Thursday, April 30, 2015


Wow. It's May tomorrow. Needless to say I'm not finding a lot of time to blog. How about a quick update instead? We survived all of the ice and snow in February. We are still making up missed soccer games and school. There is school on Sat May 16 and May 30. Yuck! We survived a trip to the ER for stitches in January when #1 decided to do flips on a neighbor's trampoline. He nailed the flips, but his chin nailed his knee resulting in an MRI to check his jaw (all fine, thank goodness!) and 5 stitches.

We ended indoor soccer and began outdoor soccer. We had a tournament in Myrtle Beach last weekend and #2's team finished in 2nd place after playing in the championship.

#1 has been running track and burning up the track in 8th grade. Right now he's undefeated in the mile (1600) and the 800. Last week he tied the school record in the 800 and he is down to a 5:07 mile! So crazy. He has one more meet and another 8 seconds to take off to set a new mile record. I am so proud of this kid.

Me? I have been busy. Filling in a little at the husband's office, went on a job interview, but it may not work out. They found me and I might have a few wants (demands) that they cannot meet. Plus I want part time to begin. I wasn't planning to even look for anything until mini#1 starts high school in August.

We are off on a European vacation in June. We're all looking forward to that. I bought another suitcase today. I pray mini#2 survives and doesn't whine and complain a lot because there will be walking involved and it won't be to every soccer stadium we are close to either! He's 10. Hopefully, we'll all have a great time and the 24/7 time spent together won't result in sour dispositions. I do see us resembling Chevy Chase's family in the European Vacation movie though. Stay tuned!!

Hope all is well with you out in blog land.