Sunday, May 18, 2008

Game, gifts, and a garden basket

Well we all survived the ball game. Mini#1 even got chased by Wool E. Bull (their mascot) and then picked up and turned upside down by said bull for pulling his tail. I, unfortunately, missed that, but it happened pregame when the cub scouts/boy scouts were being recognized on the field. Is that my kid? Mini#2 (shown above in an extra shirt he added over the nice one I had picked out...of course) had fun, but claimed he didn't like it when "the boys threw the balls to us" meaning foul balls. He told everyone that the signature billboard sized bull "was smoking." The bull lights up and blows smoke through his nostrils when a home run is hit. He talked all the way home, too. I thought for sure he'd fall asleep. Mr. Pink made it through the camp out on the field with the kids. They came home Saturday morning at 8:45 and we were still asleep! Mr. Pink then slept for about 3 more hours. Uh um...not as young as he used to be. Me, I'm ageless. Wink. Wink.

Saturday I finally got the time to venture out to buy two Birthday gifts for two friends in my neighborhood. One gift is late and one is on time, but that's not too bad considering things at the White House. I found these cute black/white polka dot monogrammed address books. One with hot pink letter and one with lime green. Forgot to take a picture. However, check out this great paper my mom found at Tuesday Morning. Huge polka dots. The ribbon I picked up on sale (Mother's Day) at Hallmark. I'm into polka dots these days.

Lastly, I'll post the final product for the garden basket I created for mini#1's school spring carnival. I was pleasantly surprised by the participation of the parents. I was able to buy quite a bit when, originally, I thought I may end up having to contribute the bulk of the contents. This basket (planter) was heavy! I think I posted about me quickly trying to get it to mini#1's classroom without dropping it. Secretly, I enjoyed hearing people comment on "my" basket while at the carnival. There were some really good ones, but I'm just glad ours didn't "suck"so to speak. There's always a little bit of competition involved with things like this. The school Spanish teacher ended up winning it.

We ended up going to Home Depot today for a few more annuals for my planters. I just finished planting them before the rain came down. How's that for timing?

Lastly, thank you Amber's House Full for giving me my first blog award! That was a surprise! I don't think I deserve this, but thanks for the mention. She has 4, yes 4 boys. Bless her heart. She needs about 4 Mother's Day celebrations a year I would say. Ok, that's all for now. You're probably wondering "is she ever going to stop?" I hope everyone had a nice spring weekend!


The Mrs. said...

What an honor! You look so cute in that pic!

Belle in Bloom said...

What a great picture of you and your baby! I love the polka dots and the adorable garden basket with the gerber daisies(?)coming out. So cute! BTW, you do have an excellent blog. Yay for the award!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Thanks Mrs. and Belle!