Sunday, December 19, 2010

This week...

Minis playing on Ipads at the mall.

Great display window at Apple.

Playing with Leggos at the Lego store.

In line for Santa. My sweeties hated "dressing up," but they looked so cute. I compromised and let them wear jeans. It was a great day. Mr. Pink let them shop for me and I acted like I didn't know they were doing it. This was last Wednesday, by the way. I've been so busy that I'm just now posting. Did more shopping today while Mr. Pink took the minis to an NC State basketball game. My friend's husband got them on the "jumbo screen." They wore their monogrammed Pottery Barn Santa hats (best use of a store credit I had) and were so excited to see themselves on the screen! Tomorrow we're off to visit Mr. Pink's grandmother for the day. It's his Birthday and, without his parents being alive, it's comforting to be around her I think. So back to wrapping presents I go...busy, busy, busy.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Pink! :) Have a great week!

Pink Martini said...

Your minis aren't so mini anymore are they, but are still as adorable as ever. They have grown up so much I can't believe it! Love the antlers! Between the Apple store, the Lego store and Santa sounds like a successful time at the mall. I so understand about the dressing up part. :)

Have a wonderful Christmas. I know it will be merry and bright.

And a very happy birthday to Mr. Pink. :) xoxo

Ginette said...

That is a great store display and love the "minis"shirts.