Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Brit and a Tag.

I was tagged by One Fabulous Mom to give the baby advice that I was given that worked. I think I'll add some some of my own that I learned from living through it...

1- The whole breastfeeding thing. It's hard! I was told "Don't give up. It will get better. And don't supplement with formula." I didn't give up, but I struggled with it, especially with mini#1. I now look back at that borderline colicky baby and wonder why the heck I didn't supplement with formula that first week or two! He was early. I was stressed and he was hungry. I think he and I would have had a much more enjoyable time had I just supplemented some until we were both comfortable.

2- I was told: Don't bring babies into your bed to go to sleep. This was also difficult and I gave in during the night and they slept with us occasionally, BUT they were always put into their crib initially. It really is important to establish routines with babies/toddlers. Now we always have the routine of bath, brush teeth, books, prayers, bed. It's what they know and expect. I've heard horror stories of kids staying in parents' bed for years. Bet they're wishing they were a little more disciplined in the early days about putting them in their cribs!

3- Take it one day at a time. This is my advice. I remember just being so overwhelmed by all the daily tasks involved with the care of a baby. Also, I was up so long during the night with mini#1. He would wake every 2 hours and was so difficult to get back to sleep. I remember just giving myself pep talks saying "It's ok. You're doing the best you can. It will get better. These days will pass." And eventually they did and you finally get some sleep...until they become teenagers, I hear.

The Bachelor episode had the family visits last night, but these were a little blah. However, Shayne's mom was a character. Someone needs to help her tone her makeup down and tell her the dangers of too much plastic surgery. Amanda was clever by hiring actors to portray her parents(or did ABC think of this) and it was comical to see Mr. Brit squirming a bit when the actress mom made the moves on him. Chelsea's visit blah (beautiful scenery though in CO mountains) and so was Noelle's (ditto with CO scenery). Mr. Brit certainly made the opportunity to kiss them all though. In the end Noelle went home and there are 3 left to go to Barbados on the next episode. If he picks Shayne, he's just more of a cad then I thought....he'll be going for the Hollywood family life which is foreign to most of us, but especially to a Londoner. I still like Chelsea.


Mom x 2 said...

I agree with you on the breastfeeding. I had 2 very different experiences. My first one was born on his due date - healthy and fat. Looking back on it I don't think I ever made enough milk to satisfy him. I breastfed for 3 months but I cried all the time from feeling like all I did was nurse him. I think if I had supplemented, he would have slept better in the beginning and I would have been more relaxed (and thus probably made more milk). #2 was born 10 weeks early and was in the NICU for 5 weeks. I rented a hospital-grade pump and pumped every 3 hours around the clock the entire first 3 weeks. Finally a NICU nurse pulled me aside and said, "Don't bring any more milk to the hospital. We have SO much and only so much freezer space." So I took that as a sign and stopped pumping every 3 hours at night so I could get some rest. I never actually breastfed #2 but he got breastmilk until he was almost 5 months old. I wish I could have just relaxed a little more about it.

The Brit is annoying and he is going to pick Shayne, the end. The years have not been so kind to Lorenzo. :-)

The Mrs. said...

I sooooooooooooo agree with you on all of yours especially the breastfeeding. What is the big deal? Doing it at all is great a little supplememting with formula wont kill them!
I tivod the bachelor and will be watching tonight! Of course he'll end u with shayne, probably wants to be an actor too!