Friday, December 31, 2010

Five on Friday- New Year's style

1- Staying home or going out?
2- Resolutions or no resolutions?
3- Looking forward to 2011 or will you miss 2010?
4- Bubbly at midnight or already snoring?
5- Traditional New Year's meal or eating whatever you can find?

My answers:
1- A little of both. Out to dinner with kids and then may stop at a party across the street (but am content to stay home, too! Not feeling it this year!)
2- None so far, but the day is not over. I need to think about this. Maybe cut back on my reality TV!
3- Looking forward to it. 2010 wasn't the best as I look back on it.
4- Bubbly. I have to, at least, toast at midnight. I've never missed one yet in my adult years!
5- Traditional New Year's, health, etc. Pork, greens and black-eyed peas.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have fun whatever you do tonight....


Kristen said...

Staying in this year, keeping my sister's 3 kids so that she can go out. I'm with you, not really feeling it this year. For the first time in a long time I feel like I'm not gonna miss out on anything by staying home!

No resolutions yet! I started my "life change" in October this year, the diet and exercise etcetera.

Looking forward to 2011, I'm ready for new adventures!

I would hope to stay up for a midnight kiss & toast but depending on how exhausted I am I may just pass out before midnight!

Normally our whole family gets together and we have ham, green bean casserole & black eyed peas... this year my mom decided to do lasagna, salad & black eyed peas... hmmmm, a sign of bad luck? I'm sure it will be fine!

happy new year to you & your family!

Jillian, Inc said...

1. Going out to Mex joint with my son and neighbor friends.
2. I have the same resolution every year: Live outward. Look upward.
3. Ummmm...have to say I will not miss 2010.
4. I'll be snoring by midnight but definitely will sip some bubbly prior.
5. I didn't realize there was a traditional NY meal until I moved to the south. And we have it every year - ham, collard greens, black eyed peas (and more bubbly!)

Happy New Year! Hope we get to meet in 2011.

And PS - Love my verification word....POISE. May I strive for that also in the new year.