Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Germs all around us.

Now I've got a pretty good handle on the germ thing. Or so I thought. I make the kids wash hands all the time. No sharing drinks. Hand sanitizer in purses, toddler bags, cars, etc. However, I turned on TV to check weather this a.m. (is this a sign that I'm becoming my parents?)and then flipped to Dr. Phil while I got ready to go on our outing to Chuck E. Cheese. Dr. Phil was doing a show on the MRSA virus/infection. Did any of you see this? SCARY. It happens most often in hospitals. SCARIER. No cure. SCARIEST! Well, needless to say, this was not good for me to watch just prior to going to germ city, Chuck E. Cheese. Somehow I have managed not to step into Chez Monsieur Fromage for the entire year and a half since we moved to N.C. Yeah Mom! Unfortunately, their television advertising is very good so the minis have been begging to go for weeks. I recruited another mom to bring her kids along so I'd at least have an adult to talk with over pizza and diet coke. Ok, it was Cherry Coke. I never drink that anymore and I love it so, yes, I splurged today!

While munching on pizza and tuning out our 5 children, I told my friend about the Dr. Phil show and she knows someone who has MRSA. We both used extra hand sanitizer today. That's for sure. At one point I had to take mini#2 to go potty and I gave him our command "Hands Up" while he pee-pees in a public restroom. However, he lost his balance and (GASP) touched the toilet. Seat was up! I nearly passed out cold in the floor. I quickly scrubbed his hands semi-raw and returned to the germ pool. On our way out mini#2 was a tad (read: monumentally) upset about not being able to get a Fun Dip because we didn't have enough freakin tickets! He then threw himself on the nasty floor crying and, again, MRSA flooded my thoughts! That and wondering....why did I want a second child? Mini#2 didn't even get his tiny 20 ticket piece of candy after that display of "threeness"! Anyway, the kids are wiped out and Mr. Pink has finished scrubbing away all traces of Chuck E. Cheese from the minis in their freshly cleaned tub. I had no time to post earlier. I decided to Clorox wipe the phones, the computer keyboard, the mouse, the faucets, the door knobs and anything else that got in my path. Now that I've scared you all, get to it! Clean that keyboard and mouse!

Ok- quick update on last night's The Bachelor. Mr. Brit kissed just about everyone last night. We saw the first hot tub scene. We all knew that was coming! Shayne, once again, showed us she's a little bi polar and everyone hates Robin. Erin, Amy, and Kristin were left without a rose.
Kind of dull last night, but I was ironing while viewing. I guess the show was more interesting than the ironing!


Belle in Bloom said...

Public bathrooms are sooooo off limits to me. I have an anxiety attack everytime I have to take one of my boys. Yes, I also shout the "hands up". "Don't touch the wall!" "I'll open the door! Don't touch!" I have always told them that Chuck E. was closed for remodeling or McDonald's Playplace was shut down for the day. I know. Bad Mommy. :)

The Mrs. said...

Mrsa is scary. Can't even think about it!!!!The bachelor is annoying me a bit. Hate lorenzo lamas' daughter! Such an actress!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

The Mrs.- Lorenzo Lamas' daughter needs therapy... a lot of it. Mr. Brit is starstruck though. He'll keep her around so he can meet her parents.

Belle in Bloom- I hate it even more for my husband to take them to the men's public restrooms. Eww.
I think I'll use the "closed for remodeling" next time they ask. Good one!