Sunday, April 20, 2008

I must confess...

Ok, so I humbly confess that I gave in and....hosted Mini#1's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese today. My ears are still ringing. Yeah, I know, the germs post back on April 1. Well, what do you tell your kid when he decides that's where he wants to have his party? I tried to make other suggestions: ice skating? clay place? running around in traffic? No, Chuck E. Cheese is what he wanted so I couldn't disappoint the little fellow. Ok, he wore me down. That's how it really happened. Notice you saw no stressed out posts about the planning, cleaning, organizing of said party. It was organized by a few simple clicks on the computer. All I did was order a cake and put together the gift bags. While we were there Mr. Pink was in charge of mini#2 so I was actually able to chat with the moms. Imagine that. And, if you're wondering, I took a HUGE bottle of Germ-X and squirt every child's hands when they came to the table for pizza and cake. I think I squirt a few extra hands not at our party for good measure.I think everyone will agree that I have met my Chuck E. Cheese quota for the year!

It was a nice weekend. My parents and Mr. Pink's dad stopped in briefly over the weekend to visit and drop off gifts for mini#1. Mr. Pink's mom (his parents are divorced) generously gave mini#1 & 2 this new playset for their birthdays. Mr. Pink and a neighbor have been working on putting it together this weekend after he and my dad picked it up Saturday. All 8 boxes of it. I looked at the box of screws, bolts, and nails and there must be 520,486 in total. Geez.... not my idea of fun. It doesn't look like the picture yet, but Mr. Pink is taking Monday and Tuesday off to continue working on it. As I type, raindrops are steadily falling. Even though we still need the rain, I hope it passes. The kids are super duper eager to get their party started in the fort.I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


Mom x 2 said...

Yowza! What a gift! That playset is bigger than my backyard! I'm sure your kids are salivating at getting out there to break it in. I hear you on Chuck E. Cheese - my kid doesn't yet know it exists and I'm hoping it stays that way. Although when I was a kid (and it was called Showbiz Pizza around here) I loved it. So, it's a rite of passage for kids. There is an inflatable party place here called Pump It Up and #1 had his bday party there last fall. I already told him it was a 1 time thing! You only can handle so much of that stuff.

Belle in Bloom said...

I completely understand about the party. If that's what they want, then we just have to suck it up, smile and let them have at it. (along with a gallon of germ-x, of course! ha!) My oldest had his bday at Gattiland 2 yrs ago. He had a blast, and you're right, it was so much easier! I loved that part!
Wow! What an amazing playset! Every kid in the neighborhood will be at your house this summer. :)