Monday, October 5, 2009

Is this day over yet?

Just had a not-so-fun homework session with mini#1. Heaven help us. He's only in 3rd grade. Today we were estimating answers to math word problems to the nearest hundreth. He fought me on this so hard. He accused me of getting the right answer instead of estimating! How dare he! After a little yelling, some tears and then some calm, rational teaching he understands and we're through, but I now have him MEMORIZING his 8 additions. This may be mental math and not being taught, but I don't care. He needs to know 8+7 or 8+6 or 8+9 (you know JUST those answers that are "off of your 10 fingers") without a moment's hesitation so he can complete the complicated math he's started this year. In year's past they drew out 8 items and added 6 more drawn out items. Can't do that anymore. I've decided we're learning 8's today 7's, 6's, etc each day this week. And you all wonder why in the world I didn't home school. Man is it 5:00 yet? I need some cougie water! That makes me laugh. I read somewhere that cougie water is Pinot Grigio. I may have to make an exception to my rule and have a glass during the week (early week that is).
In mini#2 news his best friend his age, our next door neighbor, is moving to Texas tomorrow. This is breaking our hearts because the kids don't really understand that this is permanent and not like our temporary trip to Disney. Mini#2 keeps asking how many more days and it really is crushing me. He's going to miss this kid so much. Ahh life. Gotta love it sometimes.
Please tell me your Mondays are at least a little crappy like mine!


Pink Martini said...

Hang in there. Next Monday could be fabulous with your mini and his new BF.. :) hugs!! xoxo

The Mrs. said...

Have a soar throat and am so tired of the minis. cannot imagine homework too!!! ahhhhhhhh!

Belle said...

Poor little guy. I hate that he's losing his buddy. :(

Bad Monday? Yep. I have to make a confession...
We had an out of town soccer game last night and J brought home at least 3-4 hours of homework. Husband and I did it all during the game. I just could not drive home, get there by 8pm, wait on him to shower and eat and THEN start homework that is so difficult anyway. Bad mommy...I know.