Monday, October 11, 2010


I hope you all enjoyed your weekends! We certainly enjoyed another Wolfpack win. We went to see NC State play against Boston College. Above is a pre-game photo. It was hot. It's hot today! Expected 88 degrees today. Oct. 11? WOW!

This morning mini#2 showed me his first homework book for kindergarten. He forgot to pull it out of his backpack over the weekend. They keep it a week, practice reading and return to school to read it to their teacher. Well, his book is "When Itchy Witchy Sneezes." We read a little this morning. It's repetitive so repeats the title on each page. Well by page 3 he said "When BITCHY Witchy Sneezes." Another WOW! I was trying so hard not to make a big deal of it because, thankfully, he hasn't heard that word from me or know it's a bad word. I corrected him nonchalantly and then on the next page he stopped himself and said: "Is it BITCHY or Itchy?" Oh my. I said itchy like a mosquito bite.

I went on to cardio muscle class after the minis were in school, but when I got out I had a message that mini#2's teacher called. He had a nosebleed (first ever!?) and needed a change of clothes since the only thing extra he had at school was sweatpants and, remember, it's going to be 88 today. I raced home and to the school and into the lunchroom at 10:55 to give him his clothes. I walked him to class to help him change in their bathroom and then had fun (quietly)sharing his Bitchy Itchy story with the teacher. I told her we're working that out, but be prepared if he gets confused when he reads to her. We had a good laugh.

Well, off to the carpool line now. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Kristen said...

that's the only thought I had about that was when he goes to read to his teacher and mistakingly says bitchy instead of itchy! lol Kids are so funny!

Kate said...

HaHa!! My daughter said something similar the other day...she had an itch on her foot and was rhyming & calling it a "pitchy bitchy itchy!" Yikes! After a few rounds of that little tune, I told her that bitchy was a rude thing to call a woman who is grumpy and that I'd rather she picked a different word. Haven't heard it again since...fingers crossed it doesn't come up at school!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Kristen/Kate- yes, that was my main concern- that he'd say that at school so talking to the the teacher was like a forewarning just in case! Ha!