Saturday, August 16, 2014

Are you ready for...

some football???? Yes, I am a girl and I know a little about a lot of sports. Thanks Dad. I impress my 9 yr. old sports fanatic son daily with my sports knowledge. And I am ready for football. Mainly NC State Wolfpack football. But I am also ready for some NFL play as well.

These two quarterbacks above are former NC State quarterbacks and met last night in a pre-season match. Of course the 2014 Super Bowl champs were going to win, but it is awesome to see this photo of two fine young men who both originally wore red and white. Makes this NC State grad proud!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back at it (Is that a southern phrase?)

Whew. Our whirlwind summer ended July 7th and school started. Gone are the fun camps and beach vacations. We are up to our eyeballs in homework, tests, orthodontist appointments, soccer practices and had #2's 1st tournament this weekend in Wilson, NC. It was rainy yesterday, but much better today. Although fields were drenched! #2 was goalkeeper for 4 periods (halves). I have no fingernails left. He did well, though.

We have had to spend some time in Mr. Pink's hometown cleaning out his dad's home and getting it ready to rent or sell. So thankful for unusually cooler August temperatures. Especially when you are in an attic going through years worth of STUFF. The kids helped a lot and we even took our 10 month old "puppy" (horse at almost 60 lbs!) along on her first long car ride/trip. She did perfectly on the 2 hour drive, but promptly threw up on the pet car cover when we stopped the car in the driveway.

I have still been running with #1 off and on. I have been trying to run in the early morning before it is too hot. Otherwise I go to my normal classes and hit the treadmill. I am totally bummed that a favorite instructor is moving to Pittsburgh this week. She's so upbeat and fabulous! We all got teary-eyed (not kidding!) in her last class. A bunch of sappy women we are.

The kids you ask? #1 is old enough to cut the grass. Woo hoo. That is so helpful! Today he stayed home from the soccer tournament to take care of our dog, do homework and he cut the grass when we got home. His main interests these days are CLOTHES. He takes after me. Part of his willingness to help out more around here is for the compensation to buy clothes. Makes me laugh. And, as a note, he doesn't get paid for chores, but we do pay him for the grass cutting. And he has good taste in clothes, too. Whew!

#2's main interest is, as always, sports. You ask him about his school day and he tells you about the soccer game at recess. He dvr's NFL pre-games and wants to join a Fantasy Football team. He's 9!!!
He lived and breathed the World Cup! I even ordered him a lot of books on Amazon about particular MLS stars. Funny how he no longer complains about having to do his daily reading for school when it involves soccer stars. Score one for mom. Oh, and his clothes? Always soccer or sports related. It kills me. We compromise. I pick out his Monday outfit, he picks out Tues through Thurs and we both decide on Friday's outfit. This has helped after many early morning arguments in the past.

And Friday is my Birthday! That time again so soon? How can it be? Please slow down. Ha! I remember dreading the big 4-0 and now I wish I was turning 40! And that my babies were still babies, but that's another subject!

I hope all is well in your lives!