Thursday, December 23, 2010

The final countdown

I hope we make it to Christmas around here. Santa is seeing some things that he may not be happy about...The kids are bored, cranky, agitated and on permanent sugar highs. Yesterday was a fun day. We dropped $680 in unexpected car repairs on the SUV. We ventured out Wednesday night for a fun drive around the neighborhood to see Christmas lights when all of a sudden the car had other plans so we quickly returned home to switch cars. Oh my.

Mini#1 got his new bionator for his mouth on Tuesday so we're saying "What?" every time he speaks because he's getting used to it in his mouth and we can't understand a thing the poor kid is saying. Then on Wednesday he lost a tooth (one of those on the top side of mouth that is loose one minute and out the next), his first in a while. It was a little dramatic getting it out but, finally, he let me carefully remove it with a tissue. However, a few hours later he was even more dramatic when I was accused of throwing the tooth away. He left it on a napkin in the kitchen and, yes, I cleaned up behind him. He panicked big time! Luckily the trashcan wasn't too full and I found it wadded up in the napkin fairly quickly. The tooth fairy came last night and all is good.

What else? The minis want to open a present (well youngest mini mostly) every minute and asks me every other minute if he can! Good grief! This morning I had to wake them up so we could get to the gym for a class I wanted to take. Well, not really, but I wanted to! It was a lovely time of screaming, pleading and almost crying to get them out the door. Luckily, we all survived though I may not be able to get out of bed Christmas morning after that class. We settled down and watched "Home Alone" when we got home and now we're getting ready to whip up some sugar cookies for Santa.

Yes, I may sound a little Scrooge-y as you read this post, but I'm not (entirely!). I am thankful for my health, my family, my SUV, my warm home and that all those presents are even under our tree. And for THE GIFT given to us so many years ago and the reason I truly celebrate Christmas. I really am thankful. But, I think I may ask Santa to grant all of us moms Dec. 26 as a mental health recovery day. I think we should be allowed to do whatever we want to after the big day. Don't you?? I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and find many things to be thankful for in the midst of a little chaos.


Lisa said...

you don't sound scrooge-y at all!! Merry Christmas!! I hope Santa brings you a housekeeper!

The Mrs. said...

Oh my word I so understand. We've got some serious attitude around here too! Dang! Leave mommy alone!!!