Saturday, April 19, 2008

Knock knock...

mini#2: Knock, knock.

me (Groggily): Who's there?

mini#2: Pillowcase.

me (slightly aggravated): Pillowcase who?

mini#2: Pillowcase on my bed, that's who. heeeeheeeheeee.

And this is how my day commenced when mini#2 came into our room at 7:30 this Saturday morning. He has discovered knock, knock jokes and has spent the last 3 days thinking of his own to tell anyone at any given moment. Mail lady, neighbors, strangers.You get the picture. I'm thinking of banning knock, knock jokes at the White can only take so many of them.The pillowcase one did make me smile though. A lot.

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The Mrs. said...

Ive heard this is a phase they go through! So funny!