Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mini#1- the artist

Mini#1 is such a sweetheart. He's almost 7 and he's getting into my blogging. He's usually talking to me about something while I'm trying to blog. He likes to see what I write. He asked me last night "Why don't you write about me more?" I didn't really have a good answer. You all know how it is. The younger children seem to supply all the content that's needed to blog because they're so funny and frustrating, unbeknownst to them.

Well now I want to celebrate my firstborn. He really is my buddy, my friend. Right now anyway. He likes to go on errands with me and just be with me. I love these times where we can connect without distractions (read: mini#2). We went to see Nim's Island yesterday, just the two of us, and we shared popcorn. He let me hold his hand for a few minutes. He's so precious to me and I thank God every day for giving me this precious gift. A gift we waited so long to receive. He loves his mommy!

He, I believe anyway, is gifted in the area of art. I'm frequently surprised by his creativity and attention to detail in his schoolwork and drawings. Each day he could survive as long as he had paper and pens/markers/crayons to create his latest masterpiece. He worked Saturday morning on his latest. I'm not boasting. I just wanted to share. Take a look.

It's a man with a runaway dog who scares a woman on a sidewalk. Note that her hair is standing on end and she's thrown her purse up so that's it's spilling out the contents. This is pretty ingenious isn't it? I think only fellow women bloggers will appreciate it. What are your kids' talents ? Come on ladies. It's your time to share. Let me hear it.

P.S. Mini#1 and I didn't go to church this morning. We both have sinus problems right now.
As I typed...he was cutting out felt pieces that I bought him! He makes people and clothes out of them. Today it was an NC State jersey with a white long sleeve shirt underneath.


magnoliabelle said...

Smart boy - both for his drawings and his love of the Wolfpack!!

The Mrs. said...

Love the content of the purse spilling everywhere! Genius! Landon is a major soccer player. can dribble the ball everywhere at 20 months!

cancersucks said...

What a great little Picasso you have on your hands! Hope you are feeling better...And taking all the minis to doctors appts. no fun at all. Take care!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Talented. E is a VERY good artist for just turning 5, so it is rare that I can look at someone else's child's drawings and be really impressed - but he is definitely one talented little guy!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Ok- I'll mention that he won a bookmark contest for 1st grade age group last fall. He drew scene from Peter Pan complete with wind blowing curtains! We were so proud. We're most happy that he just LOVES to do it and it makes HIM happy to create. He was thrilled to see his art on the blog!

Magnoliabelle-he'll always love the Wolfpack! :)

Mrs- soccer is popular around our house, too, but mini#2 is dribbling a basketball these days.
They have a soccer program here called L'il Kickers that starts at 18 mos. You should find something for Landon.

Thanks Cancersucks and IP for nice comments!