Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mini#2 - updates

With all that has been going on I haven't seemed to capture some of mini#2's better moments lately. However, there were a few this weekend that cannot go unmentioned. Warning: Some nudity involved in this post.

1- His new phrase, and he says this regularly, is "I'm hungry. I'm always hungry." The kid would snack 24/7 if I let him. I get so tired of saying "NO" because wailing directly follows my response. It's funny though because now he tells anyone who will listen that he's always hungry...like we're starving him.

2- One morning he crawled into our bed and I just happened to mention to him "Aren't you happy you're going to preschool in the fall?" His response: "What's a fall?" And thus the reason I'm sending him to preschool...to learn seasons and everything PBS isn't teaching him. I mean everything I'm not teaching him. Oops.

3-The kid is 3 yrs 2 months and I THINK he is completely potty trained. This past week he was dry for 2 nights in his pull up so I said "Let's try to wear big boy pants tonight." His response: "Yes, let's see if it can work!" He did and it "worked" the last 2 nights. He's been wearing big boy pants to nap and all other times for about 5 months. He sure has been easier to train than mini#1 was. Potty training is a big deal isn't it?

4- Last, but best, mini#2 has shown a little exhibitionism this weekend. It started Friday a.m. in the morning rush to get #2 to bus stop. Mini#2 had gone potty, but was naked from waist down. I told him he could not go to bus stop with us. Well on walk back (Only few houses down from ours) mini#2 met me on the sidewalk in all of his glory. My friends saw him, too. He was grinning like it was no big deal. Fast forward to that afternoon. He was playing outside with neighbor next door, also 3 (month apart), and that boy's father was watching them as I was chatting with the wife in our yard. I heard mini#1 squealing and looked to see mini#2 and other little boy NAKED running around and throwing sand! First, I grabbed camera inside to capture this moment and then I ran next door to get the sand monster out of there. The husband had been watering some plants. Mini#2 said #1 did it first. Duh! During bath I told him we do not run around naked outside (only inside. kidding.). Move on to Saturday. In the afternoon he was out playing again and then mini#1 ran in to say mini#2 was naked again. For the love of Pete...this time I went outside and retrieved him from Mr. Pink's arms and promptly brought him in and we had a longer serious talk about his exhibitionist tendencies. We went Sunday and Monday without any naked sitings. He's on his way to recovery. I hope!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We went to a fun cookout Sunday and to the pool's Memorial Day party yesterday. Fun family time outside and no traffic to deal with since we stayed home!


Feener said...

lot's of nudies around here ~!

Belle in Bloom said...

So funny! When my little one was that age, he always wanted to go outside and play in his underwear. Older one would always yell, "Hey Mommy! He took his pants off, again!" loudly enough for the whole neighborhood to hear. Good times...

Amber said...

Ah, come on mom, why can't I just run around the neighborhood naked?? My Spencer would go everywhere naked. He likes to play outside naked and we have chain link fence all around. All the neighbors know him now by his behind.

Meredith said...

I thought I had the only little naked jaybird! :) It's scary how much I relate to this post. Congratulations on the potty training!