Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend recap

West Side Story- Friday night. So much fun. I had forgotten the story so it was "new" to me. My dad got some good center seats, too! I had fun watching him get excited about it all. There was one scene/dance number he was waiting for and I liked watching him laugh/smile through it. After his rough week last week, it felt good to be with my parents and enjoy this time together.

Soccer- Saturday 8:00 a.m. was mini#2's last game although it was a game against the parents. The kids loved this. I kicked the ball once and mini#2 got it away from me and got it to a teammate. As we were walking down the field he said "Good try mom." I thanked him while trying not to burst out laughing. Classic moment! My parents got to see him play, too. Then he got a trophy. I signed him up for the spring season today so he'll stay on the same team. GREAT coaches. SUPER with these kids.

Mr. Pink's Reunion Sat night (2 hours from our house). - I knew 3 people. My husband's best friend didn't even go. I had hoped he would. Mr. Pink had a great time and, surprisingly, I did, too! Several people said he used to be "quiet" which caused me to cough up a little southern bbq. He hasn't been quiet since the day I met him! And neither has his mini clones since they left my womb! Anyway, Mr. Pink was voted friendliest male in his '84 class and that was proven. He had so many people coming up to see him and to say they were sorry to hear about his mom.

Fun, busy weekend. The minis got to see both sets of grandparents whom they hadn't seen in a couple of months. We stayed with Mr. Pink's dad and stepmother Saturday night. They babysat for us while we were at the reunion. Now we're just counting down until trick-or-treat time this week.