Sunday, April 13, 2008

Things I learned this weekend...

1- Never, not ever, go to Lowe's or any other home improvement store on a nice spring Sunday. The parking lot and check out line look like the day after Thanksgiving at a mall.

2-That I am raising a future President (and/or art teacher) who wants "to change the world" and a pro football player who plays basketball on the side. These were answers I got when I asked the minis what they'd like to be when they grow up.

3-To stop thinking that a Lifetime movie version of a good book is worth watching on a Saturday night. Did anyone else suffer through their version of "The Memory Keeper's Daughter?" So disappointing! The final moments were like the Oscars....feverishly rushed to get to the end.

4- Amazon sells French music cd's. I ordered the below cd this weekend, along with books and other cds. I'll let everyone know how it is. I want to teach mini#2 French and a teacher gave a good review of this one on Amazon. Only $6.29, too!

5- That Ivana Trump, 59 married her Italian entrepreneur, 36 this weekend at the Palm Beach estate, Mar-A-Lago, belonging to Donald Trump. Take a look at the couple. Didn't I see him last season on Dancing With the Stars as one of the professionals? He's got that look. Actually, he's got the look of "What did I just do?"

Get a good night sleep all. Tomorrow it all starts again!


Tiffany said...

Is it just me, or does he look like a weird cross of Jude Law and Richie Sambora?

Preppy Mama said...

I was so disappointed with the Memory Keeper's Daughter!!! I had such great expectations and was peeved that they sped up the ending!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Cute post!

I like to live by the rule of "if your life begins to resemble a Lifetime TV movie, it's time to change your life!" They are good to watch when you are stuck inside on snow days or ironing but they are not winning awards, that's for sure.

The Mrs. said...

You are so right about Lowes! I go at 9am on friday and it's heaven!