Saturday, April 26, 2008

All that for $70...$68 if you count the ice cream.

So Mr. Pink and I fell out of bed at 7:10 this a.m. to drag out our stuff in hopes of majorly unloading it to the general public. It was our annual neighborhood yard sale today where you pull it out and people go door to door shopping. In all fairness I didn't have a lot to sale. We gave a ton away when we moved a year and a half ago. Anyway, we had push toys, ride toys (why the heck do kids have so many freakin ride toys?), high chair, baby gate, clothes...blah, blah, blah. We got it all pulled out and displayed in the driveway by 7:50 and there were customers. They never abide by the actual published start time do they? However, in this baby making area of the country, every other house had push toys, ride toys, high chairs and baby gates, too! And my neighbor/friend two doors down had her cute kids selling lemonade for a quarter and bottled water for a dollar. Now that's smart! She was my direct competition! My kids decided this was the one day that they would sleep late. 8:30 and 8:45! That was actually nice because mini#2 couldn't quite grasp the concept of all of this. "Hey, dat Clifford used to be mine!" And now it's someone else's sweetheart. Get over it!

When it was all over I only made $70...hmmm. I was slashing prices by the end because I knew I had to write all of the items down afterwards so Mr. Pink could haul it off to Goodwill. At about noon, as I was making my list, I heard that familiar sound of tinkly music (I think "tinkly music" comes from a Curious George book we have) in the distance. Ah yes, the beloved ice cream truck. NOT! But, as I was now $70 richer, I splurged and let mini#2 buy a $2 Oreo ice cream bar from my meager earnings. For the record, mini#1 was happily skating at a birthday party without us.

I blame the economy for our low profits today. I don't think all of my stuff was crap... or it could have been that I wasn't offering refreshments. Yes, all I have is $68 and a sunburn on my forehead. But there's always next year. I'm thinking mint juleps, mojitos, and Pellegrino mineral water. It's all about the refreshments these days....

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Belle in Bloom said...

Good for you for going through the pain of a yard sale! After we cleaned out the garage a few weeks ago, I took it all to Goodwill or the dump. I just couldn't take another yard sale!