Saturday, February 16, 2008

Glass and Ice

We experienced another first tonight as a family. We took the boys to see the '06 national hockey league champs, the Carolina Hurricanes, play the Florida Panthers. Woo hoo! Just 2 hours prior, the NC State Wolfpack basketball team played and lost to Clemson (Clemsongirl is celebrating as we speak) in the same arena. I would have liked to be there instead, but I actually had a nice time at the hockey game. Let me now mention that we were in hubby's company's box complete with free parking pass 4 steps from the door and free eats/drinks. Now that's the way to go to a hockey game! Well minus the kids, but then it wouldn't have been a family first.

The kids were reasonably well behaved. The 30 minute behavior speech hubby and I delivered prior to departing the White house was still fresh in their minds. I did have to say "danger" to mini#1 about 3 times. Danger being our code word to straighten up or else! Mini#2 charmed everyone with his beaming toothy grin. However, I watched as he left one fingerprint after another on every inch of the glass separating us from those outside of our cozy box. I kept wanting to bound out of my seat and look for some Windex to clean the distracting prints. Whoever invented Windex had kids for sure. Right? After the kids started winding down I noticed mini#2 had his sleeve, white of course, in his mouth. The sleeve was now RED. He had been eating tortilla chips. The yummy tri color salty ones. Except he had only wanted the red ones. He called them NC State chips (we're red/white). We think he was still confused and thought he was at a NC State game because we had been to this arena recently to watch basketball. The Hurricanes are also red. It was funny, but the stain is not. I better go start on it now while it's on my mind...

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