Monday, April 21, 2008

It's a boy!

Happy Birthday Mini#1!!!!!!

You made me a mother. All 5 lbs 11 oz of your 4 week early self. You made us a family. I can still remember those first soft cries and how they would stop when I spoke to you in the hospital. It was amazing to me that you recognized my voice. Funny, 7 years later you pretend NOT to recognize my voice...especially when I tell you to get in the bathtub! All my firsts as a mother happened with you. All my worries, tears, joys happened with you. You are so sweet and kind-hearted. The conversations we have now are so awe inspiring to me. You are becoming this thoughtful, concerned person with so many ideas already for your future. I look at you and I catch myself smiling. I envy your free spirit and need to remember to share in your joy of life, no matter what each day brings. You are special. We waited two and a half years to see your tiny face. It was worth the wait. God knew you were the one to bless our lives. I wish you love, joy and happiness in all that you do. I'll be right there cheering you on every step of the way. I love you!


The Mrs. said...

Tagged you!

The Mrs. said...

Ps happy birthday to your sweet guy!

Tiffany said...

awww - so sweet. Happy Birthday #1!!! It's bittersweet, isn't it? You want them to grow and be happy and get bigger but you want them to stay a baby too. (or is that just me?)

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Mrs. - that's a hard tag! I'll think on it. Yes, the "sleep when they sleep" is just crazy to me.

Tiffany- (I know who you are) Yes, I wish we could have their baby days back for a day or two and then return to actual age.