Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What are they going to be?

Just wondering. What are your minis "going to be" for Halloween? This is the time of year I miss having a little girl. All the precious, frilly, girly, princessy costumes that I cannot buy. Instead, here are what my minis selected.

1- Do you even know who this is? Draco Malfoy- one of Harry Potter's enemies. Mini#1 was Harry Potter two years ago and he really looked like him because he has dark brown hair. Notice this kid below is blond. Therein lies our dilemma! He wanted a wig, but you just can't find one. So we're settling with spray hair color. I have a feeling it's going to look awful, but at least the tie and cape will be authentic!

2-OF course mini#2 selected a Star Wars clone trooper. Nothing cutesy, sweet for my 4 year old. He's all about Star Wars. Next year he wants to be Darth Vadar and then the following year he wants to be Captain Rex. He's already made sure that I know this in numerous conversations!

And what has been YOUR most fun costume? I've had some good ones, but I'll always remember what fun I had senior year of college creating and wearing Dallas Cowboy cheerleader costumes with three of my friends! We even found boots at Goodwill and had to spray paint them white. We got quite a bit of attention that year! I'm bummed that we'll miss our neighborhood party this year. Mr. Pink has his class reunion that night. I love Halloween! Don't you?


Headbands and Hand Bags said...

How fun are your little guys! They will be darling! Puppy is going to be a lobster! We have had one successful costume fitting, he is not thrilled with it, but it is too funny!

Kristen said...

my oldest mini has never gone down the cute road.... we've done Power Rangers, Darth Vador, Spiderman.... I too wish I could have a little princess just once! I think this year he wants to be Ben-10 or Xmen. My little mini is going to be a spider. He's just turned a year old so I still get to decide for him! :)

and isn't it sad that I've NEVER been to a costume party?

Pink Martini said...

The pic of your little minis is so cute! Is that new? I love Halloween too but every year for when my guys were in HS I thought I'd turn off the light and not give out candy because we don't get very many kids where he are located on the street but I don't! I love seeing the cute kids come up to the door and I remember how much fun my boys had when people would oooh and ahhh over them so I figure it's payback time. :)

ps - Darth Vadar and a Storm Trooper sit on our garage shelf. :)

The Mrs. said...

Landon is nemo and Coco a mermaid! Might make the dog a chicken!