Friday, April 4, 2008

Morning Mini Talk

It's been mini#1's spring break this week so trying to stay busy doing fun things. Yesterday we met Mr. Pink for lunch. Tonight is karate belt ceremony for mini#1. He's getting his purple belt. Tomorrow mini#1 and Mr. Pink are going camping with their cub scout troop. Mommy and mini#2 will be on a quest to find new sunglasses since I stepped on my favorite pair the other day. I put them on the floor beside me while I put mini#2's shoes on and then...crunch...stepped on them.

On Fridays Mr. Pink works from home. This morning mini#2 quietly came into our bedroom at 8:00 a.m. Yes, I've been able to sleep late this week, too! Anyway I sensed his presence so I sat up and said "Good morning. Come here." He crawled in bed beside me and a minute or two later he heard a bird that makes that funny call that we've discussed before. I'm not a bird expert so not sure of the bird species.

mini#2: Mom, why that bird making that sound?

me: He's waking up and saying "good morning" to us.

mini#2: But he have no covers and a pillow.

me: (laughing) No, he sleeps in the tree.

mini#2: Where his brothers? Is he looking for his brothers?

me: He could be.

mini#2: I go look for my brother (brudder), too.

Happy Friday!!


The Mrs. said...

Sooooo cute!

Belle in Bloom said...

Oh, what a sweetie. It makes it so worth not having any pink, doesn't it? My little one calls his big brother, "brudder", too. Love it!