Friday, May 23, 2008

Five on Friday...

Today I'll list 5 things that make me happy...

1- My Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF-15. Goes on so smoothly and your skin drinks it in.

2- Birthdays! Other people's. Not mine! Happy Birthday 'Lil Brother! He lives in Frankfurt, Germany (looks like a Heineken he's holding) right now. He works for the US State Department stationed at US Consulate in Frankfurt (when he's not snowboarding in Austria, weekending in Rome, etc. Makes me sick with jealousy). Cheers Bro!

3- My boys.... mini#2 cannot keep a shirttail tucked in!

4- Nail Polish. I finally painted my finger nails yesterday. My toes are always painted, but I splurged and painted my nails. Well, I didn't splurge, go to a salon splurge, but took the time to do it myself. I recently bought Revlon's "Raven Red"- great dark shade of red.

5- SEX AND THE CITY movie - 7 day release countdown! I'm doing this right. Next Sunday night (9 days for me to wait) some of the moms from play group are going to dinner and then on to see the movie. Can't wait. It doesn't take much to excite me these days!

Be happy! It's a long weekend! We're staying put with gas in our tanks! We will go to a neighbor's cookout on Sunday. Looking forward to that, too! Happy Friday!

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Amber said...

We so wanted to go camping this weekend, but being that it is a holiday and diesel prices are $5 a gallon, we will be staying home. Never mind the tornados.