Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Clean my house or go shopping...

Trick question. You say go shopping, but don't forget I had to take mini#2. I took mini#1 to school this a.m. because I had to drop off that PTA basket I put together for his class for their school carnival. I'll post pics later. And let me say that this was my morning exercise. I piled everything into a rectangular planter and one of the items was a small bag of potting soil. You should have seen me carrying that through the school while telling mini#2 to "Come on. Hurry up!" My arms were breaking! Mini#1 was trying his best to guide mini#2 (clad in the cutest tiny backpack because he was going to "school") through the crowd of students. Anyway, we made it without me dropping it in the middle of the hall. Since we were all dressed looking fresh, clean and giving the appearance that we look like this every morning (not!), I decided to venture out to HomeGoods. I swear. When will I learn? Here is a sampling of what I have to deal with on a regular basis. WHEN will it get better?

1- He kept wanting to put his sunglasses into glass/fragile china items for "fun."

2- He was hungry. I pulled out Scooby Doo fruit snacks I stuffed in my purse last minute.

3- He was hungry again. I pulled out 2nd and final Scooby Doo fruit snacks and told him he had to sit quietly or else. I hate those fruit snacks, but you have to have emergency snacks for this very reason.

4- "My nose. My nose." When it runs he thinks it's going to fall off or something. I wiped it 100 times.

5- He wanted a stuffed monkey. It looked like about 3 he already has. "No", I said. To which he wailed "BUT I WANT IT!" I swear. This ticks me off the most. How many times do I have to tell him that he doesn't need it and he's not getting it? Wait. I think I need to start telling myself this more as well... BUT I did NEED a new ironing board cover and found a cute pink madras one for $7.99.

6- He said he was "hungry for water". I whipped out the bottle of water I brought. Do I know my mini or what?

7- He asked people their names. This annoys me. This probably annoys others, but surprisingly most play along.

8- He LOUDLY asked me "what's wrong with that girl's hair?" It was just a bit curly. I Shhhed him and moved us in an opposite direction.

9- He was pretending that the roll of wrapping paper (Nope. Don't think I needed that either.) I was buying was a fishing pole. This was cute at first. However, I had to keeping telling him what kind of fish I wanted him to catch for me. Um, I struggled after clown and gold. We went straight to shark and octopus.

10- He had to go pee pee. Grrreeeeaaatttt. To the public potty. He did it. We pulled up pants and then he informed me he had to go poo poo. Grrrooossss. I set up the potty and sat him on the potty. After 10 seconds he said "Nope. Don't need to poo poo". Of course. I knew that would happen.

11- We get to the car. Now I typed that sentence a lot quicker than it took to get to the car. You know how it is. Anyway. He's hungry. Again. Swung into McDonalds cause I was in no mood to come home and make lunch. He wanted a cheeseburger. No pickles and no onions. He NO EAT it.
Two bites. Must have been all the freakin fruit snacks!

Now my house still needs cleaning, but at least he's asleep. And, just to end this on a positive, I did take him to the airport observation deck prior to shopping and he loved seeing and hearing the loud planes. I loved seeing that huge smile and relishing in his delight. I'm thankful we have these times together. The good, the bad and the ugly!

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The Mrs. said...

I had a similar day with Landon! I seriously wonder if it's just not worth taking them on any shopping runs! SO STRESSFUL!