Friday, October 9, 2009

Five on Friday- TV version

Here are my favorite shows to watch (or DVR) these days until The Real Housewives of Orange County returns. Ha!

1- The Biggest Loser. LOVE this show. So inspiring. I love seeing these people change their "insides" as much as their "outsides" throughout the season. These trainers are tough!
2- The Amazing Race. I'm back into this show. I love it so much better than Survivor because they compete as teams instead of individuals and the editing makes it so exciting. Somehow with editing you never quite know who is going to make it to the finish line last. There's a reason it's won 7 emmys in a row even beating American Idol year after year! Plus this show is my chance to see parts of the world I most likely never will.

3- Cougar Town- This new show is pretty funny. I love Courtney Cox anyway and since she's playing someone practically my age it makes it even better when they make light of serious issues we have! So funny this week when she was getting a mani at the same time as her waxing in preparation of being with her younger man. Cracked me up!

4- I can't give up my MTV shows altogether. I still love The City best. The Hills is getting on my nerves. Plus I love NYC so it's fun seeing all the clothes/restaurants/clubs in NYC on this show.

5- I still like Brothers and Sisters although HOW much DRAMA can one family have? Sally Field is my favorite on this show. She's a saint after dealing with all of her children's non-stop issues.

So what are your favorites? Any new shows worth watching? Have a great weekend!


suburban prep said...

Love Brothers & Sisters

And well Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Army Wives, Ghost Whisperer and Castle and Drop Dead Diva and Desperate Housewives.

Freck said...

Love BL, Jillian is jacked and kicks their bootys. It's crazy. Interesting fact: TBF is really good friends with Bernie, the "at home" winner a couple of seasons ago!

Tippy said...

My new favorites are Glee (LOVE!) and true to my Twilight obsession, I now DVR The Vampire Diaries. OK, so it's a teen show. But the Vamps are hot and it's a little scary too! Love it.

But my heart belongs to Mad Men. An oldie but goody. And I dvr Project Runway because I love me some Tim Gunn. I also can't live without Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage.

That's it!

Jillian, Inc said...

OK, I shamlessly consider myself a TV junkie - have it on ALL THE TIME when I'm at home - and I have only watched 1 of your 5...Brothers and Sisters. And, you simply cannot beat a good Sally Field cry. And lord knows those kids give her enough to cry about. I love: Mad Men, Rachel Zoe Project, Flipping Out, all the Real Housewives shows except Atlanta, and the Closer.

Kristen said...

I love Cougar Town and Brothers & Sisters is one of my absolute faves! I still watch Greys though I'm not sure why cause it's really not very good anymore!

Feener said...

love the biggest loser

love criminal minds

and modern life is hysterical new show