunkist and has had the rare few at a birthday party of football game. I let him have one at his Pinewood Derby Saturday because the choices to go with his pizza lunch didn't include milk or lemonade. Now that I've seen this, he will be having less of these for sure!! But I sure wish we could eat 325 calories somewhere else. The boy doesn't eat!

Ok, back to a project of throwing away old makeup and nail polishes in my bathroom. Have a great evening!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Five on Friday-Hint of Spring

Maybe because it's 61 degrees right this very minute I've got a touch of spring fever. I got the new Boden catalog and love so many things from this British company. Take a look. I had to get the tankini. In January. Can you believe it? I just love the ruffles. Hopefully, I like it as much when it arrives. I'm trying to restrain myself from buying too much because the children's clothes (Mini Boden) are also so cute. Can you tell I'm getting tired of scarves and sweaters?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still here

A few updates:

1- Registered my BABY for kindergarten on Monday. Easier said than done. Had to go to the bank to get the birth certificate out of the safety deposit box. Then had to go get the immunization records from the doctor before heading to the school to fill out umpteen forms.

2- Registered mini#2 for his first season of t-ball. Holy cow. $205 for freakin' t-ball? I am sure he'll eventually be pro with my expected level of t-ball knowledge these coaches surely have for that fee! They throw in a mandatory $50 raffle ticket fee. You can choose to sell or not.

3- Did I mention I do not like baseball. Pray for me. I need to find some LIKE real soon because he loves being pitched to. Would hit for HOURS. Not kidding.

4- Mini#1 is working on his Pinewood Derby car for this weekend's big race. Did I mention that cub scouts is not really my thing either? Alas, I go. I smile. I do for the precious darlings God gave me. I am a MOM (of boys!).

5- Are you watching "The Bachelor?" It's going to be good. Can't believe that chick was thrown off for an inappropriate relationship with a staffer. HELLO??? Did she have memory loss as to why she was there?

6- Sarah Palin, a FOX commentator? Really? Jeez. Please go away (and I'm Republican).

7- Earthquake in Haiti. Wow! So so sad. Devastation. Mini#2 looked at the pictures on the web today and you know what he said? He's 8. "It's all a part of God's plan." Another WOW!

Hope all of you are having a good week. Do I still have readers?????

Friday, January 8, 2010

Drama in OC

Did you watch last night? The above picture makes me a little nauseous. What about you? I mean, honestly, how do you have a romantic getaway to improve/restart your marriage when you have cameras around. It made me feel all of it was scripted and unnatural. Is Don a kept man by the way? Sure seems it. I mean, good for you for trying, but is it genuine?

Alexis- way to cover your "girls" for church. It was the first time I didn't have full view of them this season. However, I did like that they all prayed together as a family every morning to ask God to keep them safe, etc.

Tamra- Not sure about you and Simon. I think Simon saw a pretty face and is trying to mold her into something she never was and it's just causing too much conflict now. I will admit I had to keep switching channels to the BCS game because Mr. Pink needed score updates so I missed the last scene when she was talking to someone- her mom??

Lynne- Really, asking your daughter at the gym (multiple times) if your FACE was still there is just not appropriate dialogue with an impressionable teenager. And you need to stop with the plastic surgery. You're going to look like Priscilla Presley or Joan Rivers soon. And loved how you positioned yourself to look favorable to your daughter and to Gretchen with the whole shopping/counseling session.

Gretchen- Leave Lynne's daughter alone. And I don't really like you. You are a walking better version of a Barbie doll!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Boys are back.... school. Smile, grin. Hey, they were just as ready to get back to their friends as I was ready for them to get back to their friends. Mini#1 returned yesterday after 5 weeks of track out. Today mini#2 went back to preschool and the new year OFFICIALLY started once again. Yes, I swung into preschool a few minutes late (must try harder to be on time this year), paid tuition, dropped off some library books, went to the gym for 45 mins, raced home (in my car, not actual running!), took a quick shower, dressed appropriately, headed to mini#1's school for a "talent" show, watched mini#1 jump rope (what a cutie!!), watched various other acts of "talent" and sprinted (almost actual running this time)to the car in order to pick up mini#2 by 12:15. And I was on time for pick up! Whew!Must stop now to go break up some friendly sibling rivalry right now! Happy OFFICIAL New Year! I think I need to pop open some more bubbly!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh no!

I hope this isn't an indicator of the rest of NC STATE's basketball season. This hurt. You have to see this Florida final second (game winning) shot from yesterday's game! Amazing!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Movie Rental

If you were like us you rented movies over the holidays (because everything on TV was a rerun or sports related!). We really enjoyed "My Life In Ruins" with the star of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Nia Vardalos. No huge plot line. Just a fun easygoing movie about a woman who leads tour groups in Greece. The scenery was so gorgeous. I felt like I was on vacation. I hadn't even heard of this movie, but saw it at our RedBox. So glad I came across this little gem. Richard Dreyfuss (where has he been?) was also in the movie. My husband and I had some good laughs watching it. so if you're looking for a fun movie, try this one.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New (Decade) Year!

I hope you all have a prosperous, productive, happy and healthy New Year!!!