Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm so thankful...

Ok, this may be quick. For you see I am currently sitting in a Duke University Hospital clinic while MIL is doing a 6-minute walk for her pulmonologist. We just saw her surgeon and all were impressed with her progress. Is that what it's called...progress? Seriously, this is a slow recovery, but I'm glad the docs think she is where she should be. Luckily today, the drain tube was removed and so were her staples from her massive incision. Both of these make her and ME more comfortable. I think we're on our way now. We'll know in four weeks if they want to do more chemo, but for now, she'll just try to get stronger.

Anyway, I'm thankful 1) that mini#2 is with a neighbor right now. He accompanied us to the pulmonologist appointment yesterday. Now it was MIL's first day out of the house mind you so I don't know which was harder to keep up with if you know what I mean. Mini#2 seems to think that any doctor's swivel stool in the exam room is free reign for him to amuse himself. Drives me crazy. Then he feels it necessary to interview the doctor, any doctor, and not vice versa. Bless that doctor's heart. He brought mini#2 a packaged brownie leftover from a staff lunch to busy my mini. Probably in hopes that the mini would shut his precious mouth for longer than a minute. It worked.

2) I'm thankful that I never smoked. I won't count those random cigarettes smoked in college while attempting not to choke and look cool at the same time. It really is a horrible habit/ADDICTION to break. Looking around this waiting room I see multiple people attached to oxygen tubes. MIL's oxygen is sitting next to me right now. She has to use this post surgery. I know it makes her feel embarrassed to have, like she's giving in to something she hasn't owned up to until now. Yesterday, once again, the pulmonologist confirmed they found emphysema during surgery. Secretly, I wanted to stand up and say "See, I told you it's not allergies!", but I remained silent. I have told her "Have you noticed that you have not coughed one time since surgery?" She quit 4 weeks ago. She replied, in denial, "It's because I haven't had any changes in environment." This was not a dainty cough she had. It was a huge, house rattling cough from deep within her being. Paired with my thankfulness of not smoking, I'm thankful she has finally stopped herself. I hope anyone reading this that wants to stop smoking does. For your health, for your relatives, for your quality of life find help and support and try to stop once and for all. You're worth it!

3) I'm thankful that school is almost out and this is the last week of homework! First grade ends June 10th this year and second grade will begin July 7th because we are going to year round school. Wait this is a "thankful" post so I'll just stop this here 'cause I'm not too thankful for this short break this summer.

4) I'm thankful when I woke up this morning my teeth weren't throbbing. Prior to MIL's appointment yesterday I had the pleasure of having 2 very old fillings replaced. One tooth may end up requiring a root canal so throbbing pain could be a key indicator of what's to come. However, no throbbing. I'm thankful.

5) I'm thankful for extremely nice friends/neighbors that are so willing to help me out these days. Mini#2 is having much more fun playing with our neighbor this morning (yikes is it afternoon already?)than he would have here seeing the sights of this waiting room. I can hear him now loudly asking rude questions since his mouth has no filter. My other neighbor even gave me a nice bottle of prosecco on Friday evening saying "I need it." Yes for her and for that bottle I am (was) also thankful.

So, what are you thankful for this week? Sometimes you just have to stop and think about it.


Feener said...

i am glad to hear that your mil is recovering. sending good vibes. i am thankful for healthy, security and my precious family

Amber said...

Ditto. I am thankful for too much to say.

I have tagged you. Stop by and see me for the rules.

The Mrs. said...

I am thankful for you and all my other bloggy friends!

Belle in Bloom said...

Oh gosh. What a time you're having. I'm so glad you're able to see the positive things going on around you in the midst of the negative. I have a seven year old that still doesn't have a filter. He gives anyone he sees smoking a huge lecture on why they should stop. Sometimes as I'm dragging him the other way! Good luck and I hope that prosecco was put to good use. ;)